Negative Entities.

Here is another exerpt from the intuition Development course coming this November at the healing house.

Disclaimer: I am referring to “negative” entities as negative because they have a draining or “take away” effect on other energetic forms, I am not labeling them as good or bad or referring to their electric charge. I use the word dark as it refers to the absence of light, it is a description of how their energy appears.
I believe that it is important to talk about negative entities because we cannot just ignore negative phenomena. We have to understand its purpose and expand beyond it. If we just refuse to go there we encourage ignorance which breeds fear.

….The “dark side” which includes entities that wish to scare you, take your power, possess you etc is the topic of the day. This includes scary ghosts or spirits that want to control you or want to bully you, demons, monsters, all that. What all these beings have in common is a need for your energy. They want to frighten you to feed on your energy.

I have had the opportunity to work with people who have had personal experiences with these beings. “Demons” or “Negative” entities were following them or tormenting them in their homes. I paid close attention to their stories and I eventually realized some patterns.

1) Each person was in some degree of anxiety or stress when these beings showed up in their life. I never had one person come to me that was in a good place in their life and talk to me about demons following them around. It seemed as though demons showed up along side mental and emotional turmoil. Many times after therapy the demons “just disappeared”. What this says to me is that when we are in a low vibrational mental and emotional state we seem to be more likely to connect with “the dark side” or notice the dark side. The correlation between our emotional and mental state and the appearance of demons says to me that we are tuning into them, attracting them into our lives. We do this through holding a vibration that is low enough to match theirs. Combine this with depression or a hopeless, poor me attitude, and you have a recipe for “possession” or demons.

2) Another pattern I noticed was that in certain cases people were fascinated with spirits and the paranormal and enjoyed experimenting with it. They did not discriminate what type of frequencies the beings they connected with contained. They were curious and they invited them in. They did not set the intention of only high vibrational beings coming through and because of that it was an open invitation. If you open a door to the spirit realms and your frequency isn’t clean clear and ready to go (with some intentions set) you have the potential to learn how important theses steps are the hard way. These people ended up making some scary connections and seeing some pretty wild stuff.

That said a lot of experiences with negative entities stems from ignorance. People don’t understand what a negative being is, where they come from, why they connect to us and just how much power we have. I have met numerous people that contain so much knowledge and light that negative entities are not even in their realm of experience anymore…


I have been spending the last month or so really buckling down and writing my first course for The Healing House. It is an intuition development course dedicated to helping people regain their intuitive abilities. It is very in depth and I am excited to be offering it at The Healing House this September.

“Is everyone Intuitive?”

Everybody has the ability to perceive higher dimensional information or messages from spirit, no exceptions. The only thing that varies is the way in which we receive it.
“Ok, if I have psychic abilities how come I can’t see spirits.”

Some abilities are much more obvious than others, making them easy to acknowledge. The most commonly talked about psychic ability is probably clairvoyance the ability to see visions and interpret spiritual messages from inner pictures. This is an intense ability when wide open; people who have this specific ability find it difficult not to be bombarded by it. So most clairvoyants start to work as psychics, teach and write about their work leaving much of the material out there in strong reference to clairvoyance. There is little written now about the other ways to interpret higher messages, (although times are changing). When I first started studying metaphysics I was strongly empathic, claircognizant, clairgustant and clairaudient but did not acknowledge my abilities because they were not the same as most popular psychics .
Empathic, telepathic and audient abilities are easier to get confused with our own feelings or thoughts, we simply explain them away. This leaves many people with valid abilities inhibiting them by not acknowledging them; this creates a blockage where you have limited access to your intuition.

That said there are 2 different categories for intuitives: Raw and Blocked.

Raw intuitive: A raw intuitive was born wide open and has access to the higher dimensions of reality. This manifests by seeing, ghosts, spirits having visions. Empathically picking up specific events or energies. Often times they feel bombarded by their abilities, they are conscious to some degree of their abilities even if they don’t want to talk about it. These individuals have a high sensitivity a wider range of vibrations than the average person. Many times they become over weight, struggle with addictions or have other troubles because of the vastly different way they see the world. Their struggle is to learn how to balance and control their abilities instead of their abilities controlling them. They often feel like the black sheep or an outcast if there is no one close to them that shares this ability. Raw intuitives have an incredible power to create healing in themselves and others and educate, as they are a bridge to the other side.

Blocked or unacknowledged abilities: This is everyone else in the world. Some blocked individuals may recognize certain abilities and decide to expand upon them. Their abilities may be blocked by a religious or overly scientific upbringing. Blocked intuitives have difficulty picking up messages because they have belief systems that tell them it is not safe to be sensitive. Oddly enough when teaching intuition to a group of people blocked intuitives often have the most accurate readings. This is because they are approaching it from an innocent, open place, it just flows in.

Ultimately the goal of the course is to help teach raw intuitives how to protect themselves more and assist them in opening and closing their psychic channels to allow for more control of their abilities. For the blocked intuitive it is to give you a wide variety of techniques to open up and explore your unique abilties.

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