Why is it so hard to live my divine purpose consistantly?

Why is it so hard to live my divine purpose consistantly?

Heart Chakra

The only struggle while expressing your souls purpose here on earth is when we have conflicting information as to how it is supposed to be carried out. Or sadly in some cases no information.

Our divine purpose is communicated through our heart chakra. We can determine using that chakra how something actually “feels”. It pulls our “heart strings” when something is important for us to recognize. Usually if the message is really important our lower chakras will chime in as well. The heart chakra is the go between for the lower and upper chakras. In a nutshell the lower chakras represent more 3rd dimension denser earthly energy while the upper chakras represent higher dimensional spiritual energy. The heart unites the 2. The heart then combines information from the upper and lower aspects of yourself and lets you know where you stand. The weighing in of your lower self and higher-self is how you get your “highest expression”. Either it aligns with your highest expression or it does not. It is up to you to act accordingly.

So the difficulty in living your divine purpose may be because you do not recognize your heart and its important role in your happiness. When we do not recognize our hearts contribution we blobk ourselves from reciving its wisdom.

Usually the realization of the heart center is blocked because we have been taught that it is not important. Stigmas exist around the heart center as well condemning certain aspects of spirituality and the expression of emotions.

Common memes or situations that block the interpretation of our heart center.

Cults & Religions.
Some religions discourage taking time to center and listen to your heart, they see it as dangerous. Spirituality and prayer is permitted in a distorted controlling fashion but no direct connection to your higher-self or source energy is permitted. It is encouraged to rely on a priest or elder for your connection to the divine. Fear is used to control followers by suggesting that demons or other negative forces are able to hurt you when you try to connect on your own. This cuts the individual off completely and leaves them giving a very large amount of their power/energy to the organization.

Energetically your body creates a cord connecting you to that organization, large portions of your energy are then pushed through the cord to the organization. This energy should be used to focus on the heart then recirculated through the body. Instead of the energy running in a closed system much of the energy is lost as the cord leading the the organization allows for an open system. This is the same basic concept we see in co- dependent relationships. As a result the body becomes starved of energy it needs to carry out its functions, illness’, conflicts, confusion occur as a result.

Close Minded Science
You have been taught that anything to do with trusting your heart is mushy ridiculous or that it lacks scientific proof. You feel as though incorporating the role of the heart would mean losing standing with friends or colleges who are addicted to reason and logic. If your career is in the sciences you may have too much to lose and be threatened by the concept.

When this happens the whole chakra system becomes imbalanced. The mental body becomes bloated tilting and throwing the rhythm of the chakras of. One side of the chakra becomes much larger than the other creating a wobble as it spins. The emotional body becomes squelched and is unable to balance the mental body.

There are many more reasons why the heart goes unheard, these 2 are the most common.

2 thoughts on “Why is it so hard to live my divine purpose consistantly?

  1. Yeh I understand what your saying about how dogmatic religion and scientific materialism often leads people to become close minded. You have people who scoff at the idea of anything that is not matter and
    energy,like Richard Dawkins or christopher Hitchens. Then you have
    the dogma of religion which invokes fear if you don’t strictly follow certain belief patters, Its seem like most of society falls in either one these days.

  2. Hi Gigi,

    Intense July ascension energies are coming in and are influencing me big time. My heart chakra is experiencing multidimensional EXPANSION with like-minded/hearted starseeds within our Oneness experience, Gigi. Telepathic connections are strong. I realy want to thank you again for the video about telepathy because it has been useful ever since you posted it.


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