Negative Entities in the Astral Realm


Demons, negative entities in the astral realm.

Many people are afraid to lucid dream or experiment with their multi dimensional travel abilities because they are fearful that they will have an encounter with a negative being or some type of experience that will traumatize them. I completely understand this fear; I have had a few unpleasant astral experiences that made me question the point of astral adventuring. The solution to this fear is to educate ourselves as much as possible about the dynamics of our own consciousness and the realms we merge with when we dream lucidly.

We Fear the Unknown.

As our conscious mind has few reference points and little solid (conscious) experience with the higher dream realms so in our life these worlds represent the unknown. Naturally we fear this unknown space, we don’t feel like we have control there, we don’t know what to expect, and we feel vulnerable. One of the biggest fears that humanity as a whole has is the unknown and astral travel becomes the vehicle for these fears to manifest.

Are “demons” and “negative entities” appearing in your astral experience? Congratulations, you are being asked to raise to the occasion!

One mistake that many people make is that they are somehow victims in their astral experience- that demons or negative beings attack them or manipulate them. Although it cannot be denied that scary encounters can happen (and they can be quite terrifying) your point of power in these situations is the realization that these beings are in fact a representation of your own consciousness. They would not be standing before you in your dream state if on some level you were not calling them there. Our very existence is a game of attraction and magnetics; everything that comes into our waking or sleeping life is a key to our next step in expansion.

We work through our egoic beliefs and paradigms in the astral.

There are a few egotistical belief systems that we carry over from our third dimensional existence when we journey into the astral realm, these belief systems end up manifesting in unpleasant ways in the astral. The astral realm is not as heavy and slow as our 3.d existence so our karma and the reality of our current level of consciousness becomes front and center in our experiences. The fears and skeletons in our closet come and dance with us on our astral journeys, they challenge us to face them so we can move onto calmer more controlled adventures. They only come forward because you have the capability to transcend them, that action is truly how we “earn our wings” in multidimensional travel, they are our greatest teachers.

The best way to release fears about astral travel is to change the way you look at it. Your point of power is always responsibility, figure out why these experiences are happening. If you are being victimized in the astral do you have a victim mentality? Do you find yourself being a victimizer or overly aggressive with people? Or perhaps you have been told that scary things happen in the astral and it is not safe and as a result subconsciously manifest the experiences. Take responsibility for why it may be happening to you; try to be objective with yourself.

My Astral Trauma.

I had a re-occurring negative experience with an astral being a 8 years ago, it would hold me down and no matter how much I tried to move I couldn’t, I would wake up sweating and seriously wanted to quit my lucid dreaming practice. I decided to sit down, get still and allow the reasons for this experience to come forward in my mind and heart. I immediately felt fear come forward, oddly enough the fear wasn’t of the monster that was victimizing me in the astral, it was a deep fear of moving forward with my life. At the time I had made decisions because it was easy, I was deeply afraid of following my heart. In the meditation I saw the monster holding me down as a fearful aspect of my own consciousness that was holding me back. The monster was a direct manifestation of my own fear, I was the monster, I was holding myself back. It was shocking to me that something so nasty and mean was an aspect of my own consciousness! Of course my first reaction was to blame some discarnate, creepy, entity that runs around victimizing underserving people as they sleep. The truth is I was getting a good look at myself and how I was conducting my life. I was avoiding taking responsibility and my subconscious needed to get the message across to me. Thoughts are things in the astral so many times the aspects our ourselves that we don’t want to look at in our waking life appear as people, monsters or scary E.T’s , that is the nature of the higher dimensions, it is our job to learn how to navigate the landscape. After sorting out that experience I moved on and the negative astral experiences went away. I now had the confidence and a newfound passion to continue exploring the astral realms, which I now see, is really just higher aspects of myself.

6 thoughts on “Negative Entities in the Astral Realm

  1. Good post, Gigi. And congratulations for having the courage to look so deeply into oneself and take responsibility. I hope that I do as well when and if my time comes to do more internal cleaning than I already have. There always seems to be more lurking in the depths of my mind. Oh well, “house cleaning” IS a never-ending job! Reminds me of a story where someone took their ego to the cleaners, then lost the laundry-ticket. So, they had to send their Id into their subconscious to find their ego. All kinds of weird, hairy, wild and crazy adventures ensued. Quite hilarious, actually.

  2. Talk about synchronizes, I’ve only begun to delve more into the astral realm myself to learn all that I can there. I’ve had similar experience as you have discovered way before I’ve begun down this path of awareness. At the time I thought coming from a catholic background that I was being attacked by demons before even reading this post a while back I came to realized that my ego had manifested itself into a physical form and was attacking while I slept. I am grateful for that experience as I won’t be here or where I am now without it. 🙂

  3. I really like that line “The fears and skeletons in our closet come and dance with us on our astral journeys, they challenge us to face them…” I think you’re a great writer.

    I used to think that OBEs would only be good for traveling to places like Egypt or Italy, save a lot of money on airfare haha. I see how its served you though, thanks for being a beautiful example and once again an inspiration to explore this subject further.

  4. The entity you encountered was very real, they are et’s that are psychic energy addicts, the give you nightmares so that they can feed off some type of chemical/energy release via your third eye chakra. That is the reason why it was pinning you down. I have caught them feeding off my sexual energy on my genitals during an orgasm. They put some type of technology in their mouths to syphon the energy out, when it comes into contact with your energy body it will feel like a prickly, nettle sensation. They control your dreamscape travel. If you are in a dream and you think you are conversing with a friend or a relative it is usually them in a disguise. When you go to sleep your third eye chakra opens and that is when they activate a stage managed dream, they know everything about you and they are listening to your thoughts all the time, when you are in a dream you are interacting with that environment telepathically. They induce nightmares so that they can feed of the negative energy produced in your brain. 90% of their society is addicted to this energy, They give it to their children. Imagine a society that the majority of it’s citizens are crazed junkies.

    You have no idea what you are dealing with, I would advice you not to interact with them because they are irrational and if they do not like you they will harass you every night when you go to sleep, you will be required to practice lucidity EVERY night. They are slave traders, and when they abduct your dream scape body you are at their mercy, I have been dealing with the same beings/family every night for the past 8mths. If you take drugs like cocain they will feed off the anxiety or the fear energy that is released in that state. I have felt them enter me, I have felt them put put foreign “personalities” into me (like possession) I have had my telepathy spontaneously turned on then turned off. They are deceivers you must be very very careful, they can drive you to suicide if you are not strong. They do not sleep. And you must be very aware of your thoughts, they are able to disguise themselves in dream realm as anyone so if you do not monitor your thoughts you may have a thought but it is not you, because they are able to disguise their voice and transfer the thought directly to you via telepathy.

    In dream realm we have no powers to protect ourselves, their civilization colonized that dimension a very long long time ago, imagine how long humans have been dreaming for?! My best advice, do not interact with them, most of them are hostiles, you are lucky if one of them helps you, but their reality is much different than ours and they are evolving to a species that is highly addicted to fear energy and their technologies are evolving to how to syphon as much energy from our energetic bodies.

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