Heart Resonance

Solenaha on Heart Resonance

Know that the light you create is magnified by the hearts you touch.

If you personally have created “light” through transmuting distorted frequencies or even through expressing joy know that those light threads traceable back to you, its original creative force. It is because of this phenomenon that people can feel as though they already know you before they have even met you- they recognize your light in their hearts.

This may sound strange but we carry each others resonances within us in order to help facilitate a global grid and synchronistic connections. Our higher selves, which can interpret a vaster perspective than our third dimensional self, processes and utilizes the vibrational information, as if pulling strings from behind the scenes.

We often have fears about giving too much or sharing too much, we feel scared that we will not receive enough support in our creations. The truth is that whatever we put “out there” goes out in waves that are resonate to our signature frequencies, because of this it is possible to create energetic relationships with people at higher levels before you meet them.This is also part of how we magnetize and “attract” events, people and other energy forms into our lives.

All your expressed energy can be tracked back to you as your contributions to the collective consciousness. On higher levels our expressions blend into our oversoul or the one consciousness, our identity and its creations dissolve. However, from the denser realms all of our creations and expressions good or distorted are fully visible can be traced. If we slip into a state of higher consciousness we can actually tap into how our signature vibrational frequencies is contributing to the global or universal orchestra.

It is a very enlightening experience to stand back and on an individual soul level observe the waves of creations and manifestations YOU have contributed to the collective reality.

What lives have you touched?

Try tracing your energetic threads and see how your creations reverberate through the collective. Whether you are choosing peace over anger, or literally creating a poem or a painting it is all resonating energetic art to the collective consciousness of this universe. Many sensitive beings including ourselves on a higher level directly feel the waves of what we create here, much like the animals and the trees.

Everything we create and all of our expressions never become disconnected from us. They make their rounds in the universe always transmitting back energy to their original source.

What waves did you send out today?

Heart Creations

Heart creations (creating from the Heart) is essential in living an expansive, fulfilling life not just for yourself but for others as well. Heart creations are actually coded divine art that are born specifically to awaken, inspire and communicate to others. Even when you write poems, dance, sing (or whatever it is you love to do, even in private) reverberates powerful waves throughout your many incarnations as well as the universe. The release of just creating, not even sharing it is powerful in itself pulling more DNA online.

Through your creations you attract soul mates and soul family, heart creations become a bacon and fuel for synchronicities to flow into your life. New expansive energies pour into your life following the resonance your heart gives off.

The Symbolism of Fear

The symbolism of Fear

Fear is only powerful when we do not understand where it is rooted. Once we realize what it is telling us, and what it represents the fear is neutralized.

Symbolism of the Monetary System:

Money represents our personal views of abundance, whether you live in a world of abundance or one of scarcity. Our views of the monetary system can also trigger in us what we feel we deserve and what we are worth.

It is also symbolic of power and whether or not we are ready to become powerful, hiding from money as in a fear of “selling out” can represent not feeling ready to become powerful. This may sound strange but when you have money in this system you are listened to, that is power even though it is uncomfortable to realize. Money brings out our willingness to take on responsibility as money brings assets and the ability to invest in new more balanced systems.

If we consider this principal further we can see examples in our own reality supporting this. It is very common for people who receive a large inheritance or with the lottery to find themselves in the same state of poverty shortly afterwards. It is also common to see highly talented individuals hold themselves back from great opportunities due to deep rooted fears of their own power.

On the other hand the love of money is the love of power and status. It symbolizes an infatuation with the external and associating ones overall worth with what they own. Whether or not you love money or you avoid it, it remains neutral and simply amplifies our opinions about ourselves.

The spiritual reason for the monetary system is to give us the opportunity to karmically release materialistic patterns and know compassion more deeply.

The Government/ Politics:

The government represents how we govern ourselves and how we treat others. The problems we have with the government represent problems we have with ourselves.

Is the goverment too controlling?
What in your life are you trying to control?
Do you dominate or control conversations?

What situations in your life are you holding onto that mimic the system?

