Truth Teaching

Sooooo much information.

Right now is an amazing time to be alive. We have, at our finger tips, the ability to share information across the world at such an expansive rate it will make your head spin. With this knowledge our ability to discern information comes to the forefront of our experience. We are breaking away from our innate need to follow others and move more into following our own hearts, our personal truths. The focus shifts from shared truths (religiosity) to personal truths and the power shifts from external to internal (balance).

Truth becomes subjective as opposed to Objective.

Truth is personal. Much of spiritual information is subjective truth. That means it is not going to be truth for everyone. In fact what is truth for me may down right offend you (I’m not sorry by the way). “ Truth” becomes a stepping-stone on your path to enlightenment, and as our perspective expands so does our ability to understand and respect all opinions and views. On top of that, each on of us is so unique that we cannot all possibly express ourselves in the same way or have the same themes in our journeys.

That said, it is wildly arrogant to assume you know “the truth”; especially what is true for someone else. I find it entirely ironic that people are policing each other because they do not share their beliefs. There have been many times when I have thought someone’s work was down right ridiculous until I found out a few years later that what he or she were saying was truth, truth I was not ready for. No one was in the “wrong”, we were just on different levels. There are many different perspectives and levels of enlightenment on this planet it is silly to think that one size fits all.

We idolize teachings because we associate our personal progress with them.

When I was first discovering spiritual teachings and literature I immediately glommed onto certain teachers and became religious with their explanations of life. It hurt when people put them down, I felt as though they were putting me down. Not just me but all the transformation that I had experienced through implementing their techniques. I felt that perhaps all of my progress was false and that I was crazy or in a fantasy world. It was a painful realization but I discovered that religion is a mind-set and that we humans seem to have an innate need to create gospel, dogmas and ultimate truths.

What I know now is that I take what I need and leave the rest, I now am conscious to keep myself in the drivers seat. I allow teachings and other peoples experience to wash over me and resonate out whatever it is I need to work on. I know that I am just using other peoples information and experiences as a sounding board to help inspire and awaken me. After all we are all intricately connected and therefore all contain keys to each others awakening.

Ultimately the teacher or material is not important, what is important is that you are growing and evolving. Just because aspects of the teacher may not be perfect it does not mean all that you learned from them or personal progress you made through them invalid. Don’t throw the baby out with the bath water. In fact expect whatever material you come across to have incongruencies. Expect to question it and honestly look at yourself as you do so. It is possible to be skeptical yet in complete respect of the person sharing.

5 thoughts on “Truth Teaching

  1. Sounds tiring, but probably necessary these days. There is a lot of different points of view. Have you ever found yourself in a conversation with someone who is passionate about their issue? And… when you get a chance to make a comment, you make an expression of support and respect for them and their issue, because, in fact you are in agreement with their position. BUT!, somehow, they don’t hear what you say. They hear the opposite! I don’t know how, but you find yourself condemmend as the enemy or the problem instead of a sympathitic supporter. Maybe there is a note of objectivity in your voice and that changes the words in the other person’s mind to something antagonistic or even bigoted. This has happenned to me and probably others. What’s my point? It would seem that people usually hear what they think they are hearing, not necessarily what is actually being said. I think it has been called “filters”, mental filters that humans experience their reality through. I, personally find a significant portion of humanity functionally impossible to have any meaningful dialogue with. One may as well try to have a conversation with an halibut, in latin. There’s just no way…

    • Wzorg……….i will even respect an ant if i can avoid stepping on it (hey, ok, but i have to walk, don’t i? :D). One day, after experiencing a connection with my inner source, i went out to the backyard and sat in the Sun and as usual, i watched the ants on the ground around me. There was this one ant, i kept looking at it and then i found myself laughing to the idea that in reality there is no difference between me and that ant……..that we both come from a same source. And just as the ant is doing its thing, so i am, and in my own way. That was funny and interesting to ponder about that. 🙂

  2. Oh let me add, i felt like me and that ant were connected somehow. I actually experienced empathy with that ant.

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