Telepathy. Sender or Receiver?


Telepathy is the intuitive ability to communicate without conventional language. Messages are conveyed through the sending and receiving of blocks of information many times complete with emotions.

I think that I am telepathic but I am sender only I cant really read people any idea why?‬

Telepathy is an ability that everyone has. Every person alive on this planet has the capacity to send and receive information telepathically. Sending and receiving is essentially two sides of the same coin and you can’t have one without the other. However, naturally, there are some people with more of an inclination toward being a receiver and some more inclined to be a sender.

People who are more inclined to be a receiver are usually more open in life, easy going, easy to fall in love, they are less guarded. Many times these individuals are so open they feel they get lost when there is too much happening around them and may be quite introverted as a result. Many people who tend to be senders are more cautious, it takes longer to get to know them and they can be emotionally closed off. These types do well in social environments and many times feel like they can command a room or influence people with their strong command of energy. Our psychic abilities mirror our personalities, everything within our body, mind and soul is interconnected. Of course these generalizations are, general and I only mention them to help illustrate the qualities of an open energetic system and that of a closed one, which is the basis of understanding giving and receiving energy. Most people fall somewhere in the middle of these two types.

Balancing your telepathic abilities

If you feel as though you are lacking in one area take the time to get still and ask yourself why. Many times people who feel as though they are not able to receive telepathic insights are actually blocking their own ownership of this ability. Somewhere in their life they decided that it was better to be closed off and protect themselves from the energetic environment around them. This closing off process can block you from receiving the subtle vibes of spirit. One way to overcome this block is to begin visualizing your heart, crown and third eye chakra’s opening up wide through out the day, these are the chakras that are extremely connected to sending and receiving energy. Add some affirmations to your day as well that affirm you opening in a safe and loving way to the world around you.

“I allow myself to gently open up to the world around me.
I understand that it is safe for me to connect with others as well as my higherself.
It is easy and safe for me to take in the energies around me and I lovingly allow all communication for my highest good.”

On the other hand, if you feel you can receive people’s energy loud and clear but have difficulty feeling heard you might need to readjust as well. Really good receivers are wide-open channels and it can be difficult to turn off and control. One good way to do this is to visualize your psychic chakras closing (the heart, crown and third eye especially) until you feel comfortable. Your subconscious mind already knows where they need to be for you to function in a healthy balanced way. Once you do this allow yourself to feel YOUR energy. You may wish to call back aspects of yourself you accidently put aside as you navigated through your energetically aggressive day. Once you feel like you are pulled together allow your personal energetic frequency to increase and feel the sensation of your receiving chakras more balanced and closed off. Try to get a good sense of your unique frequency anchoring it in your mind and heart, that will give you a reference point to go back to when you feel overwhelmed. That visualization sends a message to your subconscious mind that you are limiting the amount of emotional (heart chakra) and mental and spiritual (third eye and crown) information you are receiving. You also create a more stable bio energetic field.

Can my telepathic abilities be blocked by “evil spirits”?

The short answer is no, absolutely not. I have written and spoken about negative entities, discarnate entities and demons on this blog and on my youtube channel so poke around there if you would like to dive in further to the whole demon thing. That said, the only person/thing that can block you is you. Evil spirits are aspects of our own consciousness conjured up from fears we have.They are your fears personified. There is no entity separate from your own consciousness that can harm you in any way. Response-ability always comes back to you. Evil spirits and discarnate entities always seem to be the scapegoats for aspects of ourselves or our life that we don’t want to face. If you feel you are surrounded by evils spirits the first question you should ask is “what am I so afraid of?”

Is there a test that can help me know whether or not I am telepathic?

I know that there are ESP tests you can take that test basic psychic abilities. One way is to go through a deck of cards and intuitively feel each one. See if you can feel the color of the card, is it black or red? Is it a number? High or low? Is it a face card? If so, Is it masculine or feminine? However those games are void of emotion and feelings, which is a vital element to telepathy. You can arrange meetings with friends where you take turns being the sender and the receiver for each other. Telepathy is a natural ability that increases naturally the more balancing and clearing you do for yourself. In order to have strong telepathic abilities we need to have a strong bio energetic field as a foundation.

6 thoughts on “Telepathy. Sender or Receiver?

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  2. There seems to be so many ways to describe telepathy. At its basic level it is an exchange of feelings. Its like the left brain constructs a message, the mind is quieted, and the right brain receives an energy stream which may involve visuals… symbols, words… maybe triggering categorically grouped and stored information and concepts in the mind.

    Perhaps any channel or connection one has to another point in space or time or beyond time then can be said to be a telepathic connection. With an open heart, everything or anything that we have our attention can speak.

  3. I will meet somebody or stand next to a new acquaintance and say something that exactly pertains to that person’s past or present, or something, and i am completely surprised, but it is astonishing. It happens almost every day with people around or it happens with things. Always I am surprised, but it’s right there, it’s accurate, or true or related to something around me that I notice afterwards. I guess you could say I’m mostly a receiver. It doesn’t always happen if I TRY and make it happen, and i don’t know if i’m also a sender. It’s mysterious and can span decades of past experiences.
    So what do you call that? Sometimes I simply say it’s creepy, but it keeps happening.

  4. Hello GIGI, I’m very glad to be informed about telepathy from you, cause you explain very simply and available. I have a question which sisturbs me and I think you can help me and I need your answer as soon as possible. Suddenly I found out from my newcomer neigbour that he and some others listen to me and even heard what I heard . I never met them and didn’t talk to them before….So I’m a sender and I don’t know how it happened, I never thought about it and it never crossed in my mind…. They started to manipulate me and I still in that situation…
    Please can you tell me the answer how can I block myself in order not to send them everything which is in my mind.
    Thank you in advance. I’m looking forward to your reply .

  5. I need some help! i know this sounds crazy but I keep having intrusive thoughts of attacking loved ones and it almost happens it’s getting stronger and I don’t know how to stop the thoughts and control what I think about,

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