How to connect with your Star lineage. (What kind of Starseed are you?)

Discovering your Star  Lineage.


Many people have asked me how they can discover their star heritage.  They want to know what star systems their over souls have connected with as once this information comes forward we can ground information, talents and memories associated with those life times. Here is a list of ways in which anyone can beginning uncovering their star lineage.


      Get clear


It is not a new concept, the cleaner you are mentally, physically, and emotionally, the easier it will be to interpret higher vibrational frequencies.  Toxins distort the transference of subtle information into your waking consciousness. Creating stillness and presence automatically begins clearing your bioenergetic feild making you more coherent and much easier to pick up higher levels of consciousness. If you are having difficulty receiving or trusting your intuitive senses start by cleaning house.





Recognizing Patterns.


Intuition can be about recognizing specific patterns of frequency and being able to identify them. The energetic matrix we live in contains pattern upon pattern upon pattern.  Once you begin to become familiar with certain frequencies and what they represent you can begin reading them and tracing them to see what information they hold. In that same vein the more you recognize your own internal patterns (you are the universe after all) the more you can begin recognizing similar patterns in others. If you begin to feel that you are Pleiadian and focus on the knowing, you will begin to receive signature frequencies from that race, you can then see those frequencies in others as well. To compound that process once you have uncovered the first part of your cosmic consciousness the rest will flow much easier.



Use what has already been grounded here.


You can accelerate and deepen this process by digging into some channeled information that is coming from a specific race. There are many channelers who exclusively channel an aspect of their star consciousness (Arcturian -Bashar, Andromedan- Alex collier, Pleiadian – Barbara Marciniak and Barbara Hand Clow etc.) If you feel closely enough with your heart and open up enough in your mind you will begin to get a specific tone or pattern associated with a particular race.  Once you get that tone begin to bring it forward in meditation. Allow it to unravel and reveal itself to you. You will get information and insights and you will begin to become so familiar with it that you can sense it in others.  This is simply a process of getting to know a cosmic aspect of yourself, it is like remembering an old language, once you re-introduce a few words it all flows back. It is natural and a very effective way to pull information from the cosmos using your own personal resonance and magnetic force.




Meditate on a Planet or Star System.


Essentially we are just big radio receivers, the intention that we set is the station or specific frequency we would like to channel.  Allow the star system to sit in your mind or better yet, in your heart. Give it time to stabilize and wait for some clear sensations to come forward. It may be an image, it may be a feeling, it may be a knowing or a smell or a sound, whatever it is it will feel different. It will feel sharp or it will stand out in some way to you. It will stand out because it is the answer to your intention as opposed to some busy mind chatter that doesn’t technically resonate with your intention.


Obscure Star Beings


Also, many of you have asked me about the more obscure star races out there. The beings we are aware of but don’t seem to really interact with very deeply.  Ultimately there are many star beings who are observant but not entirely involved with this planet and its Karmic expression. For that reason there are no strong ties connecting us and there is no obligation for them to become direct teachers. Many races are also beyond out current stage of consciousness and communicate in other ways.


Overall we can get information about pretty much whatever we want, some avenues are simply easier to comprehend or more relevant to our journey at this time. However, basic information is available about pretty much any star race and they ultimately are part of the universe and therefore part of your own consciousness and accessible even if its on a very basic level.




 Let me know what you find out!

Break Barriers

Break Barriers

 How do we change our “patterning?” Perhaps its time to make some deeper shifts, take on more responsibility and grow deeper into ourselves. Patterning is a subject that comes up more often than not with my clients. I have to say right out of the gate that if you want to get serious about your development- break barriers. Breaking barriers happens when you allow the wisdom of your higher consciousness to overpower specific limitations that you put on yourself. It involves a conscious override of the current system in favour of a new one. It means going into an awkward place where you feel you are not in control. Awkward but insanely powerful.

Mentally open your mind.  Observe how you re-act to other people’s opinions and the world around you. When you get to a point where you feel your mind closing hold it open.

Emotionally allow yourself to sit in situations that are painful. Don’t try to change them immediately or avoid them. Allow emotions to run through you in their divine alchemical way.

Physically give your body exercise even when you feel you do not have time or energy. When you want to quit, lovingly encourage yourself to do more.

Spiritually sink deeper into the void while meditating then you did last time. Allow yourself to get quieter and be still longer.

Break your barriers. Overcome yourself.

The ego puts these barriers up because it believes it is not safe to expand. It believes that the unknown will harm you and that it is best to stay within the parameters events in your past have determined. When you consciously break these barriers on a regular basis your ego has no room to self-sabotage while you are not looking. By taking the reins and pushing yourself to open when you want to close you will re-train your subconscious mind and you will see results.

You instinctively know when to stretch beyond what you feel is “safe.” This is not about thrill seeking or pushing yourself beyond what you can handle, it is about creating room for expansion, and training your mind to behave in a more expansive manner.

