Every Day is a Protest.

Every Day is a Protest

Everyday is an opportunity to create change and raise the frequency of the present moment beyond the last. Protest is about consciousness. Picketing is about generating awareness*. True Protest happens when you choose to feel joy, peace, love, compassion, and connection inspite of difficult circumstances. Protest is about rising to the challenge of being change in order to create it. When we start using our own emotions and our own thoughts as the compass for the world we are creating every action we take becomes a protest against anything not parallel to it.

All in our reality is created from our own consciousness, what are the dominating emotions and thoughts that make up your day? How much of your day do you dedicate to feeling peace, feeling abundance or feeling empowered? What are your central thoughts and emotions? Do you believe the world happens to you? Everyday has the potential to create change or protest if you will. It is effortless at times to to feel overwhelmed, to be angry, or depressed. Not only that, it is incredibly counter productive to creating any positive change in our world. Change comes from literally feeling, thinking and essentially BECOMING what you wish would happen. If you want more abundance in your life start by feeling grateful as much as you can, embrace as many forms of wealth you can think of: money, gifts, love, support, the astonishingly abundant number of leaves in that tree, even a sunny day. If you want justice for institutions or people who you feel have taken advantage of others start following your own moral compass to the letter. Are you living in complete integrity? Do you follow your conscious? Do you “step up”? Do you take advantage of others or manipulate?

How to Protest

Do everything you can today to connect with your heart and your integrity, and live from that center- the center of the tornado or hurricane that is always still, always at peace.

Make your decisions from that center.
Interact with other people from that center.
Look at world events through that center.
Look at you self through that center.

Re-establish that centered, joyful, peaceful, loving space as your default emotion and the filter for which your thoughts flow through. Build a rapport with your higher self. Give it a “say “in your life. Allow the world to become a reflection of your joy, your love and peace. Allow yourself to become an inspiration for those around you.

Peace Begets Peace

Peace is created by peace. It is not earned through violence, war or protest. You don’t fight for it or force it, endure sacrifice for it or cry for it. It is an underlying force so common, so obvious, so steady that we have forgotten its very presence. It is so powerful that once truly felt sacrifice, anger, and sadness cannot exist in its presence.

Hug for deep peace.
Smile for rapid change.
Laugh to create contagious Joy.

These are the actions that change our world.

The Power of Resonance

In complete silence we generate beautiful harmonics of peace that reverberate through the orchestra of the collective consciousness. It is your job and my job to make that orchestra resonate peace, love and joy so loudly that others cannot help but remember who they are, feel who they are. They cannot help but start walking and living to the beat of that rhythm. Our emotions and our thoughts are the single most powerful way to protest as they know no boundaries and expand beyond what our conscious minds deem possible.

Everyday Becomes a Protest, and You Didn’t Even Mean To.

When you start using your own emotions and your own thoughts as the compass for the world your creating you become a very powerful force. When the world is frustrated in pain or angry and you hold your center, everyday is a protest. You protest by going to the grocery store and emanating it calm, by being in your garden and grounding love, or by being the flame a friend can use to light his/her own fire.

Everyone thinks of changing the world, but no one thinks of changing himself.
-Leo Tolstoy

Be the change you want to see in the world.

If there is anything that we wish to change in the child, we should first examine it and see whether it is not something that could better be changed in ourselves.
-Carl Jung

The mind has exactly the same power as the hands; not merely to grasp the world, but to change it.
-Colin Wilson

Things do not change; we change.
-Henry David Thoreau

* Don’t get me wrong, picketing is great, but it’s not where the true nature and power of change and protest is born and carried out. That is in our thoughts, feelings and emotions. Therefore that is our point of power. It is not enough to stand with a sign or get publicly angry and not take responsibility for our true capabilities.

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