There Are No Original Ideas, Just original People.

In the “New Age” or “Metaphysical” community I am often confused when I see people who claim to be proponents of truth, freedom of expression and personal empowerment blatantly insult people. I am especially thrown off if they work in healing and teach about spirituality. I have really been noticing people calling each other out for “un-original” information- It seems even people who are well known are not above this.

There are no original Ideas

There are original and unique ways to express ideas based on personal experience, but the core of the message will not be original, especially if it is a powerful and relevant piece of the puzzle. When you follow the roots of any resonant information it will go back through a series of basic truths eventually to one multi dimensional truth. Each of us is here to express our truths and in doing so we awaken other peoples truths and hopefully inspire many along the way. The reason why this happens is because on a deep subconscious level we recognize truth as something shared, not individual. We know deep down that we are all mirrors for each other.

I believe that trying to force an identity onto information is short sighted and represents a mindset that is unable to see the bigger picture.

“Regurgetated information.”

Even if someone were to repeat information that someone else shared. Who cares? Are we so desperately addicted to the idea of scarcity that we need to call out others believing exposing them is more important than spreading a message? Do we need to pee on every concept we feel we have contributed to the world? It appears to me as though someone who is worried about other people repeating information is most likely themselves recycling information. It occurs to me that people who have original ideas see them everywhere and in everything and everyone.

I, Gigi Young regurgitate information…sometimes daily.

Personally I love to regurgitate other people’s information especially if it has helped me or inspired me. In fact before I had the balls to start sharing my “original” information and experiences that’s all I did.

You gotta cite the source!

I gave credit where credit was due and even bought spare books and handed them out to people who seemed interested (no it was not the bible although it sounds eerily similar). Ironically time and time again people who accuse others of being “repeaters” are the biggest repeaters themselves. Many times these individuals do not cite the source probably because every other sentence would be framing up the reference for what they are about to say. Many times I see people regurgitate information and then out of the blue they will come up with something completely new to me and inspiring. People are not strictly divided into “repeaters” and “original thinkers” we cannot separate the two. However, through encouragement and support we get better at connecting with our own ways of expressing ourselves. Once that happens we don’t really need to repeat others as much as interpret and express our own reality.

Thanks for reading, please DO NOT REPEAT this blog entry.

The Rogue Pleiadian’s

Rogue Pleiadians

This article is dedicated to my dear friend “P” who herself has had experiences with “Rogue P’s” and helped me realize what I am sharing now.

It’s in our logical minds nature to want to simplify and generalize information we receive and experiences we have, especially strange new experiences. I have to admit that to learn that there are Extra Terrestrial beings interacting with regularly that gets weird. And as we unravel more and more of the mysteries surrounding these beings we naturally want to label them and put them in categories our 3.D minds understand. With that in mind it is important to realize that :

“The Rogue P’s” are a group of Nordic looking beings from the Pleiades that chose to follow a path of service to self. In a past timeline they chose to pursue their fascination with power instead of one of compassion. This group was connected to many power struggles throughout the Earths timeline including The Human beings genetic manipulations, the fall of Atlantis, and the current struggle we have today.

The individuals at the top of the food chain do not view what they are doing as wrong. They see their behavior as: if they can get away with it than they must be right. They view it as survival of the fittest and that they are playing an important role in “separating the men from the boys”. They also believe they are doing us a favor by pinning us down in such a harsh environment, that way we will become smarter and more advanced like them. The rest of the “Rogues “ which is a majority are following these beings believing that they are making a difference and helping humanity (sounds culty, huh?). Their system is very compartmentalized.

It is my understanding that they work closely with other mis-fit service to self-beings. This service to self conglomerate resides in the fourth dimension from what I could tell and their main purpose is to anchor frequency bands that funnel life fore into their reality.

It is not that they will die if they do not funnel other people’s energy. It is that they will be forced into a spiritual awakening of sorts.

They need other beings life force in order to feel alive. I have heard from other researchers that they need it to survive. I have not personally connected with that information and what I saw was that without it they would not die, but be forced to look at themselves and what they have done. This process of self-realization that they would go through would not kill them but be catalyst to an awakening inside of them. They would then have to go through the process of taking responsibility for all of their actions.

Rogue Pleiadian Politics.

Believe it or not the majority of the rougue Pleiadians do not realize they are involved in a vampiric agenda. In their hearts they believe they are assisting people in awakening and providing them with loving helpful information. In actual fact they provide half truths that lead to large amounts of your energy being funneled into a lower density reality. This low-density reality affects us greatly because it limits our ability to incorporate information beyond it. In other words when our energy is being funneled off by higher dimensional beings it creates access to our minds. This is where mind control comes in. It is our mental and spiritual body to be specific that these entities are after.

Frequency Bands

Once they have created a frequency band that funnels energy from your mental and spiritual bodies, your consciousness will then limit its access to only what is in that band. It is very much like changing the course of a river. In order to go beyond the band the person MUST realize that they are being manipulated and that they are being fed off of. Once that realization takes place and the individual is aware of what is happening it becomes increasing difficult to re attach them.