You Are Too Happy To Know Pain

This is a meme that divides people and reinforces barriers within us.

We cannot view our lives through the distortions of past pain and live happily.

We can also not judge other peoples emotional state or spiritual “level” through our protective pain paradigms.
Personal spiritual evolution is a result of going outside our pain, and outside our established parameters of reality on all levels. It does not occur from finding ways to fit information into our current paradigms.

It is not uncommon to see people be offended or disregard others because they do not understand their ability to be joyful. It is a mistake to assume that because someone else is able to achieve a state of joy more consistent than your own that they have not experienced the pain that you have. This belief will keep you from appreciating your own joy, because you are affirming a belief that joy cannot be experienced to a higher degree in your situation, not with your circumstances.

In actual fact consistently being able to maintain peace and happiness in your mind and heart is a sign, not of someone who is weak or of someone who has never experienced pain, but a sign of someone who has in fact overcome a great deal of pain. People who have experienced a great deal of pain transmute the experience into solutions and antidotes that allow them to deal directly with painful experiences and release them quickly. The progressive transmutation of pain into lessons and keys give people the ability to navigate life with more peace and more happiness in their being. This constant integration and transmutation of heavy pain experiences can be seen in a child-like or innocent demeanor as well as the ability to remain calm and express more joy.

It also must be said that our lessons and experiences are carried over in each life we incarnate into. Each progressive life building on experience, no lessons are lost; therefore, we do not need to experience the same type of pain again and again.

Ultimately the more pain you feel the more you learn how to transmute that pain and allow yourself to feel happier. we realize we choose to carry pain for fear of letting it go. The more pain you transmute the more keys you have to “weather the storm.”

A sour, pessimistic or bitter demeanor indicates pain that is not transmuted. It indicates someone that has not been able to face and take responsibility for his or her experience. To someone with heavy pain inside them it will be difficult to appreciate or even be around someone who has transmuted theirs.

We should pay attention to those who radiate energy of steady joy and peace; it is not that they have never experienced hardship it is that they know things we do not.

Starseeds – Remembering Just How Vast We Are.

I keep hearing about starseeds but do not feel connected to any Starbeings. Are Starseeds different from the rest of the population? Are they a unique phenomenon here to inspire the planet?

More and more people are coming out and speaking publicly about being related to extra terrestrial beings. We call them the “Starseeds”. At first it seems pretty impressive to be intimately connected to multidimensional beings, but in reality every single person alive is connected to E.T’s, spiritually and genetically. They are not unique in that they have access to cosmic awareness, they are unique in their specific message and core soul frequency.

Why do some people remember their roots and others do not?

Some people are awakening faster than others and are therefore able to integrate previous incarnations and memories associated with higher dimensions of reality faster.

As we begin to awaken we have access to higher dimensional information about ourselves we realize that we are part of something a lot bigger. We re-gain our cosmic consciousness. When this happens our consciousness has gotten to a specific level in which it has the ability to interpret high vibrational information that comes from higher dimensional levels of our own consciousness. These higher dimensional levels of our consciousness are not limited to our current incarnation here on earth. The higher realms of our being include all of our incarnations on many different planets in many different star systems and universes.

People acknowledging that they are starseeds are people who have awakened to the degree that the cosmic level of their consciousness has been stimulated. Ultimately for someone to unlock this level of consciousness it means they have released a large amount of belief systems that are rooted in Earth Karma and Earth-Centric. Cosmic consciousness comes after a certain level of trust and openness is consciously placed in ones higher self.

How can Earth Karma and Earth-Centricity have so much to do with uncovering our Starseed roots?

As our experience is holographic and is a series of micro and macrocosms the cosmic level of consciousness represents an extremely open mind. It is achieved when we surrender our dependency to earth paradigms. Mind Paradigms or belief systems that put Earth at the center of reality is metaphorically putting our ego’s as the center of our reality. Once we are able to consider realities where Earth is part of a much larger system, we are then able to begin reclaiming our cosmic consciousness and memories.

What types of lives to we have access to?

Our cosmic consciousness is higher dimensional awareness that is strongly connected with the 5th dimension and then of course beyond. However, from our third dimensional existence the fifth dimension is more in our spectrum of perspective. We don’t really have enough reference points to understand much higher than that from our current consciousness point. This limited perception is part of our experiential contract of forgetting who we are. Of course it is possible that we perceive other beings from higher dimensional realities, however they will appear to us only within the parameters of our limited awareness (3.D moving into 5.d awareness)