12:12 and Number Synchronicities.

Dear Gigi

I have a question for you.

Many times when I look at my watch I see that it is 12:12 or 17:17 or 14:14, I heard someone saying that it has a special meaning, it can’t be casuality because if I look at my watch 8 times a day it happens 4 or 5 times and happens since many months. But I have no idea what does it means or if someone is trying to tell me something. Do you know something about it?

Thank you.

Infinite Love


Hello Enrique,


Thank You for taking the time to ask me this question. Indeed you tuning into the clock at exactly synchronistic moments is not a coincidence. This is a reminder (or a little *wink)* from your higherself that even though you are busy living your life day to day higher aspects of your consciousness are busy at work. We are not aware of this processing as it happens on a spiritual level. Without our conscious attention or even knowledge we are magnetically attracting and repelling via our current level of coherency. Many things are being arranged, pulled in and released from your soul matrix at all times. All of our experiences in this reality are affected by this higher dimensional subconscious processing.


When you are aligned, healthy and coherent your higher dimensional processing becomes transparent and synchronicities begin appearing in your life. Suddenly you begin to see the patterns that your bio-energetic field is working with. 


 These synchronicities represent an attunement with your higherself and is a sign that you are on a good path (and are currently meeting your thresholds). Higher aspects of your own soul matrix are becoming visible to you, congratulations! 


Pay attention to the numbers and symbols in your synchronicities (it is good that you did) as they are important. The universe communicates through symbols, language is our creation, not the divines. These symbols are appearing to you because your subconscious magnetic processing has drawn them to you. They represent an aspect of yourself, something you need to take in. Perhaps a concept you need to meditate on. Research what the numbers represent and see if they apply in your life. If they do not make sense to you it is probably because you are trying to logically understand them. The best way to understand synchronicities is to allow them to sit in your heart quietly and let your mind pick up on the messages via the heart.


Generally the numbers that you have seen represent a strong ability to manifest in your life. I see this as being a result of your fearlessness to take risks. The number 5 indicates to me travel or a desire to change your scenery. 



Accept Opposing Forces in Your Life.


Accept Opposing Forces in Your Life.

As we merge our new manifestations with our current life a tangible dissonance can form within us. This dissonance can feel awkward and painful as you shed one skin in order for the new one to push through. It helps to allow both worlds to co-exist. This allowance of opposing forces allows you to move smoothly into  the situation that resonates most.

Sometimes our habits and emotions don’t align with the new lifestyle we know we need to be making room for. It can be difficult as new, inspired opportunities begin co-existing with our older ones. They can often feel like opposing forces causing pain and confusion as we are faced with releasing them if we wish to truly allow in the new. Allowing opposing forces in your life to co-exist side by side is a powerful skill. This skill is based in the ability to become neutral to the changes happening in your life, this neutrality allows your higher-self to continue pulling in the people and opportunities you do want while letting non resonant ones fall away. It can take time for change to reach all of the areas in our world we feel it should. In the meantime holding your peace clearly knowing that change happens in accordance to your coherence will get you through.


Sphere of Your Highest Good.

Sphere of Your Highest Good.

  Even though we know that surrendering to the flow is the best action we can take when we are struggling, it can be very difficult to do. It seems the mind is always trying to figure how to solve things, even though many times it is not possible through its circular processing. There is a space within your consciousness where the highest action possible in regards to your issues is already gracefully unfolding. You can tap into this sphere and place all of your concerns and stresses into this space. Surrender all thoughts and emotions that are troubling you to this Place. This is the sphere of your highest good and it will untangle and re-set any issues you place in it…if you let it.

Our subconscious and spirit minds are problems solvers, and while we are not looking they innately unravel many of our concerns. At the higher levels of our multi dimensional selves all problems are solved as all perspectives are visible. We can see this phenomenon take place in our dream-state.  How many times have you woken up with new insights into an issue that had been troubling you? We do not need to fall asleep in order to gain clarity we can access this space anytime, anywhere.

So today surrender your troubles to the sphere of your highest good. Expect solutions to percolate into your consciousness in perfect timing in exactly the manner you need them to.



Let it Become CLear

Let it become clear.


As you begin to learn the language of your heart you may begin to get small flashes of what your next step is or what your are here to do. These flashes can feel like a passing idea with seemingly very little spark of spirit behind them. Sometimes we can feel confused or worried that we are not getting the full picture. When this occurs it is not imperative that you put a great deal of energy into the passing idea. Allow the concept to become stronger, more detailed and more obvious.  Rest assured that matters of the heart become louder and louder as their importance of being born grows.

