I have noticed that “2012” has become an incredible barometer that can be used to provide insight into how people approach life. How people react to this year reflects how they deal with change and what mental and emotional paradigms they operate from. The concept of 2012 can be used as a tool, a mirror actually, to see deep patterns within yourself.




2012 is a pinnacle year our collective consciousness has used to represent transition, reflection, and evolution. 2012 has become such a highly charged topic that it can actually be used as an indicator to provide insight into how you (or others) currently view yourself and the world around you. Your opinions about 2012 can represent what you expect for yourself and also how you react to change. The concept alone of 2012 has a very high symbolic importance to our consciousness and if used properly can be a powerful tool for personal transition.

The future is constantly shifting, just like you.

It must be stated that when considering any future event, 2012 or 2050, one of the most important realizations we can make is that the future is not pre-determined, it is fluid, flexible and the result of our current state of consciousness. There is not one shared future for the planet, our human experience is actually composed of quantum leaps into different parallel realities each moment dependant on our consciousness. Once that is understood we can begin to use projected timelines like 2012 as mirrors of our own resonance. 

2012 can especially represent how you react to change. How do you feel about the future. Do you embrace life’s shifts? Can you flow? Can you surrender and allow unseen currents guide you? Do you feel the need to always just prepare for the worst, you know, just in case? Can you tune into your inner guidance and read subtle energies in order to navigate fearful circumstances? There is plenty of information about 2012 what kind are you drawn to?

Here are some common reactions to 2012 that seem to hint at underlying patterns in ones personality.

Fear about 2012

How you approach 2012 can also reveal a great deal about your personality and the life you are creating for yourself. Some people view it as a completely disempowering time where they become victims of forces more powerful than themselves, whether it be nature, the illuminati, aliens etc. That attitude can reveal an attraction (conscious or unconscious) to drama and a strong karmic pull to work through victim consciousness. It is an important lesson to realize that we control our future it does not happen to us, it IS us.


Indecisiveness about 2012

Perhaps you cannot decide how you feel about 2012 and keep asking other people for their opinions. Indecisiveness is natural around big, intimidating events like 2012 although placing other peoples opinions above your own atrophies your intuitive faculties. If this is your approach it could indicate that you may benefit greatly by getting still and listening to your higherself. Other peoples opinions will always be second rate information compared to the insights available through your higherself. Your higherself speaks your language and responds accordingly to your vibration and its needs. Other peoples teachings are put to best use when they are used to spur a deeper conversation with yourself.




Open acceptance and flexibility about 2012.


Allowing the future to be open and constantly shifting in response to your vibrational frequency is the most empowering position to put yourself in. It shows a deep understanding of universal laws and the nature of human experience. It allows you to truly become a creator. This is the best position to take about 2012, have no expectations.

In general openness and flexibility is probably the most healthy and productive stance one can take when we feel a shift coming whether it be physical, mental emotional or spiritual. Generally, it is good practice when we feel the onset of rigidity and closing up it is best to hold ourselves open and remain flexible. Rigidity and closing off/protection  is associated with fear and pain. Open the mind, open the heart, open your soul and of course open your arms.

How to set your heart to “open and flexible.”

A beautiful way to be open is to anchor yourself in peaceful expectation for greatness. That way you will create a powerful vacuum where your highest good will have no choice but to seep into all areas of your life.

It is a huge quantum leap in consciousness when we realize that one shared finite future does not exist. One future does not exist for the planet and it does not exist for individuals. Future timelines exist where disasters and human destruction happen, future timelines exist where instead of destruction there is growth and human evolution. The question is not which one will happen, as though we’re all in this together, the question is which one will YOU choose. This is a matter of your personal resonance, as all futures exist for you to sync with consciously or unconsciously.



6 thoughts on “2012

  1. I often forget the information presented in this offering. Thank you for the reminder. The concept of many different futures, all parallel, all valid is a big one to wrap the mind around, but important to process, especially now. I especially was fascinated by the illustration of Earth with the swirling spiral of change and events near the top of the column. My compliments, gratitude, and appreciation.

    • Hey Wzorg,
      How’s it going? I noticed that you are often grooving up into this neck of the woods. You look like a cool generous cat.

      • Hello Michalakis Michael,
        I am well, thank you… even though these times are trying and fascinating at once. I have been an admirer of Gigi for some time now. She always has interesting things to say and the courage to be candidly honest in her presentation. As I am from a generation or two earlier, I am gladdened to see younger minds of such a positive nature and feel that the least I can do is give my support and appreciation. What she does is likely not as easy as she makes it look. This world’s future is being created by those like her, just as my generation lived new ideas into being back in the 1960’s. I hope I don’t sound like I’m being egotistical when i go so far as to say I feel a kinship. It was difficult to see the dream of the 60’s fail, but seeing younger people seeking spirituality makes me realize the the 60’s didn’t really fail, those times were just the first awkward beginnings. Welcome…

