Are You Sirius?

I am sharing this regression because I feel it contains interesting information. It tells us about life on a planet surrounding one of the stars of Sirius, in which there is very little information available. Regression therapy allows access to the “spirit” mind or “over-soul” mind, where in all information and experiences of the soul are recorded. From this point the therapist can allow relevant memories to come forward for therapeutic and explorative purposes.

How cool is it that we can bring forward future, past and other dimensional lives?! We usually just hear about past life regression but I have learned in my experience that our current reality is constantly receiving information and influence from all directions of time and incarnations. Also (amazingly) I have found other dimensional lives have an impact on our current experience as well. We can ground healing and inspirational information from other incarnations and integrate them into our current life. This results in deep releasing,/healing a higher awareness of self.

This week I had the pleasure of working with a good friend of mine who had quite a fascinating experience as a higher dimensional extra terrestrial being while being regressed. She went into a life of peaceful amphibious beings that lived on a planet that was mainly water and sand (from what she could tell) with a bright blue sun tinting the terra. These beings lived a calm and peaceful life. They took playing very seriously, which seemed include joyously swimming around in the ocean with other similar beings to her. She was aware of a bit of hive mind or group mind going on as she could easily tap into a higher perspective of unity consciousness while still accessing her individual experience. This was interesting to hear, as I mostly think about hive mind as a negative where you surrender you ability to choose for yourself. Hearing this helped me understand that group-mind can be a great gift and allow a society to bob and weave together for the highest good.

What did she look like?

Her skin was the color and texture of a “baby beluga whale”, however she mentioned that it appeared blue due to the light of the blue sun. She had defined legs and arms, without joints, and had flipper like hands and feet. There were males and females each with hair that appeared to be the texture of dreadlocks with each lock actually live and tube like. She mentioned that it was similar to the hair of the Navi in the film Avatar. She also mentioned that they walked very funny, like Gumby. Her face was very beautiful and I believe she said they had high check bones, highly arched brows and upward slanting eyes.

The Sounding Stone

There was large clear quartz like stone that came up from the floor of the ocean that enabled them to connect intimately with each other on a spiritual level. It would come out of the ocean floor for a certain period of time and then recede back into the sand afterwards. She said it had been there for a long time and she was not aware of how it got there. All beings were able to connect through this crystal and it did not matter whether or not you were of the same species. She mentioned that there were other human like creatures there as well, some appeared like our traditional depiction of a mermaid.

Her Egg Tree.

Her next significant moment in her life was standing in front of a giant tree like organism in the water. Within this organism were hundreds of eggs, all hers. They were her children and she felt emotional about them. She had her palms pointed at the eggs and was projecting a blue, protective and loving energy to them. I asked her why she was protecting them and she said that even though it is a very peaceful place other creatures feed on her eggs. Even though she expressed her love for them and her motherly need to keep them safe she acknowledged the fact that very few of her eggs would survive to hatch. The ocean has an eco system and she understands that the ones that are meant to live will live and the others were, in the big picture, meant to parish.

Keeping the balance.

The next memory she brought forward was one a bit more “frantic” than the others. They were pulling seaweed like material from the ocean and putting it on the sand. This was because the sand was “too dry” and needed to be “balanced by bring the sea onto it”. They took this work very seriously as they realized that they were their planets keeper and that their life cycles were inseparable from the planets. They knew that doing this ensured the health of their planet and the health of themselves.

Sirius. Sirius. Sirius.

During the past life journey she kept mentioning “Sirius”, I caught onto it observing her experience however she did not realize what she was referencing until after coming out of trance. We then pieced together that she was an amphibious being who lived on a mainly aquatic planet circling the star Sirius.

Agartha and the Butterfly Beings.

As part of our adventure into the soul mind she took a journey into the inner earth or “Agartha”, where she met a “butterfly being”. She said that it had beautiful colorful wing that reminded her of a monarch butterfly. It stood upright like a human and was about eight feet tall. Although it was postured like a human its face still remained like a butterfly and was clearly more insect than humanoid. Around her feet were many caterpillars and cocoons in various stages of transition. The butterfly’s message for her was: “KEEP PEACE” and that people are like butterflies in that they are transforming and themselves in different levels of transition. There were not nearly as many full butterfly beings as there were caterpillars and cocoons.

4 thoughts on “Are You Sirius?

  1. That was beautiful , i have constant dreams that i am levitating in the air , somewhere , i dont know if its earth or somewhere else . i have no wings , but i just levitate and others that see me do this admire me and are in shock and awe , my mother and one friend of mine have the same dreams , maybe we are from the same planet . god bless you gigi .

  2. Hi Gigi, Thanks for sharing this blog with us. I’ve been enjoying reading what I’ve missed. I had a dream that I was sleeping on an air mattress on an ocean, anchored to the ground. Above me was the night sky, stars sweeping across the sky as if the planet was spinning very fast. In the center of the sky was a large sun- even though the sky was dark. I can’t get these images out of my head and reading about Agartha reminds me of this place. Thanks for potentially helping me connect some dots! Be well.

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