When you begin to build a rapport with your heart you will begin to pick up its ideas in the earlier stages of their surfacing. The heart will always repeat its self until it is heard, there is no need to worry or stress about understanding its whispers.



Magical Practices and the Shift


What magic isn’t and what magic is.

Magic is not a religion. It is not limited to special people, specific practices, or any other boxes we attempt to cram it in.

Magic is a way of life, It s a way of being. It is the process by which all people, places and things enter our lives.


There were people long ago who clearly saw magical process’ all around them.

The magical religions came about because certain people were able to see patterns in nature and use those patterns to help ground specific outcomes into our life. These people could see the symbols and archetypes behind nature and began utilizing those symbols and patterns to manifest and hold ceremony. These people exist today and they have always existed throughout time on this planet.  Eventually these discoveries became practices, practices turned into rituals, rituals turned into dogma, which then was concentrated into religions.  


Nature casts a great reflection.

Nature is god manifested without human ego. By looking at nature we can clearly see the patterns and archetypes that god or the divine matrix is made up of.  From another perspective we could also say the magical people that used nature to reflect the magical process’ available inside of them as when they looked to nature they were also looking at themselves and their true nature- which was of course creators/magicians.




Teachers surround us. Nature based belief systems knew this and utilized this.

The wise ones believed that each species of plant, animal and insect represented a pure thread in the web of the universe. Due to this fact they believed each aspect of nature had unimaginable wisdom and lessons. Each species of tree differed and contained its out vibration; it’s own story and magical processes. Each animal contained information and codes that were vital to the planet and useable by people. Each bug and insect down to the species had messages and advice as they represented their own chord in the song that is this universe.

Not only was every form of existence valuable it was also respected as having reached full potential/evolution somewhere and sometime in our universe. Each tree each animal and each insect has evolved to be just as “conscious” as we are today, in fact probably more advanced.

All possibilities are explored. Consciousness expands in all directions

Shifting Back to Magical Times.

The people who were able to see and interpret patterns and archetypes were the first priests, witches, wizards, sorcerers and magicians. Their work was in balance with nature and the galactic rhythms. They worked with the planet, the stars and their own personal energies.

The planet we live on now has been through many shifts and time periods where energetically you would not recognize it. The energetic climate controlled by the energetic bands surrounding the planet determines what spectrums of frequency are seen and what remains hidden.  In the time of high magic energy spectrums within the spiritual realms were more obvious, especially for people who incarnated with their psychic abilities more intact. It was not unusual to know someone who communicated with plants and animals or used their auras to understand their function on the planet. This is how many people determined how to heal via herbs and spiritual energy.




 We are moving full circle back to this environment, of course now with new perspectives. Our energetic environment is becoming more palpable; eventually energy and frequency will become language again. When this happens there is little room for errors like misinterpretation or manipulation. It is not possible as all angles are seen.  Once this occurs petty problems and imbalances no longer exist.

Our focus goes to:

* Self-mastery instead of domination of others.

* We learn how to maintain control and focus instead of escapism.

* We learn how to become a coherent multi-dimensional being instead of hiding from our potential.

* We learn how to hear the song of our heart and communicate with our higherself instead of looking to others to tell us how to live and what is “ok.”

* We learn how to love yourself instead of fearing the potential that love releases within us all.

The above are the issues of a 5th dimensional consciousness.

The external environment changes when these alchemical changes are addressed.  The planet changes, as the planet changes when we change. All physical reality manifests from the inside out, from subtle energies of spirit to dense energies of matter.

This shifting allows for a great deal of healing. Many people who were here for the fall have incarnated for the rise as well to bring their experience and knowledge full circle.

Strange Sensations in the Body



My problem sometimes is when I feel some pressure over my head and in my chest like something is pressing me from above…I believe it is emotional pressure…don t know ….have you ever had such a feeling? love and light



I have experienced similar things. When we get specific sensations like this it is helpful to take note of what you are doing and what you are thinking before they happen. This gives us a clue as to what thoughts or actions they may be connected to.

It is also not uncommon to experience waves of energy moving through you, especially with the amount of galactic energy merging with the planet and us right now. These waves of energy act as magnifiers and can bring forward strange physical sensations.

Whenever I experience a pressure change I immediate bring my full attention to my body, I check to see how all my systems are running. I ask myself, am I coherent? If I am not I usually get clues from my intuition what I need to be adjusted. There are a lot of shifts happening that will be physically felt. Once you wonder what is happening your higher-self is already responding.



