Life Purpose – It’s Not Out There, it’s in Here.

Life purpose – Its Not Out There, it’s in Here.

* When you dream of what you want to do in your life that dream is not something you’ve created as entertainment or wishful thinking, that dream is hinting to you about who you are and what you came to do.

*There is no random waste in the universe. Everything created in your mind contains vital keys as to where you are now and where you are evolving to be.

*At any given moment infinite realities co-exist, the only thing separating you from them is your commitment to tuning in and aligning your with them.

*So when you are fantasizing about your dream life that experience is not juvenile or something to be pushed aside. It is you connecting to a series of vibrations that you are in fact headed towards. The only thing separating you from that dream is your discipline in taking the steps to achieve it. So, your dream is your actual future, and you are having it because it is your soul’s way of reminding you.

*One question that comes up in regards to this explanation is: if our ideal reality is really our future than why does it change? How can it be so many different things?

The answer to that question lies in our ability to interpret vibration. When we are connecting to our higher-self (which is what we are doing when we dream) our higher-self can only give us the imagery of whatever already exists in our vibrational signature (our soul). It shows us whatever we know at this time that resonates with our divine purpse Or in other words our higher-self uses whatever information/experience we have to communicate with us. So your higher- self may show you being an actor that may represent you being an artist and expressing yourself in front of many people. You may not become an actor but in the pursuit of it you discover what you actually love. Your higher-self just used what it could to get you to that point. Many times what you actually end up doing is not something that you can fathom leading up to it. This is because when you live following your heart it is so uniquely tailored to you that there is no reference for it in the world around you. No one is out there living your life, there may be similar aspects and you will be attracted to the people who are expressing a similar reality but ultimately your life expression at its highest will be as unique as your soul.

*In regards to living your divine life it must be acknowledged that many times what you want to be when you grow up as a child becomes a major part of what you will do as a adult should you follow your heart. If you want to be a write, writing will be an important part of your life for personal or professional gain. Whatever you are drawn to as a child provides insight for how to express yourself as an adult.

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