Do you manipulate people for your own benefit?

Do you with-hold information even though it may benefit others?

Do you spin stories to protect yourself?

Are we really that different from the Government and all the crap it pulls?

Can we really expect others to stop doing it if we do it in our lives?

Symbolism of Paranoia:

Another behavior that has recently struck me as interesting is this pattern we get into where we innately look for people’s flaws and incongruities in their work. The constant need to search for faults in others can be paranoid behavior, especially in regards to the “disinfo” craze in the conspiracy community. Being paranoid and regularly looking to disregard other people’s work is a fear-based activity.

It begs the question..

What pain in the past are you trying to avoid by having such a critical eye?

Our hearts and body are the best lie detectors we have, truth will resonate in them if we slow down enough to listen. Ultimately not every concept, opinion or behavioral trait is going to jive with us; however it does not mean that their entire body of work is false. We need to release relying on paranoid mind systems to keep us safe from “disinfo” and start trusting and developing our heart systems.

Rebels and Renegades

The amount of people interested in alternative spirituality is growing by the day and at this point in time if we stand back far enough and look we can see subgroups forming within the “New Age” scene. A set of subgroups that I have noticed is “rebels” and “renegades.”

Rebels and renegades are two subgroups that both wish to create change in their environment, however the way they go about doing so is completely different.

Rebels are people who contain a great deal of anger, and fear in regards to the current consensus reality. Renegades are people who still have some anger and perhaps fear but have learned to integrate altruism into their perspective. They would prefer to work with the system to create change as opposed to push against it.

Rebels may interpret altruism as weakness or even naivety, while renegades may perceive rebels as short sighted and lacking perspective.

Rebels do so out of anger and resentment while renegades see change as happening naturally as a result of a collective shift.

Here are some points comparing the rebel view and renegade view, it is important to keep in mind that we contain both characteristics.

Rebels: Anger and resentment at system. Defecting because of deep hatred of what they feel the system has done to them or is preventing them from doing.

Renegades: See all systems as a reflection of something within themselves. They realize once they clear the resonant pattern within them they neutralize the effect.

Renegades: Work within the system to create change they realize that their ability to live abundantly is not thwarted by anyone but themselves.

Rebels: Disregard all avenues of the system as controlling and bad. This halts growth in certain areas of their lives and often times leave them with little money.

Renegades: Empowerment mindset – “It is not the system, it is us”

Rebels: Paralysis mindset – “The illuminati controls the world, what’s the point?”

This is ironic because many people prescribe to disempowering, paralyzing mindsets while believing they are enlightened. It is true that they are aware of aspects of the world that many are not but they have not yet realized their role in the creation and survival of corrupt systems.

Renegades: “I am responsible for my reality and my life”

Rebels: “I have no control over the world (money, government etc).”

Abundance Vs. Scarcity

Renegades: “Money is neutral”

Rebels: “Money is evil”

The Responsibility Paradox.

Many people stay rebels because they do not wish to take responsibility; it is much easier to be angry and resentful of a system than to take responsibility in your contributions to it. Taking responsibility means looking at your life, your beliefs and seeing which ones are actually feeding the system they are opposing. Anger, fear, resentment, belief in scarcity etc. give power to these corrupt systems. The key is to take total responsibility; this world is a giant mirror of the collective worldview by clearing out the fear-based roots we disempower any systems that are created based in fear. Once you take responsibility you immediately become empowered.

The Control Paradox

Renegades: “I realize that there are still people in need of this system, even though I do not”

Rebels: “This system is corrupt it must be fought/ taken down immediately.”

The system becomes neutral to those who consistently work through their pain.

What many people do not fully realize is that we feed the monetary system, the government and everything else we don’t like. They would not exist if they were not instruments of god realization.

Do we have the right to decide what other people can and cannot experience? The irony is that rebellious people do not realize they have become the controller they are rebelling against. How? Simple, because they want to destroy a system that other people are not ready to let go of. We do not get to decide what is best for other people, even if they are participating in a system that hurts them.