Tips On How To Raise Your Vibes

How to raise your vibes:

Here are a few tips on how to raise your vibes.


You have to descend to ascend. Many times the more centered and aware we become in our physical bodies and in our connection with the earth the farther we are able to project up in vibration. The tallest trees have the deepest roots.



    * Grounding meditations where you specifically visualize your connection and    merging with the planet

    * Walking barefoot. You absorb and release a lot through your feet so take off your shoes and begin connecting with the ground. Gaia is a great transformer of our pain, and disharmony. Much like trees have the capacity to transform carbon dioxide the earth has the capacity to transform stress, and disharmony. Within her contains all of the knowledge and all of the vibrational codes to do so. The reason why she is “sick” is because people are not releasing their low vibrational frequencies to be transformed but allowing them to linger inside of themselves and be expressed on the planet.






Breathing represents our ability to take in life and information around us and then in turn release it. When we become disciplined with our breath, breathing deeply from our bellies especially, it can become a tool to automatically raise our frequency and keep it there.  Having a good breathing practice represents having a strong ability to take in life (the good, the bad and the ugly), process it, and release it. Breathing properly has the power to transform your life, and it is so simple.

If you are really into it you can look up Pranayama and actually use your breath as a tool to help balance the body, manifest and even become high.








Exercise is like churning butter, it keeps everything flowing and functioning. It allows stagnant energy to be released that may be trapped in the body via a sedentary lifestyle. Stagnant energy causes you to have a lower overall frequency and limit your coherence.  You are a physical body so you need to engage yourself physically in order to stay connected and keep your vibrations high.







Good Friends.


Socializing is an important aspect of staying emotionally and mentally healthy. Taking the time to hang out with people you love will automatically raise your vibes and inspire you.  Be sure to laugh ecstatically.





Galactic Energy and Raising Our Vibes.

I subscribed to your YouTube channel a while ago. I really love your energy and wish I could be more like you, I think you have come from a higher place. Please, please could you give me any advise on raising my vibrations as it is very important for me to do this at this time. As you are probably aware there is a special energy coming in May and I want to tap into it. My energy levels are way too low as I have slipped into a quagmire of lowness.



Hey Kay,


Thank you for taking the time to write me, and thank you for all of your support. I would like to address the state of the matrix that we live in at the moment in order to get a better understanding of how we can raise our vibes. I will post a second piece tomorrow specifically about how to raise your vibes and go with the flow.

First off many times we become tired or low it is simply because we are releasing some heavy stuff from our consciousness. There are many waves of light/ information merging with us from the central sun that reverberate with specific frequencies inside of us. These frequencies correspond with specific patterns and paradigms we carry within us. Sometimes we can feel very low emotionally or even physically because we are working through paradigms that the central sun has brought forward within us. In the past these light bands of information would merge with us much less frequently but as we approach these galactic thresholds and alignments (2012 etc.)  we begin to experience these intense informational light bands closer together. That means that we have the opportunity to release more mental paradigms that are not congruent with our highest good, it means we get to learn how to become less reactionary emotionally and it also means that our physical body may feel tired or low as we go through this process of galactic light stimulation.

So, please be gentle and forgiving with yourself.





The best way to make the most of this amazing experience we have here is to be conscious as much as possible. That means slowing down numerous ties throughout the day just to feel your own energy and check and make sure your heart is open and full of love and peace. In this state you will always be on the right side of all of the shifting that is happening around us.


Also, when you become aware and open you allow yourself to get quiet enough to use the energy fluctuations around you for your benefit. You CAN harness the intense energy and ride it like a wave; magnetically pulling all experiences you need toward you faster and more intensely than ever. 

Why are we raising our vibes?

This accelerated energetic environment we currently exist in is raising its frequency. It is this raising of frequency that that we are responding to. Basically as our environment changes we must also change if we wish to continue living in it. I liken this process to the gradual heating up of a room while dressed in winter clothing. Imagine you are sitting in a room wearing a winter jacket, a sweater and snow pants. Now perhaps when you put those on it was cold and you needed those layers to protect you from freezing. Now the room is raising in temperature, and in order to comfortably stay in the room you need to take your jacket off, and then your snow pants and then your sweater. You need to release that protective barrier, it does not serve you any longer, in fact it will probably hurt you. The vibes around us are raising and in order for us to be comfortable we need to release layers as well. We need to release layers of fear, pain, anger, distrust, and whatever ever else no longer resonates.






Mind your releasing thresholds!

