Astral Travel Protection

Astral Travel Protection

While we are in meditation or having astral travel experiences we can often find ourselves in frightening or uncomfortable circumstances. Perhaps we find ourselves interacting with beings that trigger our fear response or even cause trauma and panic. Sometimes our astral experiences can be so shocking we decide we no longer want to meditate or experiment with dimensions beyond what we feel we can control. There are some important guidelines to remember when engaging in multidimensional exploration.

You are in your astral form so you have more abilities than you would in your physical form.

It is important to reprogram yourself to acknowledge that even though you are projecting from a third density reality you are not subject to the usual 3rd density laws. In fact you have access to: telepathic communication, bi-location, flight, the ability to increase your frequency beyond an unpleasant experience, the ability to teleport to specific locations, connect with individuals no longer on the third density (the list goes on and on). As the veil thins and our dimension becomes more conducive to contact with multidimensional beings (as well as the ability to awaken our own multi-dimensional traveling skills) we must take responsibility for our experiences and learn how to interact in empowering ways. When you find yourself having an experience with a being always keep in mind that you are powerful and have access to infinite layers of personal strength and power. It is important to realize that you are not in your physical form anymore, you are technically projecting from your physical form, but you are not actually physical, and there fore not limited by the physical laws. A lot of fear stems from feeling helpless compared to beings that seem to have more power or abilities than you. At the end of the day fear hungry beings are specifically drawn to people they think they can dominate, empower yourself and you will become less and less of a “target”.

Love is light.

One of the best tools in the astral travelers tool kit is the ability to feel love. Cliché as this sounds love is an incredibly powerful vibration and fear cannot truly exist in its presence. In my experience allowing love to wash over me or fill my body has been hands down the most effective technique in turning a fearful interaction into a neutral or positive one. I once had a horrifying experience where I was beings paralyzed by some small beings, the more I fought it the more intense the experience became, the more vivid it became. After a few encounters I decided to love, love them, love myself, just love and I felt my entire body change, it was as though it got larger or brighter. It felt like it was getting larger but I did not actually gain any size. The little beings kept mechanically trying to do what they were doing but it appeared as though I had literally risen beyond the experience. I could still see the beings and room but it was as though I had shifted beyond their perception. Eventually I had a choise whether i wanted to continue to focus on them and that encounter or do something else. I felt strongly after this experience that this was a test- I needed to learn how to handle myself. Conjuring up the strength to pull love into the equation while going through something like that is not easy, not in the slightest, but what is the alternative?

This is your world

Approaching the worlds beyond the physical as though you are a visitor or voyeur is a limited attitude. When you are journeying you are in your world having your experience. Your experience is in direct co-relation to your current state of consciousness. The astral realm is closely tied to the mind and its current state so keeping yourself clear mentally will make it easier for you to have more profounf experiences. When it’s all said and done you control your experience, if you can train yourself to approach your astral experiences in this manner you will have more control over them and they will be more positive. If you feel as though your are tip-toeing through someone else’s house you may not be grounded enough to control your experience.

Happy Travels!

Indigo Kids

Indigo kids.

I write this from a place inside me that is the indigo kid. I have disliked this description of the new wave of young adults because there always seemed to be a violent undertone to what we are about. This is off putting to me because it seems to hint that Indigo kids are the angry people on the block, or maybe that we don’t know how to find peace. I feel that what people perceive about the Indigo generation is their passionate dedication to truth. This passion and dedication can be misunderstood as anger or a destructive need to tear things down. But what they really do is the opposite of destruction; they are great creators and great bridge builders. The reasons why systems fall around them is because in their heart and minds they have already built the blue prints to new ones.


I’m not really one for labels, as I believe we contain all archetypes within us, but as an “indigo”, I do feel that we live in an environment that seems pretty conducive to some “system busting.” The phrase indigo kids seem to get thrown around a lot to describe the people in this world who have risen to just that that occasion. Personally I have been turned off of using the label “Indigo Kid” even though technically I would fall into the time spectrum in which they supposedly incarnate.

Indigo’s are not willing to compromise.

