Earth: A Microcosm

Earth: A microcosm.

Earth is the merging and harmonizing of many different time lines, galactic civilizations and cultures. What events happen here can be isolated and directly connected to events in the universe. People involved in these events can be isolated and connected to higher aspects of their own consciousness involved in that event. Many people are currently talking about E.T’s being your ancestors and creators and that is a limited truth that will become accepted. The full truth is that they are you. You have engineered bodies and planets to incarnate into and in the process of progressively splitting and experiencing we have disconnected from our own selves and the realization that its all you.

The disconnection happened gradually as you moved into denser and denser dimensions, splitting more and more of yourselves. The more consciousness split into lower densities the more distance grew between your consciousness and its original source. The more distance the more intense the experience and the more opportunity for deeper understanding.

Emotions and Heart Become the Bridge.

In the third dimensional experience the emotional body becomes a bridge to the “spiritual realms” and the higher self. The heart is a way station for energetic information coming in and going out, and it is therefore through the heart that we have access to this information. It must be said as well that the heart has intelligence and does not represent raw unbalanced emotions; meditation on your feelings through the heart reveals the roots of whatever you are experiencing. Raw emotion stems from the lower chakras and is balanced by the heart.

Emotions in other beings.

In many other beings the heart chakra is heavily intertwined with their spiritual chakras and they do not have access to the range of emotions experienced on Earth. The process of third dimensional Earth incarnation pulled all of the chakras down and separated them further. This allows more variation of experiences, more individualism and creativity as well as a depth of understanding and feeling. On the other hand this separation also enabled a deeper seperation from one another as well as our minds and hearts.

The seperation

The reason why Earth is often called a master school is because of the degree of separation experienced here. That means that to incarnate here a soul must have a strong base of experience and wisdom to refer back to consciously or unconsciously. Earth incarnations refine souls and allow them to release a great deal of karma in one incarnation.
Many times one lifetime here can actually closely mirror the over all path of your soul. You maintain the same interests, talents, problems and even the same relationship styles. This all speaks the the depth of the microcosm, not only does it refer to Earths reflection and embodiment of the universe but the microcosm also refers to our lives here as a reflection and embodiment of our souls incarnations.

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