So, the trick to staying on top of all of this shifting is becoming aware of your own releasing thresholds. A releasing threshold is a tipping point within you where you need to release in order to continue to feel good and balanced again.

The main types of thresholds that we release through are mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical.

Mental releasing involves letting go of thought process’ that no longer serve us. We must release hardened ideas about how we think the world works and become an observer again to experience how it works. This leads to new possibilities happening around us and eventually regaining the open mind of a child.

When reaching an emotional threshold we become very aware of an emotional pattern that is not congruent with out highest joy. Many of these emotional patterns are reactionary and based in fear, once we begin to realize that we are at an emotional threshold we can override the reaction and chose to feel loving, peaceful, high vibrational emotions in its place. That is truly rising to the occasion and it will prevent you from experiencing compacted emotional thresholds that well up and cause painful explosions in order to desperately get your attention.

Many of the mental/emotional breakdowns occurring now and in the future are due to not releasing emotionally and mentally gradually and naturally. Instead the thresholds were ignored and by default their internal systems began boiling over. Steam needs to be released gradually.

Spiritually we are being called to reconnect with our higher selves. It’s not about believing in god or angels, or any other belief system it is about literally re-establishing a working relationship with your higher faculties.  This means allowing your intuition to kick in, exploring your multi-dimensionality through meditation, and using your heart as a compass in your life. All the information we need all of the answers we want are inside of us. All creativity and inspired expression comes from harnessing our intuitive faculties.

As our mind, emotions, spirit and body are interconnected they impact each other. Our physical bodies are physical manifestations of this process and they represent how we are feeling, what we are thinking and how connected we are to our higher-selves. It is important, even though these times are very spiritual and energy centric, it is important to pay attention to your body. Physical ailments may present themselves faster or deepen due to the magnification affect of the light from the central sun. It is a good idea to detox as needed, exercise, and potentially adjust your diet as the physical body can be a wonderful vehicle for ecstasy and pleasure or a prison.

These releasing thresholds together represent the releasing of our karma, as many of the patterns we are releasing have been carried over from other lifetimes. This is an alchemical process we are very lucky to be part of. We have the gift of releasing karmic patterns that would take many lifetimes in one lifetime. In order to transition smoothly during these ties we need to get quiet enough to become aware that we are at a threshold.






How do I become aware during the day to become aware in my dreams?

Ive been wondering. how do i get more consciouss during the day? i really REALLY want to get consciouss or atleast to a good level during my dreams so i can appreciate them more.



Thank you for asking this question. Consciousness is referring to awareness, so your aim would be to become aware during the day. What are you becoming aware of?  Yourself. Bring your focus to your breath be conscious of its rhythm. How it feels on the inhale and how it feels on the exhale. Bring your awareness to a certain part of your body. Perhaps your hands or your heart, bring your awareness to their specific life force energy. Maybe you can feel it tingling or radiating? Ultimately consciousness during the day is about breaking out of your routines and becoming aware of yourself. These inward journeys will be reflected in your dreams to the exact depth that you experience them while awake. A very deep moment of inner presence will give you a an opportunity for lucidity as you sleep. When you become the observer in your daily life you will by default become the observer in your dreams. If you have been doing this and are not seeing any lucid points within your dreams you may want to take more time to do these awareness meditations and go a bit deeper once you get there.



Magical Menses

I did not write this…but, boy i wish I did. Thank you to http://www.menstruation.com.au  for publishing this it is beyond beautiful. I am inspired to plan a workshop or at least some gatherings for women to align with their creative power waxing and waning inside them. Who’s in?!


Myth, Magic and mystery

Once a month, half the adult population of the world who aren’t pregnant or menopausal lose blood. In ancient times it was noticed that a woman?s monthly flow was the only time along with childbirth that blood was shed without wounding, and thus it was regarded as special .

The rituals of many traditions from Taoists to the Ancient Egyptians involved the ingestion of menstrual blood mixed with red wine to increase spiritual power. In Ancient Greece spring festivals included the spreading on the earth of corn mixed with menstrual blood to increase fertility.

So great was the belief that the power of creation existed within the blood of a woman that many myths such as the Ancient Hindu version in which all life is created from the thickened blood of the Great Mother include reference to it.

The word ‘ritual’ comes from ‘rtu’ which is Sanskrit for menses. The blood from the womb which nourished the unborn child was believed to have ‘mana’ or ‘breath of life’.

The word menstruation comes from the Greek menus meaning both moon and power, and men meaning month .

