Dark Night of The Soul

Dark night of the Soul.


Saint John of the cross coined the term “dark night of the soul” in the 17th century, he said that “the endurance of darkness is preparation for great light.”

During my most recent “dark night” While meditating I saw a swirling of energy dancing in my lowest chakra. My higher-self whom I haven’t heard from in a while told me that all my energy is just zoomed in focused on a weak point and will zoom out as my perspective is about to change. Once the the adjustment is made you see the world through new eyes and experience the gifts of new sight. My energy was deeply focused in one area of my energetic body it was drawing out and cleansing belief systems that were no longer serving me. During a dark night of the soul our subtle energy bodies draw in the majority of our energy which is used to bring forward ibelif systems that lower our vibrational frequency. Or in other words our energy (which we prefer to use for action and manifesting) has now turned its tide inward to pull low vibrational aspects of ourself out and prepare for expansion. Energetically you are resting and cleaning and setting the foundation for action and expansion.

What can I do to get the most out of this process?

Be present. Turn your attention inward try to feel where your releasing is focused. What chakra(s)? Ask yourself what issues could I be releasing in in regards to this particular chakra? Write them down take responsibility for them and ground them, this shifts the energy to be released quicker. Being conscious of what belief systems you are needing to let go shortens the cycle and allows you to have a deeper understanding and help others. However just being trusting and peaceful during this process affirms and allows issues to surface and be released.

What can I do to speed up this process?
Endurance and patience seem to be key lessons in this drought period and trying to rush the process will only create further frustration. That said, surrendering and recognizing that its time to turn inward is the best way to minimize frustration. Pushing against this process by forcing action, drinking or doing drugs will only intensify and lengthen the process.

How long does it last?
As long as it takes to release the belief systems that no longer serve you. It all depends on the individuals life chart and their dedication to their own expansion. Some individuals enjoy their inward contraction, to them it is permission to rest and create on a different level. On the other hand some people refuse to see themselves honestly so much that they constantly live in the drone of a dark night. When this happens they create joy and excitement in external false ways and rely on distractions, often times they no longer have a reference point for their natural joy.

Can the dark night of the soul it be avoided?

Expansion and contraction are natural forces in the universe, each one the opposite and the support for the other. They are what creates progress in this schoolhouse called Earth. Contraction periods or the dark night of the soul are only difficult when you are expecting an expansion period. Action is valued more in our society than stillness so it is natural that we would not honor this process. So, the contraction period cannot be avoided. We can however “shift gears” and slow down and go with the flow and absorb the beauty of the process. It is in the contraction that we get to really define how graceful we are and how “spiritual” we are.

Here are some key points in understanding and gracefully enduring the darkest nights.

* The dark night seems lonely because the way you communicate with the higher aspects of yourself is changing. You look face to face with a big pattern that is holding you back.

* You are in the process of setting a new foundation to expand upon. This new foundation provides fresh inspiration for you and your contributions to the world. This time is just as important and the busy expansion based periods of your life.

* Surrender and acceptance, inner change not action is the seguay into your recovery and birth into a higher existence. If we experience a “dark night of the soul” the least productive thing to do is to try to force action. We naturally try to push action steps as we have been programmed to do instead of be by society.

* In our world where action motion and constant progress is favored surviving the darknight of the soul can become exaggerated and misunderstood.

* The dark night seems to remind us that we are not in control.

* The dark night of the soul is a contraction it represents the divine feminine it represents movement inward. Your energy must mirror this movement if you want to move in step with your natural progression. Dark night of the soul is your break, it is your time to slow down, to rest, to regroup.

* Allow the dust to settle, allow your energy to sit for a while so it can begin your new leg of outward productivity.

* During a dark night of the soul your energetic body becomes inverted drawing your attention inward. The inward movement of your energy is gathering information, experiences and lower vibrational energy that needs to be released before expansion can happen.

* Releasing occurs whether or not you are conscious of it, however, if you fight the process you may begin to feel distorted emotions like depression and frustration.

Rest, as you will need it for the new life that is already happening inside of you right now. Soon it will surface and you will wish you had surrendered sooner. Maybe if you slow down just enough you will feel the progress inside you and realize that energy is only being pulled back to fire and peak again.

One thought on “Dark Night of The Soul

  1. There is no quality in this world that is not what it is merely by contrast. Nothing exists in itself. – Herman Melville

    Good blog gigi!

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