The Harvest – Will E.T’s Save Us?

The Harvest

I have recently been catching up on information about the coming future and the event that aliens are coming to “save us”. This is a possible scenario, and it will be the appropriate scenario for the people that choose it.
Beyond our physical lives here we are a multidimensional soul that cannot be controlled or overcome by any other soul. When we are incarnate we can give our power away, abuse ourselves, not recognize our divinity, whatever. But…when we go beyond our 3.d incarnation into our higher dimensional expressions we have great perspective and we are in a powerful alignment.
I have recently received questions regarding other beings taking control of the souls of other people. This is misinformation designed to make you feel powerless and attempt to make you believe that you are not eternal and powerful. This belief creates damaging patterns in your energetic field that weaken and limit your god realization process.

It is important to remember that nothing can harm the soul. It is eternal, endless in its expression. In this finite reality we try to put finite laws on it in order to understand and integrate its principal in our experience here. However, words like “control”, “slavery” and “destruction “can only be experienced through your own expression of these principals. We put them on our self, even then they just become a passing experience that ultimately re-introduces the soul to its own divinity.

At this time it is important to realize that you are all powerful and that no one can dominate your soul. Your soul is your point of power, we can see that clearly as we use it to refer back to in times of hardship.

There are always going to be beings that want to dominate you and take your energy. It is a dynamic of this world and it is a dynamic (to a degree) of higher dimensions as well, however in the lower dimensions of reality it is much more obvious and damaging because of the separation from our higher self. Beings coming down to earth to set you up in a mock up of higher reality to dominate you is actually no different then some one manipulating you here on earth. It may feel larger and more dramatic because they are higher dimensional that us here in the third dimension, but it is not different. Their ability to do so is directly dependant on your belief systems.

If E.T’s were to come down and “save “ us from ourselves individuals that participate in this experiences are doing so because they need that experience to give them the opportunity to learn self empowerment and responsibility. Their souls will not be “owned” they will not be “slaves for eternity” they will enter another reality not too dissimilar from the current one where they can continue to learn and grow. Once their bodies contain enough high vibrations, enough light they will move on as well.

The entirety of our experience here is to separate from the god head, move down the dimensions (forgetting and distorting) and then expand and grow back up to the god head (Remembering and clarifying). Ultimately everyone is on this path – although it is expressed in infinite uniqueness we long for it to be the same.

Cosmic Consciousness

Cosmic consciousness

Cosmic consciousness is a level of consciousness in which you are able to communicate, relate and integrate information from beings, experiences in the cosmos. However in this interpretation the cosmos not only refer to “space” but to a level on our own multidimensional consciousness that is connected to “space”. All that is in our 3D reality is a metaphor or symbol for higher dimensional concepts or things.

Cosmic consciousness is achieved through releasing a great deal of your earthly karma, which in turn allows you to have the abilities to perceive higher dimensions of reality.

Re-gaining your cosmic Consciousness

Letting go of close-minded science. Science has become a religion for many people. Science in its true nature is propelled by an open minded user. Once the person referring to science is using “reason” and “empiricism” to negate possibilities science becomes distorted.
Mainstream science is strictly used to interpret 3.D reality. Other realities are not on its radar. We cannot integrate our multidimensional consciousness if we do not believe it exists. So if you would like to regain your consciousness you must first: slowly begin to open your mind to new ideas about reality.

Some religions ironically mimic the affect on the consciousness that science does. From an elevated perspective they obviously do the same thing, disconnect you from experiencing the unraveling of your own truth, hence re-claiming your cosmic consciousness.

What can I “do” when I regain this level of consciousness?

• You may begin to experience pressure or lightness from the heart chakra up especially the crown and third eye.
• You will also begin to move smoothly through many different perspectives while perceiving situations, as if you are viewing something from higher up.
• You begin to notice the most appealing perspectives are altruistic.
• You begin to get “downloads” or contact from higher dimensional levels of your own consciousness
• You begin to be attracted or directly contacted by E.T’s/ multi dimensional beings, angels etc.
* You re-discover psychic abilities. It is important to remember that each persons psychic expression is unique to them.
* You feel a great need to connect with like-minded individuals. Toxic relationships are addressed.

What happens to me when this happens?

Once the body has reached the level where in it can achieve cosmic consciousness a threshold of light capacity has been met. Your body (All bodies within one mental, spiritual, emotional etc) is now able to hold more light, light is information as well as the potential for information all at once.

The sound of your soul (yes your soul can be perceived as sound) also sounds more harmonious. There are less distorted tones, more clarity -it is very beautiful.

This is why multi dimensional entities begin to contact you
1) you have bridged much of the gap between you and them by breaking through the limited 3.d level of consciousness. This makes it easy for them to establish a relationship with little strain during communication.
2) Higher beings can see your light much clearer, it appears almost like a beacon.

Happy Ascension!