Lion Beings

Lion Beings


Are you connected to the Lion Beings?

Many of the Indigo’s feel very akin to the cat beings, as they share many qualities with them. A passion for truth and the destruction of what no longer serves us. If you have a natural ability to lead it is most likely that you are connected with these beings. Lion beings often appear in meditations or dreams when you have reached a point in your life where you are taking more responsibilities or taking a risk. You are also probably have a connection to the cat beings if you relate to their character traits and share their views on life.

My first experience
As I was drifting off to sleep I felt a presence in the room and in my mind I saw a lion being. Strangely enough he was a steely blue color, I felt like I knew him. He had a grecian style flower crown and appeared to be wearing a monk like robe. Very interesting choice in clothing, I know. He said nothing to me, he just looked at me with these powerful, soulful eyes. As he looked at me it was as though he was waking up memories in me, it was very powerful. We had a nice telepathic conversation where he imparted some information about who they are and what they stand for.

Their Character
Lion beings embody the traditional archetypes of the lion here on Earth. What blew me away was his level of confidence and pride. However it was clear that his elevated view was not about HIS personality or even about HIMSELF. It was about his rock solid connection to source.

Cat beings never excuse themselves for who they are or what they do. They wouldn’t expect anyone else to either. They take full responsibility for themselves which is why many other beings look up to them. There is a deep understanding that they carry that transcends colloquial activities or pettiness they get straight to business.
White Lion Head

They are an extremely ancient race and a core race for many other races out there. Their deep wisdom comes from a lot of life experience. They are teachers, but usually an advanced teacher one needs to have a certain amount of understandings in order to comprehend what they have to say. They must have a deep mastery of emotions and a sharp mind.

They have the heads of lions, yet walk on two feet like a human. They are much stronger and larger though.
Their fur comes in a variety of colors ( I wonder if that has significance, hmmm) and covers their body. When a lion being is wearing a robe it it means they are “in service”. They have many different eye colors.

Lion beings are natural overseer’s and obvious leaders in Star Alliances because of their fierce dedication to expressing source and their innate diplomacy. They also are good at staying objective and tend to not get overly involved in conflicts.

When I am talking about these beings I am referring to them as balanced archetype. I am just taking the qualities that exist in their vibration from my experience with them. I am not speaking about their evolution or the lessons they have had to learn as a race. They have struggled and evolved as other races have but in their antiquity (compared to us) that was long ago and as a race they are very balanced.

They live from their center in complete confidence, this is where their stereo typical pride comes from. One reason that they are so confident is because they carry a huge amount of wisdom with them. when you contain that much wisdom you really have no time for games.

They can be misunderstood because of their level of independance. They do not need the energy of others to feel good, even at their highly evolved state they do not look for synergetic relationships as much as other races do. They are very good in social situations fantastic with politics and interacting they just don’t crave energy from other people they have learned how to live strictly from source.

when Lion beings work with you they look for a certain amount of confidence and independence as well. They are naturally drawn to that. They will not coddle you their lessons involve strength through finding your individual core. From there they believe anything can be possible, but it must begin there.

There was a fearlessness about their energy, they were so confident that they were no longer afraid it was as though they had such a deep understanding of god and their godliness that there was no doubt left in them, no fear. They were at peace

Lions are known as the king of the jungle and lion beings are highly respected in the universe and are looked upon as inspiration and for guidance. One of the reasons they are so revered is their phenominal abilty to inegrate information. They don’t get stuck understanding something but unable to carry it out in their daily routine, they talk the talk and walk the walk. They balance their emotions, mind, body and spirit seamlessly. This character trait is also responsible for their reputation as fearless and protective beings because they protect themselves by being fearless in erradicating any paradigmns that are damaging.

They are great sages and seer’s because they are not afraid to see themselves for what they are they have the ability to see others as they are.

They can be misunderstood at times because of their silent unquestionable confidence and wisdom. It can be intimidating and percieved as pride. It is because they take living in accordance with the divine very seriously and do not feed into other beings need for energy and attention. we can learn a lot from these beings about being sovereign, as maintaining personal soverignty is very important to them. In their soverienty they can be misunderstood as being overtly confident or rude, they are not, they seem that way because they do not need the energy of others to feel good.

