DIet and Spirituality

I have experienced first hand the awkward interaction with “food cults”.  Generally it is a dead give away that you are interacting with a food cult member if they begin questioning your diet and making judgey comments because you had a piece of cheese that day. Spirituality and food are directly linked but not so closely that your diet is synonymous with your “spiritual level.”  In fact if there is a indicator for how “evolved” someone is it would be how altruistic they are…  In truth everyones path is different and purifying the diet may not be the first step in ones enlightenment process…and that is A OK.

That said, the first thing that needs to be stated as the foundation of this piece is that ones diet is not a barometer for how enlightened they are.

Our constitutions dictate our journey.

Each one of us hue-man beings on this great planet are unique mixes of frequencies. These frequencies are fractals of the greater universe harmonic or the god harmonic. They are fractals of a larger pattern, they are the elemental expressions of life. Our unique mix of these elements determines the lens through which we experience life. If you get good enough at recognizing these patterns you can get pretty bang on at interpreting and understanding the world around you.

These universal elements make up what we call our “constitution,” which is the specific blend of frequencies that make up our subtle and material bodies. Before we incarnated we chose to experience life through a certain constitution. We directly chose to integrate (and celebrate) specific imbalances and gifts associated with said constitution.

As this article is about diet the specific aspect of our constitutions that we should mention is the Earth types. The Earth types generally have earth signs in their astrological chart and they experience life in a very rich, grounded way. In Ayurvedic medicine we know this individual as kapha. Often times people that have chosen Earth to be dominant in their constitution end up working with food (material expression of the Earth) quite closely as they purify and raise their vibration. This is a natural process for them and they get amazing when they begin to balance their main element.



Air types are generally  associated with mind energy and will feel more drawn to balance their minds. They may focus on becoming very aware of mental patterns and saturating themselves with spiritual knowledge in order to satiate their active intelligence.

Fire Types are dynamic, they are creative, they have the ability to take sparks of pure spiritual information and link it with the material world. Their point of balance can be achieving the discipline and continuity in their lives in order to reach their potential.


and Water Types are the energy of emotion. They are feelers and generally highly empathic. Individuals with a great deal of water in their chart usually start their healing with learning to balance they high levels of emotional information they feel. They begin by releasing emotions/pain that feel heavy in favor of lighter ones.


Obviously we are not just one “type” . We are a breath-takingly beautiful mix of all of them. Each aspect works in tandem with the other like a perfectly blended alchemy producing machine.

Eventually all roads meet when you are dedicated to your evolution. The cleaner you eat the more spiritually you will begin to see the world. The more spiritual practice you integrate the more you will be attracted to healthier foods. Understanding your constitution can help you recognize the deeper under currents of the world around you.


Other constitutional archetypes to incorporate:






Ayurvedic doshas.




Western Body Archetypes.




Aaaaand I youtubed it!



I have noticed that “2012” has become an incredible barometer that can be used to provide insight into how people approach life. How people react to this year reflects how they deal with change and what mental and emotional paradigms they operate from. The concept of 2012 can be used as a tool, a mirror actually, to see deep patterns within yourself.




2012 is a pinnacle year our collective consciousness has used to represent transition, reflection, and evolution. 2012 has become such a highly charged topic that it can actually be used as an indicator to provide insight into how you (or others) currently view yourself and the world around you. Your opinions about 2012 can represent what you expect for yourself and also how you react to change. The concept alone of 2012 has a very high symbolic importance to our consciousness and if used properly can be a powerful tool for personal transition.

The future is constantly shifting, just like you.

It must be stated that when considering any future event, 2012 or 2050, one of the most important realizations we can make is that the future is not pre-determined, it is fluid, flexible and the result of our current state of consciousness. There is not one shared future for the planet, our human experience is actually composed of quantum leaps into different parallel realities each moment dependant on our consciousness. Once that is understood we can begin to use projected timelines like 2012 as mirrors of our own resonance. 

2012 can especially represent how you react to change. How do you feel about the future. Do you embrace life’s shifts? Can you flow? Can you surrender and allow unseen currents guide you? Do you feel the need to always just prepare for the worst, you know, just in case? Can you tune into your inner guidance and read subtle energies in order to navigate fearful circumstances? There is plenty of information about 2012 what kind are you drawn to?

Here are some common reactions to 2012 that seem to hint at underlying patterns in ones personality.

Fear about 2012

How you approach 2012 can also reveal a great deal about your personality and the life you are creating for yourself. Some people view it as a completely disempowering time where they become victims of forces more powerful than themselves, whether it be nature, the illuminati, aliens etc. That attitude can reveal an attraction (conscious or unconscious) to drama and a strong karmic pull to work through victim consciousness. It is an important lesson to realize that we control our future it does not happen to us, it IS us.


Indecisiveness about 2012

Perhaps you cannot decide how you feel about 2012 and keep asking other people for their opinions. Indecisiveness is natural around big, intimidating events like 2012 although placing other peoples opinions above your own atrophies your intuitive faculties. If this is your approach it could indicate that you may benefit greatly by getting still and listening to your higherself. Other peoples opinions will always be second rate information compared to the insights available through your higherself. Your higherself speaks your language and responds accordingly to your vibration and its needs. Other peoples teachings are put to best use when they are used to spur a deeper conversation with yourself.




Open acceptance and flexibility about 2012.


Allowing the future to be open and constantly shifting in response to your vibrational frequency is the most empowering position to put yourself in. It shows a deep understanding of universal laws and the nature of human experience. It allows you to truly become a creator. This is the best position to take about 2012, have no expectations.

In general openness and flexibility is probably the most healthy and productive stance one can take when we feel a shift coming whether it be physical, mental emotional or spiritual. Generally, it is good practice when we feel the onset of rigidity and closing up it is best to hold ourselves open and remain flexible. Rigidity and closing off/protection  is associated with fear and pain. Open the mind, open the heart, open your soul and of course open your arms.

How to set your heart to “open and flexible.”

A beautiful way to be open is to anchor yourself in peaceful expectation for greatness. That way you will create a powerful vacuum where your highest good will have no choice but to seep into all areas of your life.

It is a huge quantum leap in consciousness when we realize that one shared finite future does not exist. One future does not exist for the planet and it does not exist for individuals. Future timelines exist where disasters and human destruction happen, future timelines exist where instead of destruction there is growth and human evolution. The question is not which one will happen, as though we’re all in this together, the question is which one will YOU choose. This is a matter of your personal resonance, as all futures exist for you to sync with consciously or unconsciously.