Although, saying that, I have come to wonder if Indigo children and indigo adults are not system busters but bridge builders. What I mean by this is that Indigo’s are usually spoken about with somewhat of a angry tone, and that may be the case with some, but in actual fact indigo children are not motivated by anger…they are motivated by truth. It is not so much that they are bursting down systems, it’s that they are holding their truth and standards so very high up on their priority list they’re not willing to let go. They aren’t fighting a system they are trying to maintain their own. Indigo’s have a choice in life: surrender to the current debauchery or hold strong onto your own truth. To people outside of them it may seem like they are fighting the system, but to an indigo they’re simply not willing to live a lie. Indigo’s will not compromise their own truth and as they become adults. Unhealthy social systems will fall not because they “tore them down” but because they didn’t give into them.

What other choice do we have?

Have the indigo’s walked into a world that is so heavily asleep that unwillingness to compromise seems violent or angry? Is it offensive or threatening to walk to the beat of your own drum? What I am trying to get at here is that Indigo’s are people who create from a place of connection and love in society not from a place of angst. Perhaps Indigo people love so deeply that they realize (perceived) upset or turmoil is better than a lifetime of compromising ways of life that should not be lowered. They find peace in the fact that they are living in step with their heart. Deep in the cockles of an Indigo’s heart is a strong compass that they know they cannot ignore. They “challenge” systems because they have a great love for humanity and the planet.They are warriors because they have to be, not because they want to be.


A word About Reptillians.

I am inspired to write this piece on reptilians because they are very misunderstood beings. I have connected with reptilian beings both imbalanced and balanced and feel I understand (at least a little bit) where they are coming from. The beautiful thing about connecting with these beings is they each have a different energy and expression, this surprised me as I had ignortantly thought that all reptilian beings are void of personality due to their violent destructive nature. When you connect with a dragon-being or a reptile based consciousness it feels as though there is an emptiness or a limited connection, this is because we do not overlap as much with the consciousness of reptilian based beings as much as others more close to our own genetic code. It can feel as though we speak another language because our experiences and overall outlook is fundamentally different in many ways than the reptillian. It must be said that Just as we are biased racially we can be biased against beings that are not strongly mammalian based like we are. We become afraid of our differences, and of the unknown that we feel when connecting with them.

Ahhhh! Evil Reptilians!!

We are having a difficult time understanding our own race, our own peoples, so it makes sense that we are not going to be able to gain a balanced perspective on extra terrestrial beings, especially beings that represent a different constitution than we ourselves express. By different constitution I am referring to a non-mammalian constitution. Mammals have a natural connection to emotion and to heart; it is imperative to their survival and it is a representative of divine love and divine connection through a strong heart influence. Mammalian beings represent a strong experiential nature through emotions, feeling, creativity, and passion- they are the feelers of the universe. Part of our journey is connection:c onnecting the pieces of our selves as well as with other beings on our planet and universe.

Reptilians are not representative of the same expression of consciousness we are.

Reptilians are not mammals and they therefore are not rooted in the same wavelengths that mammalian-based beings are. In fact in order to really understand them we have to move up to a more spiritual perspective as opposed to an 3rd dimensional earthly one. Differences considered, we are in different leagues within the same level. If we compare a mammalian cosciouness with a reptillian conscsiouness we find higher dimensional unity but differences as we move into the lower densities. Reptillians represent knowledge, deep knowledge as well as life during a time when planets were harsh and not very conducive to “softer life forms”. Mammalian life forms require an easier steady climate and are more sensitive to their surroundings; this “softer” living environment gives mammals space to focus on connection and emotion, as it is not as dangerous and focused in pure survival. This makes humans and mammals focused on heart where as reptile beings more on the mind or survival instincts if they are less evolved.

It must be acknowledged that Reptilians are an ancient race in which mammalian beings were actually partly rooted or connected to. The reptilian toughness is part of their nature because they can thrive in environments that would be extreme to most mammal-based beings. However, due to their harsh nature and environment it was not productive for them to develop emotionally. That said reptilian beings have different expression of consciousness, a different way of processing information and a different way of expressing divine energy. We share a higher level of consciousness but begin to branch off from reptilian consciousness in order to experience and express through emotion and connection.

The Reptilian Brain is the Exact Brain Needed to Function in the Environment in Which They Thrive.

