The Unhealed Healer

The Unhealed Healer

The “unhealed healer” is a phrase common in metaphysics that is used to refer to someone who is a healer or teacher that is working with others in spite of having their own issues. I agree that you cannot really be a good healer or teacher if you are heavy with your own crap however I think it needs to be acknowledged that all healers and teachers are NOT perfect or HEALED.
There are healers for all levels of consciousness on this planet. Some healers are very advanced and esoteric and some very basic and straightforward. Each have different soul ages and different levels of karma and releasing to work through.

So if it is not the level of perfection within the soul ,what does make a good healer or teacher?

What makes a good healer or teacher is the ability to be aware and honest with oneself consistently. We have to be able to look at our patterns and beliefs and restructure them, even if it is awkward or painful. Self-awareness is the foundation of being a healer, without it we don’t have perspective.

What happens when we do not consistently release?

When we do not release our patterns that no longer serve us a funny thing happens, we develop a “psychic blind spot”. A “psychic blind spot” is a block in our perception that does not allow us to see certain aspects of reality. We become “blind” in regards to a situation or individual that has an issue rooted in the same problem we have. That means that you no longer see people as clearly or honestly, you just see your stuff. Now, regularly you relate to others through your own experience anyway, but when you have a blind spot it becomes a main focus. Often times if this issue gets ignored for a long period of time it gets bigger and bigger. When that happens you begin attracting more and more dramatic situations into your life to get you to release the issue.

Vibrational Key Codes

When we do release an issue and rebuild a more productive mental construct an interesting thing occurs inside of us. We get a deep understanding of the issue that we just worked on, and we get a template or point of reference for the healing that took place . My guides like to refer to this as receiving the “key codes” for this issue. The key codes are transitional based frequencies that help others release similar rooted patterns. These transitional codes catalyst your vibration into a higher state, similar to a chemical change. Each individual has a different tone of the key code which is aligned to their unique soul frequency, this is so many different people can be inspired. People can subconsciously pick up parts of the codes from you simply by your presence or more obviously if you are speaking about it. That is why some people seem to be healers and teachers so effortlessly, because they have a great deal of codes.

So at the end of the day it is the consistent awareness and releasing of issues that give you the ability to help others. If we cannot do this we become “blind” and we do not recieve the vibrational templates to do good work.