All of these activities create deeper shifts within you than you can imagine. Breaking self-imposed barriers sends a clear message to your subconscious mind: “I am wide open.” Openness is key in attracting a better life. Why? Because you need a bigger hole to fit that bigger life in! These actions confirm that you are ready to accept more good your life. You are powerful and always expanding. It is safe to expand.


“Off Days”

Off Days

We all have off days. Days where things feel like they’re not flowing. You feel like you are on the verge of some kind of emotional release. Perhaps an angry out burst, tears, or an anxiety rush is lingering just bellow the surface of your experience. The interesting thing about off days is that there is a much deeper rhythm to them than we may consciously know. Off days are not necessarily a result of our environmental stimuli like we may have been taught to believe, they are the result of subconscious waves of internal emotional patterns and experiences that reside inside of our consciousness. These frequency patterns are the result of how we consciously and unconsciously process our experiences. They are our “baggage,  our fears, and they make up what is known as our “shadow self.” The shadow self is like the moon, it waxes and wanes, each phase magnetically pulling us inward and outward to glimpse at our deepest self. It is this rolling and undulating of our root emotional shadow self that unravels misunderstandings, clears heavy karma and neutralizes lagging emotional hang ups.

When the shadow self is full like the moon we are drawn inward into a contraction phase. This is our time to become still, pull our energy inward and allow all actions during this time to be mindful, gentle and resonant with our natural releasing process. This is not the time to force things,  or fight to become more energized, this is a time to birth/release lower frequencies that no longer serve you. It is only through this necessary and natural birthing process that we are able to move  upward and onward into an expansion period. This is a time to create art, meditate, be slow, write and of course get to know and accept/love your shadow self. This is a time to get deep, still and release all expectations of yourself and others.


One of the sacred gifts of the contraction phase is its depth, during this phase you are able to go deeper into yourself and into the cosmos then you are able to during an expansion phase. This is a gathering period as much as it is a releasing period, use its power and channel its energy to dig deep into your inner self and the mysteries of the universe. The answers will flow in with ease as the base frequencies that we embody during this phase  are resonant with “hidden” or “lost” information. We can see clues that speak to this phenomenon in the  High Priestess card in the Tarot. It is as though when we move into our shadow self we get night vision and the unknown can, once again, become the known.


Many times in spiritual teachings we learn to value joy, happiness and the rush of inspired thought. We are taught that this is the productive vibration to hold, and ultimately the sign that we are on the right track, and that is true. However, we must also honor the beautiful heaviness of inward contraction periods as it is the denial of these sacred times that causes depression, numbness and the sensation of being lost or disconnected.

All energy flows in waves of expansion and contraction. It is these opposing but complimentary waves that account for many of the laws in our universe and their manifestation on Earth such as: Day and Night, The ebb and flow of water, the expansion and contraction of the heart that pumps blood to give the body physical life, the contractions of the birth canal that move children into the world, and the contractions of orgasms that ground the very spark of human existence onto this planet. When we do not honor both the expansion and the contraction period, (the expansion period being masculine by nature: active, bright, assertive and externally focused and the contraction being feminine by nature: still, dark (shadow), surrendered, and internally focused.) we lose momentum in our lives, each phase feeds and enables the next. Without the releasing of heaviness by the contraction phase the expansion phase would not be able to propel us forward.


From time to time it is helpful to consider:

Am in an expansion or contraction phase? Am I you resisting this phase or embracing this phase? This process will help you greatly in aligning with your inner cycles to become more productive, peaceful and in tune.

Expansion Phase: sun, assertiveness, Outward focus, masculine, light, movement, inspired, tangible physical progress and results. Getting things done with ease,  meeting new people, social,  on a roll. Taking risks, putting yourself out there, bringing new things into your life.

Contraction Phase: Moon (in some teachings Earth), surrender, inward focus, feminine, release, stillness becomes mode of progress,  alone time,  Deep, intuitive insights and creativity , alignments and clearing occurring deep inside. Self nurturing. Doing mundane tasks, cleaning, organizing, honouring what you have.

Of course each phase, like a holograph contains all aspects of the complimentary phase. Like the yin yang symbol nothing is ever just feminine or just masculine there is always access and influence from the other phase. It is a matter of aligning and working with what phase is dominant contraction or expansion. Ideally there should not be an exclusivity towards one phase in favor of another.

“Off days” are only “Off days” if we are trying to make them “On days.” When we feel we are having an Off day it is more than likely that we are on some level resisting a phase we have silently eased into without realizing. It is not always obvious when we move into an contraction phase and it can be intimidating to take responsibility for the expansion phases in our lives. The trick is to figure out where you are in your rhythm and honor it. Simply by doing that you will step back into the flow of your own consciousness, where magic ultimately is bound to happen, it is simply a matter of time.