Many people research the reptilian brain in order to get a handle on the reptilian consciousness. What most people find is a negative perspective of the reptilian brain. We look at it as cold, vicious and compulsive however we seldom realize that that is the exact brain and behavior that would develop in a harsh (to mammals) climate. Take a look at the environment on planet earth in which reptilians developed and thrived the harsh weather would be considered too extreme for mammalian life to survive. It is because of their brain and constitution that reptilians can survive in very cold weather as well as very hot weather. To us mammals we see them as disconnected but the bottom line is they are expressing themselves exactly as they should. We need to view them from an altruistic perspective, not judge them from a human-mammalian perspective. Besides, is it not our own fight or flight function of the reptilian brain that saves us from close calls, when we are in an unsafe environment?

The Reptillian Expression

Reptilians search for balance and harmony just as we do. When they are in balance they have incredible abilities to hold space as they are very consistant when it comes to processing energies, this is because they are not easily shaken or distracted by emotions. They are often the beings that reside deep within a planets consciousness holding her vibration because of their ability to detach and concentrate for extremely long periods of time. This makes them perfect wisdom and record keepers, their lack of emotion allowing for a non-biased approach. Gaia has a dragon consciousness that holds wisdom, and a safe clear space for her to function. Reptilian beings do love but not in the deep emotional way mammals do. They have a more universal love that they gained through their incredible wisdom. They don’t feel deeply but they know deeply many things that we do not yet realize. Evolved reptilian beings are very respected in the galactic community they are revered for their steady, peaceful, simplistic, logical, wisdom.

When reptilian beings are imbalanced they are violent and do represent the negative polarity of the reptilian brain, however it can easily be argued that humans become violent as well when they are not balanced, in fact all beings invert to a negative polarity if they are not balanced.

Humans are a Conglomerate of Many Different Species and DNA.

Perhaps the reason why we fear and loathe reptilians is because we have not made peace with the reptilian aspect of our own selves. We have a “reptilian brain” are connected to these beings, perhaps not as closely as others hot blooded creatures but we do share relations. Our human expression of consciousness is not the best or highest expression of consciousness it is however a conglomerate of many different DNA sequences making humans a blending of many beings- a blending of many galactic karmic cycles. Human consciousness is a blending of many species in order to connect and harmonize several different incarnations of divine creation. We are this way because it is the nature of our evolution to resolve, refine and evolve as we experience for the divine. We, like our planet are a melting pot. As a melting pot we are a powerful creators of peace and harmony if we choose to be, our peace, joy and love reverberate through the entire DNA contributions that lead to our emergence. When we are balanced we send balance to the plant beings and water water beings, which were the beginning of our story, to reptiles beings and to mammalian beings which are the more recent paradigms that we use.

Allowing Peace

At the end of the day we are powerful vessels of peace and unity that have the ability to bridge gaps between many beings, we have this ability because we are their children, their particular blending of consciousness. As we accept and take response-ability for the reptilian aspects within our our own consciousness we heal large galactic wounds as well as our own personal memories and karma. Now is the time to re-lease all pain rooted in experiencing our differences and re-connect and re-member our abysmal divine kinship. When this happens we can finally gain access to the parts of our brain and the abilities in our heart that we have denied ourselves through disconnection and fear. Our highest expression can only be realized and actualized through alignment with the original patterning of pure divine energy: Love.

Heart Spring

Heart Spring

Within your own heart contains the exact answers and specific frequency codes for your complete evolution on this plane. It contains multi-dimensional solutions to perceived problems in your life from the mundane to the spiritual. Amazingly it has the ability to generate specific tones that “tune” or re-align your body when you focus on it with the intention to do so. We overlook this ability because we cannot yet entirely understand through our mainstream physics how it can do such a thing. We only give credence to the physical function of our hearts even though modern science has uncovered that it carries ridiculously more electromagnetic intensity than our brains. It functions through its incredible ability to manipulate and communicate consciousness according to your unique soul frequency. That’s probably why so many great minds have said said “follow your heart” perhaps they realized there is an intelligence to our heart that goes beyond our awareness at this time.

Your heart speaks your language and represents your unique divine expression on this planet. It is your direct connection to source as well as your bridge to other people in your lives. An open, clear, trusted heart is your best tool for this journey. Below is a meditation that activates the heart allowing it to begin magnetically charging and drawing balance into your life as well as increase your capacity for heart coherence, psychic ability and love.

Heart Spring Meditation.

