Mr Golden Sun

Mr Golden Sun

While on my hypnosis adventure the white beings also shared with me information on the sun and its spiritual function in our lives.

They told me that he (the energy is associated with what we would consider masculine or knowledge orientated where as the feminine is emotion orientated) is extremely instrumental in our awakening process.

• He has the ability to crystalize vibrational codes within us that support ascension and its transitions. This happens much like a chemical change. I would go as far to say that the sun is directly associated with the transforming of our DNA.

• The sun represents the action phase of our lives. He represents expansion, activity, growth and development. This of course follows the contractive feminine phase, which is introspective and lays the groundwork for expansion. However many can call being in the contraction wave the dark night of the soul, it pushes us to look at ourselves honestly and release paradigms that are damaging to us. This phase allows us to look at not only ourselves honestly, but the world. At this point in time it is important to realize that there is a group of people out there who would like to draw out the dark night of the soul or deepen it in hopes that people will crumble. In order to do this among many things they block the sun and its flares- solar flares are directly associated with inspiration and awakening. . How interesting that the mayan calendar, which is deeply associated with spiritual awakening, ends on the “solar maximum” a time of great solar activity.

Chemtrails and misinformation are the main ways these groups attempt to disconnect us from the sun. In my hypno session I saw the sun flaring and a group wanting to block the flares from influencing the planet. It felt as if by doing this they were attempting to dampen the momentum of the awakening/ascension.

• Without the influence of the sun the contraction phase (or dark night) is drawn out beyond it’s natural rhythms. Ancient mystery schools (many whom warship the sun) focus on reaching enlightenment through inducing a dark night and then reaping the rewards of the expansion/enlightenment phase such as: increased psychic abilities and a larger, deeper perspective on life.

solar flare

There is a great deal of information about the sun and how it relates to spirituality and the enlightenment process. There are books, journals and tonnes of websites and forums that explore it. I think understanding it at this point in the game is very beneficial due to its highly symbolic/archetypal nature. I’ve had a lot of fun researching this and connecting the dots, which seem to stretch across all cultures and time lines. Please share you thoughts on our beautiful sun, I’d love to read them!

One thought on “Mr Golden Sun

  1. I realized a couple of mounths ago, that our sun deals on one level as a constant reminder of the ultimate, triumphant perfection of creation itself. It reminds us in its shining simplicity of creation’s master plan, each and every day 🙂
    Because no matter how deep we might choose to travel into the darkness (on an individual or collective level), we are never forgotten. There will always come a time when the “the sun will rise again” and the light will make all shadow disappear.
    Yesterday, I realized on a very deep level that this reminder of the ages will very soon deliver its everlasting promise. Creation itself will deliver its promise.
    It makes me cry.
    Time and time again.

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