Heart Resonance

Solenaha on Heart Resonance

Know that the light you create is magnified by the hearts you touch.

If you personally have created “light” through transmuting distorted frequencies or even through expressing joy know that those light threads traceable back to you, its original creative force. It is because of this phenomenon that people can feel as though they already know you before they have even met you- they recognize your light in their hearts.

This may sound strange but we carry each others resonances within us in order to help facilitate a global grid and synchronistic connections. Our higher selves, which can interpret a vaster perspective than our third dimensional self, processes and utilizes the vibrational information, as if pulling strings from behind the scenes.

We often have fears about giving too much or sharing too much, we feel scared that we will not receive enough support in our creations. The truth is that whatever we put “out there” goes out in waves that are resonate to our signature frequencies, because of this it is possible to create energetic relationships with people at higher levels before you meet them.This is also part of how we magnetize and “attract” events, people and other energy forms into our lives.

All your expressed energy can be tracked back to you as your contributions to the collective consciousness. On higher levels our expressions blend into our oversoul or the one consciousness, our identity and its creations dissolve. However, from the denser realms all of our creations and expressions good or distorted are fully visible can be traced. If we slip into a state of higher consciousness we can actually tap into how our signature vibrational frequencies is contributing to the global or universal orchestra.

It is a very enlightening experience to stand back and on an individual soul level observe the waves of creations and manifestations YOU have contributed to the collective reality.

What lives have you touched?

Try tracing your energetic threads and see how your creations reverberate through the collective. Whether you are choosing peace over anger, or literally creating a poem or a painting it is all resonating energetic art to the collective consciousness of this universe. Many sensitive beings including ourselves on a higher level directly feel the waves of what we create here, much like the animals and the trees.

Everything we create and all of our expressions never become disconnected from us. They make their rounds in the universe always transmitting back energy to their original source.

What waves did you send out today?

Heart Creations

Heart creations (creating from the Heart) is essential in living an expansive, fulfilling life not just for yourself but for others as well. Heart creations are actually coded divine art that are born specifically to awaken, inspire and communicate to others. Even when you write poems, dance, sing (or whatever it is you love to do, even in private) reverberates powerful waves throughout your many incarnations as well as the universe. The release of just creating, not even sharing it is powerful in itself pulling more DNA online.

Through your creations you attract soul mates and soul family, heart creations become a bacon and fuel for synchronicities to flow into your life. New expansive energies pour into your life following the resonance your heart gives off.

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