Bring your breath to a deep steady rhythm and draw your focus to your heart. Set your intention to allowing love to build in your chest in the heart area. Pull your shoulders back** and allow your heart to slowly draw open more and more on each in-breath. As this happens you may notice a small (or large) welling of excitement or pure energy. This is a good sensation as it means your heart is reaching an energetic capacity and coherence that it has not held very often. It means that it is activating, not unlike when your brain and muscles receive oxygen. Sometimes it helps to imagine a flower blossoming in your heart to symbolize the blossoming of yourself and the growing of your heart coherence.

You may get to a point where you have actually generated quite a large vibrating mass of energy in your chest, it may even feel strange or uncomfortable, this is because you are not yet used to a high functioning heart space. Allow yourself to sit in this feeling for as long as you can afford. This is therapeutic because it symbolizes your ability to receive and carry love inside us. This is important because many times we do not feel able or worthy to receive or feel love deeply. So the longer you can sit with this feeling of love expanding and welling from inside you (you are not brining it in from outside you, it wells up like a spring from inside you) the clearer and louder the template for your original, divine, loved based reality becomes.

Once you have sat marinating in your own loving heart vibrations you may notice images, or bursts of energy shooting to certain areas of the body, this is normal and is the result of your heart sending you messages and balancing energetic anomalies throughout your system. Once you feel you have finished welling and expanding your heart vibes you can send any “excess” energy to a specific area of your body, to a friend ,family member or Gaia as a gift.

This meditation seems simple but is extremely powerful, by activating the heart we touch all aspects in our life. Emotion is, hands down, one of our most powerful, alchemical gifts as human beings and using the highest form of emotion, love, is actually the key to our own enlightenment. Feeling our love for ourselves is the key.

**This movement is symbolic as well as physically effective in opening the heart. This allows energy to flow smoother and build. Many people subconsciously slouch their shoulders creating a protection for their heart. This happens because people feel their emotions are weakness or they must protect themselves, as it is not safe to have an open heart.

Listen with your heart.

Listen with your heart and your higher mind.

I have come across many seekers fighting over the syntax of a concept instead of allowing the information to work its way naturally through their consciousness. Spiritual information is brought down from higher densities and is therefore difficult to translate into our limited languages here. It helps immensely to accept that there are going to be in-congruencies at times in people’s work. We can use this awareness as an opportunity to allow our higher mind to do the work instead of our logical mind. We limit ourselves by thinking that for in order for something to be “true” our logical minds must be OK with it. Truth is sooner felt in the heart than concluded in the mind.

Get past the words and feel the vibe.

Information is not just words it contains multi-dimensional codes that bypass the conscious mind. These “codes” for lack of a better description are absorbed via the law of attraction into your higher mind and are then assimilated into your consciousness. Once in your higher consciousness they begin to work their way down into your conscious mind, many times feeling as though it was your own idea. Information will permeate your consciousness whether you approve or not, resonant information will be drawn inward and non-resonant information will by default pass on through.

As we expand and seek out information to help us understand our awakening process it is increasingly important to listen not with your logical mind first, but with your heart and higher mind. This is not to perpetuate ignorance or cut the conscious mind out, that would cause an imbalance, it is to give information a chance to be heard without reacting.

The mind only accepts what it already understands.

When we first come across new information our immediate reaction is to run it through all of the programs we have created in our mind that “work” and represent our reality. Most programs are the result of belief systems you accumulate throughout your life. However, ironically the logical conscious mind is like a computer and will only acknowledge concepts that fall within its parameters (unless trained otherwise). These concepts are comfortable and allow the person to feel safe and in control, which is ultimately what the conscious mind wants to create, control and a feeling of safety.

Higher density information is something we all have access to either from within or through teachers. Higher density information carries concepts that go beyond the processing abilities of the conscious mind.The conscious mind is not meant to be the gate keeper of information, in fact it is meant to be in balance with the heart and spiritual mind. The conscious mind is meant to process and apply information coming in from the more subtle realms and it is the last place higher information goes to be grounded into the 3rd density.

In a balanced system information is meant to flow in through our spiritual channels and percolate down through to the corporal conscious mind. This is the process of inspiration, breakthrough ideas, and higher understanding and it is vital to our progression as human beings. To complete the cycle, information from the physical is passed back up to the higher dimensions as well but this is an entirely subtle and subconscious process.