Their Advice for Humanity

The Lion being that visited me pointed out the word sovereign contains the word “reign” which means to rule. It is no wonder that these regal beings are looked to as leaders. Their approach: complete dedication becoming sovereign. Looking outward for energy/stimulation/answers/purpose is our biggest challenge. They see our co-dependancy as a distraction that prevents us from regaining our power.

They believe everyone should become the masters they are meant to be and walk in their power. They believe this is done by being fiercely honest with yourself and by taking responsibility for your evolution.
They believe in taking bold steps and giving the universe opportunities to meet you. They think every moment can be used to evolve your soul and should be lived bravely. They have really grown to see the big picture,so there is not much sympathy, just encouragement and a tremendous amount of energy from them should you take their advice.

On the Feminine Principal

Lion beings also have a deep and strong repsect for the feminine. they honor the feminine greatly. When I asked the lion being about their view of the feminine he said as a male I may contain the wisdom of how things are, why things work in the world around us but the feminine is the creative force she brings through new information, nurtures and acts a catalyst. Female lionbeings are greatly respected for their ability to balance the feminine principal and push their evolution forward.

Lion Beings in our culture 🙂


The Sphinx was originally a Lion Being. Egyptians had established contact with cat beings and worked with them.


Sekhment was a goddess that helped them in war and was connected to the sun. Lion beings have quite a bit of masculine energy due to their active, fearless nature. The sun is a masculine symbol which is why the Egyptians associated it with her. Some egyptian cults pulled some distorted frequencies from the lion beings in order to learn about aggressiveness, power and blind pride (Amen).

The energetic signature of the lion beings symbolize the ability to destroy and rule. What this actually means is the ability to destroy our negative belief patterns that hold us back and live with discipline and rule our lives according to our highest good. The Hindu goddess Durga harnesses the power of the Lion Beings. She is the ultimate symbol of sovereignty and what the lion beings represent. So if you want to understand them further research Durga.
Durga - Lion Being goddess

Interestingly enough, Kali, the hindu god of destruction is considered to be an aspect of Durga. Kali definitely embodies the Lion Beings fierce dedication to destroy what is holding their energy back.
You can kinda see how their energy might be distorted if used outwardly instead of inwardly though.

I will update this as more information settles, and I am not so rushed.

Very informative information of the cat people including book recommendations on these beings.

5 thoughts on “Lion Beings

  1. Wonderful post, it is an amazing synchronicity that last night I had a dream about meeting a tiger, and today was drawn to this blog. I feel a very strong connection with cats, but this was the first dream I’ve ever had about a large cat. Thank you for writing this article, I love synchronicities like this.

  2. Interesting comments about Durga and Kali, Gigi.
    I feel the need to know more about this, though.

    You mentioning Lions intrigued me. Frankly speeking I
    feel strongly connected to the tiger. I have pictures of young tigers in my kitchen with words of wisdom on them. Is the tiger more connected with Hindu God Shiva?
    What do you think?
    At the same time I have always felt a strong intuitive bond with the solitary wolf.

    All in Love & Light…

  3. LOVE CATZ!!

    Thanks for this incredible post Madam…it was a true pleasure to read. I love my Feline’s. Maybe it’s a predisposition because I was born under the Leo Sun Sign, but I’ve never been so passionate as the day when I was 8 years old and began my first entrepreneurial business as a Cat Taker (my play on words as a Care Taker) I wanted to take them, love them, care for them. And I called my business Fane’s Feline Friends. The End.

    But seriously…keep up these eloquent writings of yours Bebe.

  4. Yes! Yes! Yes! Thank you so much for this information!! I believe I relate to these beings. Recently my son told me that I was a ‘tiger’ and sometimes I hear ‘tiger burning bright’. Then today (!) I picked the card Sekhmet from the goddes guidance oracle. Isn’t that amazing!! I must say though that I feel that I will be going to Lion (or be there or be that) after this life (if you would view it chronologically). It is something I have worked for I feel. I have 2 Dutch names (the initials are G.G.) and they both mean ‘strong woman’. What a load of synchonicities! Thanks again! ❤

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