Comfort in Chaos

Comfort in Chaos.

Fork In the road

On many occasions I been in conversations with people who believe that the support of “New Age” concepts or a god force in general are grasping onto some kind of warm , fuzzy, feel good lie that is a product of the believers weakness and in ability to cope with life.

The belief that we are more than we appear to be and the recognition that there is a structure and flow to the universe becomes a crutch. Some people may be interested but insecure and sheepishly shrug off their divine identity to avoid appearing foolish. Have we closed our minds and denied our own progress in the name of vanity?

As I contemplate this phenomenon further I realize that in the cyclical nature of the universe is at work here, the people patronizing and downplaying the metaphysical community are doing so because they are using their beliefs as a “crutch. They are exhibiting the exact same phenomenon that they are condemming. Their current belief system would be shattered if they were to openly play with esoteric concepts.

Could it be that some individuals condemn the belief of a God force to avoid facing what that would mean for them? What would it mean for some one who has invested a great deal of time, effort and potentially money into a system of beliefs that does not support or acknowledge God? Do we get so invested in our beliefs that the risk seems too high to challenge them?

Could it be that they have a crutch, that they are indeed leaning on a series of beliefs to feel safe? Safety in chaos opposed to safety in god? Have the people who debunked metaphysics actually gone in with an open mind in the first place, or did they go in looking for problems? Hmmm. I know personally that if I want to find a problem I will find one. I also know that when I approach anything with an open mind I learn something.

People can feel safe in chaos just how one may feel safe believing in a god. The truth is there is no difference a “crutch” or “warm fuzzy feeling” can be created when you feel you understand something, you have somehow made peace with the unknown. For some people that is through god for others it is through science or a mix of the two. No matter how you spin it we all create crutches, things to lean on when we don’t fully understand what is going on. It is not that we need crutches that is the tragedy, (believe it or not) creating a warm fuzzy feeling in your life does not make one weak. The true tragedy lies in closing your mind. The tragedy lies in only allowing yourself to see the world according to safe, comfortable belief systems, once that happens your mind can no longer expand, you are no longer learning just reinforcing what you already know.

Maybe its time to ask ourselves: are we seeing the world honestly and openly or does everything just fit into our story? Is what’s happening around you just an excuse to reinforce your paradigms? What’s the difference between finding comfort in “science” and finding comfort in “god”, aren’t they just ideals that we use to explain the world we live in?

So, whether you find comfort in chaos or in one divine source it doesn’t really matter, as they each come from the same place. What does matter is that we all have the courage to open our minds and play with concepts that make us uncomfortable. Its much easier to try to prove something or someone wrong than it is to try to understand it.

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