  2. Dear Gigi,
    I dont`want anything from you but to thank you,for what you have given to me already.While looking for teachings from solara ann ra i suddenly picked up a Video from Gigi on YouToube-Channeling the Pleadians.
    To see you speak about these interesting things,gave shelter to my frozen heart.
    Although I`m learning the English language to understand your teachings fully,I couldntèxpress exactly what to feel about you.Not even in my Mothertongue.That is
    from northern Germany,Bremen,where the Beck´cks Beer comes from.
    I guess you have become a new friend. ve not ment the beer! Uups…
    Perhaps an old one.I´m already 54 years young!There is still some translation and thinking and experiences to do for me ,to give useful comments for the things you say to me because it is so much trouth.I like sowhat! please excuse my bad English but it makes me happy to write you at all.to get a clear vision of the new age seems to be one of the most important challenges in this time.So many people think that Newage is a fashion or a trend.I´m a bit afraid of that!But-today is a new tomorrow and the birds are singing right now.(05.33 gmt.+1h)
    It´s still enough time to send a fine rainbow across the Atlantic ocean Bremen-Toronto?
    However,my heart is with you,dear sister and if I can give you any help,
    let me know…
    Yours faithfully,Uwe

  3. Dear Alice,

    What an imaginative little thing you are! I love your idea of studying people’s reactions to the 2012 “enigma” as a means of understanding archetypal formation and personality growth. The new spring equinox, when Aquarius shall house the sun, has certainly reactivated the astrological instinct in man. It is up to him to put it to creative use. Lovely!

    When one looks upon the deplorable condition of the world – after the initial shock, one’s consternation settles into two perspectives. On the one hand, one feels a pragmatic desperation for moral and ethical diplomacy – real world solutions to economic and political turmoil. At present, it seems Xerxes is once again having prophetic dreams; Solomon is breaking his seal; and old Uncle Sam has tap danced too far afield from the beautiful ideals of 1776. It is now July, where are we heading? – WAR IS DISGUSTING.

    On the other hand, one feels, let us say, a spiritual desperation – philosopher kings, do you hear me? – the human brain is still very much a contest between limbic and neocortical circuits– the endless joust of subconscious juxtapositions: childhood traumas, inferiority complexes, schizoid tendencies, melancholic narcissism- all conspiring against his self-actualization; there is mutiny aboard the HMS Bounty- who is Christian and who is Bligh? And was it not those ancient luminaries, the Laotians, that first pointed out that man possessed thirty-two souls within his strata? How bountiful! To watch the news is to affirm that man is regressing back to ape – all thirty-two of him, no less. Indeed one finds only contorted jelly under his skull. I have looked, it is true.

    2012 is the year of the Sun – Sol, according to our best symbolists. Old Job knew that the sun giveth life and the sun taketh life away. So did the human sacrificing Mayans. “Juliet is the Sun”, says Romeo, but was he aware that she can also burn? Blake lives in eternity’s sunrise, but Icarus, flying to close to the sun, understood the hot flash of death. The young prince of Taoism, Lao Tzu, -says: that every action has “good” and “bad” consequences. So too does sunshine. So too, then, does his own philosophy. Oh, Dear; this is all quite a paradox!

    Think positive; think negative; think nothing = what a funny algebra we got going! The future is anticipated, the past remembered – both are concepts only; and only in the present can they exist. Free will and determinism? Who can pretend to know? Life is at its basis a reduction ad absurdum : the proof of the pudding is in the eating. And there is far too much “quantumizing” today : from quantum consciousness to quantum pizza; from quantum reptiles to quantum kids. In fact there is too much “-izing” – this suffix has ruined the English language – the last bastion of common decency. O where is the Yellow brick road to enlightenment? Where are the eternal, unchanging spiritual ideals? Above all, where is Love? O dear Lord Groucho! – please come back to us : the world needs to lighten up and laugh – our leaders are colorless, funny-boneless vaudevillians. Long live Freedonia! (Groucho -now that would be a séance worth trying!!!!)

    When I was a child, in love with mathematics (though truth be told, this was an unrequited love) I would often wonder far from my studies– playing little Faustian numerology games. Do you want to know what kind of year you will have in 2012? Add your date and month of birth to five, the sum of 2012 – and consult a good user friendly black arts manual for the magical significance of numbers. In my own case, I get 7 : the occultist’s number. Well, it is a reclusive, mystical year for me, after all. This is why I write such SUNNY things, no doubt.

    The world needs men and women that combine the best of spiritual and political genius. Possessing either trait alone will not do.

    “Here comes the sun, here come the sun, and I say it’s all right.”

    And now I must end my garrulous fit with a little quatrain that my muse – my little familiar, Bastet – has whispered into my ears. She meows :

    Gigi is a magical rose;
    Her smile is redolent of love.
    She giveth the world a ray of hope-
    She is Juliet. She is the Sun.

    For ever yours,

  4. I just want to say that majority of the people on this planet have had thousands of reincarnations and experienced countless different life scenarios. We are graduating this year, it is time for us to ascend to another level or dimension. It will be a completely different ball game compared to what we were used to having such as wars, diseases, greed, fear and other negativities. We are moving into a golden age and our lives would be great and wonderful. Our lives will be filled with love and light. Spirituality and service to others will be the common things that we pursue. I really look forward to our ascension. See you on the other side!

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