Star Beings – We Attract What We Are.

Our cosmic consciousness’ are beginning to open and we are in realization that there are beings and consciousness’ beyond what we know consciously. Our interactions with these space beings represents interactions with more personalized aspects of our higher-selves.

We Are Equals

All star beings are experiencing just as we are and therefore imperfect and should be understood as such. There are beings who are mainly a light body who experience very little internal or external polarity, from our perspective they seem god like. In our experiences with them we would not be able to sense or relate to any negativity from them, this is because they are beyond our spectrum of recognition. Often times these beings are known as “creator beings” and the reason we cannot fully perceive them is because they are far beyond our dimension and need to “step down to be seen”. Other beings however, deal with heavier levels of polarity and their own karmic pull which can help us understand where they are coming from and what to do with their information. It is in their, and our, best interest that as we establish connections with these beings we view our contacts (physical or otherwise) as a mentor-ship or consult of two sovereign beings. This prevents any karmic loops from from forming and having this as our intention attracts beings who have a pure agenda.

How We Draw in the Beings.

The beings that we attract into our lives, good or bad, are invited. This is not a conscious invitation, of course not, it is and unconscious invitation. Our “unconscious” refers to a multi dimensional energetic mass that is directly connected to our conscious minds. This mass is a conglomerate of frequencies that relate to our existence here, it is also seamlessly connected to the oversoul. It is within your unconscious that all of your karma is contained as well as experiences and knowledge. Our conscious minds are not able to readily pull from it or even become fully aware of it because it would be extremely overwhelming to say the least. So, it is the frequencies of our unconscious (also known as subconscious or super-conscious) that determines our reality and who is in it (through the law of attraction).

Becoming Conscious and Responsible

It is our conscious minds duty to process the experiences that are magnetically pulled into its awareness. Hopefully the conscious mind can work with the subconscious to transmute low vibrational or damaging karmic patterns as it is through this process that we raise our personal vibration and therefore attract higher vibrational experiences into our lives. If we have attracted a less than desirable interaction in our lives it is our responsibility to figure out what patterns lie in our subconscious that called it in. Once we become present, honest and conscious enough to see what changes need to be made the pattern begins to break down and be transmuted. The transmuted frequencies then go back into the superconscious and become the new templates for your reality.

Many people speak about negative experiences with E.T. beings even painful ones. it is important to understand that all interactions are a product of signals that we are sending out. Many people who experienced abductions or other experiences that seemed against their will actually agreed to them subconsciously or even charted before incarnation.

The Savior Meme.

This means that the beings that begin to connect with us come into our awareness via: the frequencies we are emitting and they represent the level we are currently at. Many times when we first begin to open up we experience beings who do not respect our sovereignty b/c we do not value it ourselves. We have been taught for thousands of years to give our power away through “savior memes”. These savior memes and the toxic belief that we need to be saved needs to be released in order to form healthy interactions.

I mean, really, what kind of beings and experiences are we going to attract if we believe that we are victims or not powerful enough? Can we “save” ourselves? I think so…

Global Consciousness.

The principal that we attract what we are is not just personal, it works on a global level as well. There is a collective consciousness and unconsciousness on the planet that determines what beings can enter into its boundaries. All of the Extra Terrestrial beings on this planet now or that have ever been on this planet have been invited here and will remain here until the collective consciousness’ shift to a frequency that does not support them. Or to go a bit deeper: they cannot cross the threshold into our reality unless they represent a part of us, unless on a higher level they are us.

2 thoughts on “Star Beings – We Attract What We Are.

  1. I’ve just within the last couple of days started to get into the comet eleinin. These are really exciteing times we’re in. The shifts and concience changes are now happening. I think we as star beings, play an important role, in not so much as doing or saving people but to hold our vibration and that we will be the ones creating our and the new reality for the world, we must not live in fear from the dark ones, we have power over them and now is the time to use this power and break apart the syngthic energy grids they have made thru out the ages.. This is the time of awakening.. I just found this nice website/video == ————– Fred

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