The traditions of blood sacrifice have their origin in the ‘sacrifice’ of blood which poured forth from the woman when there was no new life for it to nourish. However, the menstrual blood was given freely and then used to nourish the tribe or the earth in other ways and no-one suffered, unlike later more corrupted versions.

A woman’s bleeding was considered a cosmic event, relating and connecting one to the moon, the lunar cycles and the tides. She was thought to be at the height of her power at this time, and for this reason was encouraged to spend time listening to her inner voice which would often offer suggestions and wisdom which would benefit the whole tribe.

This ‘Moootime’ was later distorted into a perception of ‘uncleanness’ and women were forced to go apart, unable to participate in the preparation of food for men or ceremonies (although to be honest, the women probably still enjoyed the break, whatever the reason!) and their wisdom was denigrated, called lunacy, and forced underground.

Around 5,000 years ago the pendulum began to swing away from Goddess- centred worship and towards the patriarchal, militaristic and mechanistic position that we find ourselves in today, where women occupy a secondary place in society in many ways, and anything which interferes with linear thought, productivity and efficiency is regarded as a waste of time.

Menstruation, which can involve altered states of awareness and often the need for solitude does not fit within these parameters, and therefore we are encouraged to ignore it, and suppress with tampons and vaginal deodorants what can be the most creative and spiritual time of the month for many women.

On average that’s approximately 500 weeks, or 3500 days of inspiration and guidance per lifetime flushed down the toilet!

Many women reach menopause and realise too late what they’ve missed. This can be a bitter awakening, and increase the feeling of ‘barrenness’ which is the accepted perception of menopausal women in our society.

There are also studies which support the idea that the attitude of furtiveness and shame which surrounds menstruation in our culture is at least partly responsible for the physical discomfort that many women go through each month.

There are many rituals connected with menstruation, unfortunately not all of them appropriate or possible in these days of HIV and high rise living, however one way of reconnecting with the earth is to use cloth pads, and give the soak water to a garden, pot plants or even a nature strip.

The psychological benefits are that if one takes back responsibility for and control over her flow and integrates it within her life there is no longer a ‘curse’ mentality surrounding menstruation. It can be more economical to use cloth also. (There is a luxury tax on ‘female sanitary products’ that not many people seem to be aware of. ) This giving can be an elaborate ritual or as private as the situation requires, but even if only one cloth pad once per flow can be used, we find that we are tapping into a reservoir of feminine power built up over centuries, the power to do and the power to choose, as opposed to power over, to nurture, to shed our skin and renew ourselves like the serpent and the moon, and to create, if not new life within the womb, then within our own lives and from the earth.

And what is the role of the other half of the adult population in all this? When humans lived in communities and extended families, the duties of the woman who had gone to the Moonlodge or simply away from the main living areas were taken up by other women or by older women who were past their bleeding time. Men tended to isolate themselves from the event, for whatever reasons.

However, at this dawn of a New Millennium and, according to astrological information, a new era in human consciousness, perhaps there is an opportunity to restore the balance of energies exemplified in the relationship of Goddess and God. Many of us live in nuclear families or isolated from community, but the withdrawal of a woman from certain duties to “go within” can be a chance for men to express, each in their own individual way, the loving and nurturing aspects of their nature that perhaps don’t always have an outlet in our society.

A family situation can benefit from more input and if the way Dad does things is different, so much the better. Children may gain a wider view and feel good about involvement in keeping the family functioning, and men see life from a different perspective and are able to show their support in a practical way. In any relationship, the show of support in a loving way by the acceptance of the needs of a woman at this time can be a strengthening experience for both parties.

At the least, as an ongoing and important biological function moonflow deserves some thought, and at best, as an essential element of a woman’s physical, mental and spiritual make-up, serious consideration as to it’s place in our lives is warranted. “Curse” or “friend”, it all depends on your point of view.




SPIRALDANCER lives with her family in Northern New South Wales, Australia. She has been a freelance writer for the past few years, regularly contributing to magazines such as “Witchcraft” with articles on Women’s Spirituality, Wicca, Myth, Ritual and Alternative healing, in between bringing up her two daughters. But before she started writing she was for many years a student of Myth, Goddess Lore, Storytelling and Alternative healing.

She is committed to reclaiming the Women’s Mysteries of Menarche, Menstruation, Motherhood and Menopause as more than just biological experiences. SPIRALDANCER has just completed her first book Moon Rites , which covers all these subjects from the viewpoint of body, mind and spirit. Watch this space for more articles on the magic and mystery inherent in menstruation!