Anger is a transitional emotion, its purpose is to be a catalyst that moves you towards clarity.

Anger in the bio-energetic field can be seen as jagged energy arcs, much like lightening bolts spiking out of your energetic body. What the anger vibration is doing energetically is shaking up all your frequencies in order to release and bring forth lower energies that no longer serve you.

This edgy, jagged state is hard on your body and uses up a lot of energy, which is why it is a particularly transitional emotion. It is meant to be in for short periods of time in order to gain clarity and understanding. Staying in anger for longer periods of time leads to health problems within the physical, mental emotional and spiritual body.

In a perfect world you would sit with your anger, follow it down into your energetic bodies and allow it to show you what you need to work on. However, anger is misunderstood and as a result in our society anger is shameful, primitive and something to be hidden or pushed down. This is detrimental for our growth and our ability to live healthy lives.

Physical manifestations of anger:

Anger physically feels like a burning sensation. It feels hot. We can see that when people’s faces go red with anger. We use terms that associate heat with anger because we are acknowledging the friction being generated in our energetic feild.

“my blood was boiling”
Often rashes are an expression on the physical body of anger transmuting into irritation which is really the seeds of anger if not addressed.

Un-expressed anger signals the body to begin self destructing, it seems to create a type of escalation to get your attention. In my observations, anger seems to have a path in the body, it seems to come up from the lower chakras and stop at the heart. I am assuming to be expressed by the heart or depending on its nature the throat, probably both. If the anger does not get transmuted by the heart chakra or the throat chakra it reverses and flows down the same path back to the lower chakras, much of the energy balling up in the 3rd chakra. When that passionate anger energy is pushed back down (by default that it was not expressed) it distorts, it becomes destructive.

Ulcers seem to be a direct physical reaction to unexpressed anger .

* (1) Louise Hay has taught this tirelessly in her work “You Can Heal Your Life” where she goes into great depth about the connection between different stages of anger and its effect on the body. However, on a more scientific note an article in * (2) The Journal of Biobehavioral Medicine seems to connect anger to the production of higher volumes of hydrochloric acid, this excess of acid “eats away” at tissue essentially creating an environment of self destruction. I like this example because it is talking about the stomach or the 3rd chakra often times anger will become stuck there as it is unable to be utilized through the transformational 4th Chakra.

So it seems if we do not find ways to express/ transmute our anger the energy becomes distorted and creates physical dis-ease in the body. There is still much to be said about the different faces of anger (irritation, rage, frustration, passive anger etc) and its toll on the physical body but that will have to be for another time.

Mental body’s response to anger:

The mental body becomes circular when anger is being expressed. The emotional body is becoming dominate and the mental body is responding by bringing forth mental reactions that are parallel to the emotional body’s anger. Or in other words the emotional body is becoming dominate by expressing intense emotional responses to a stimuli. The mental body then usually (unless someone is very aware of the process) plays whatever tapes it has been programmed to play. This is a cyclical process unless the person can become aware and override the tapes and transmute the emotion. The intense fluctuations of the emotional body over rules the mental clarity and objectivity. The mental body goes into auto pilot and runs whatever program it has available for that corresponding emotional problem. The challenge of this situation is to initiate your mental body and stop it from looping its subconscious tapes and get it to use reason and logic to create awareness and objectivity.

For exapmle say the emotional stimuli is finding a phone number in your partners pocket. This stimuli hits a resonance inside you where a similar situation has occurred and you were hurt. Ultimately this experience never healed and you never released it from your frequency. This experience left unhealed became and area of distortion in your feild, leaving any situations that resonate with that experience to ignite this unhealed distortion, bringing it to your attention ( unhealed wounds are sort of like; bits of velcro waiting to latch onto an experience in order to get sorted out. The emotional body (where passion is felt) is your connection to your experience and is timeless; it becomes activated as if it were yesterday. Your mental body is then triggered and accesses the reasoning that supports the emotional body. Ultimately you to express anger towards your partner even though there is not logically enough information to do so.

The trick is to not only be aware of the anger and watch it, because we can watch ourselves act rediculous and still not change our behavior or our feelings about the issue, but take action. Use your mental body to balance the emotional body through logic, reason and deduction thats why its there. When you are triggered consciously act in ways that do not fuel the anger (affirmations are great to introduce a new direction) this will make new productive mental tapes as well.
Anger is a distortion of passion.

Emotional body’s expression of anger:

The emotional body is like a flame. It is responsive to all the elements and when introduced to a combustible stimulus explosive. These flares serve a purpose, they give us the opportunity to express and transmute that ignited energy. Now the emotional body responds with 2 basic reactions Love or fear, anger is a typical fear based emotional expression. Anger in regards to the emotional body is a signal it is a red flag, it indicates that there is a behavioral pattern that is not aligned with who you really are. Our emotional body shows us this so we can take responsibility and rebalance our system.

The emotional body recieves its stimulus from the conscious, subconscious and spirit mind, it does not know the difference between past and present it just expresses emotion according to your congruence to your higher-self (source energy). Anger represents the fact that you are holding onto a belief system that is not in accordance with your highest expression of yourself. Your emotional body is receiving a distortion of your energy due to that backwards belief system and you interpret that emotion and anger (pain). The emotional body just shows you how energy FEELS as it is moving through your system. If the energy is running through a belief system that is not congruent with source you FEEL it. The emotional body has no filters it only expresses your energetic system the way you are running it, it is a mirror.

Spiritual body’s expression of anger:

In the higher echelons of our spiritual body, anger is not experienced as it is here as the farther we go up into our ethereal body polarity decreases. For the purposes of understanding the spiritual body’s expression of anger we have to look at where the spiritual body overlaps with the other subtle body’s. The spiritual body contains information from past experiences (including past lives) that provide the triggers for anger to be expressed. The spirit body does this in order to create an opportunity to clear karma and release as many unhealed frequencies a possible. The spirit body does this to fuel our ascension and expansion and growth. The spiritual body is the bridge to our higher-self it allows us to have a reference point for when we are dealing with our anger, it puts it in perspective. Anger, to the spirit body, is the catalyst that helps you realize you need healing.

* (1) Louise Hay:
* (2) Psychosomatic Medicine Journal of Biobehavioral Medicine

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