DIet and Spirituality

I have experienced first hand the awkward interaction with “food cults”.  Generally it is a dead give away that you are interacting with a food cult member if they begin questioning your diet and making judgey comments because you had a piece of cheese that day. Spirituality and food are directly linked but not so closely that your diet is synonymous with your “spiritual level.”  In fact if there is a indicator for how “evolved” someone is it would be how altruistic they are…  In truth everyones path is different and purifying the diet may not be the first step in ones enlightenment process…and that is A OK.

That said, the first thing that needs to be stated as the foundation of this piece is that ones diet is not a barometer for how enlightened they are.

Our constitutions dictate our journey.

Each one of us hue-man beings on this great planet are unique mixes of frequencies. These frequencies are fractals of the greater universe harmonic or the god harmonic. They are fractals of a larger pattern, they are the elemental expressions of life. Our unique mix of these elements determines the lens through which we experience life. If you get good enough at recognizing these patterns you can get pretty bang on at interpreting and understanding the world around you.

These universal elements make up what we call our “constitution,” which is the specific blend of frequencies that make up our subtle and material bodies. Before we incarnated we chose to experience life through a certain constitution. We directly chose to integrate (and celebrate) specific imbalances and gifts associated with said constitution.

As this article is about diet the specific aspect of our constitutions that we should mention is the Earth types. The Earth types generally have earth signs in their astrological chart and they experience life in a very rich, grounded way. In Ayurvedic medicine we know this individual as kapha. Often times people that have chosen Earth to be dominant in their constitution end up working with food (material expression of the Earth) quite closely as they purify and raise their vibration. This is a natural process for them and they get amazing when they begin to balance their main element.



Air types are generally  associated with mind energy and will feel more drawn to balance their minds. They may focus on becoming very aware of mental patterns and saturating themselves with spiritual knowledge in order to satiate their active intelligence.

Fire Types are dynamic, they are creative, they have the ability to take sparks of pure spiritual information and link it with the material world. Their point of balance can be achieving the discipline and continuity in their lives in order to reach their potential.


and Water Types are the energy of emotion. They are feelers and generally highly empathic. Individuals with a great deal of water in their chart usually start their healing with learning to balance they high levels of emotional information they feel. They begin by releasing emotions/pain that feel heavy in favor of lighter ones.


Obviously we are not just one “type” . We are a breath-takingly beautiful mix of all of them. Each aspect works in tandem with the other like a perfectly blended alchemy producing machine.

Eventually all roads meet when you are dedicated to your evolution. The cleaner you eat the more spiritually you will begin to see the world. The more spiritual practice you integrate the more you will be attracted to healthier foods. Understanding your constitution can help you recognize the deeper under currents of the world around you.


Other constitutional archetypes to incorporate:






Ayurvedic doshas.




Western Body Archetypes.




Aaaaand I youtubed it!

2 thoughts on “DIet and Spirituality

  1. Awesome read! Loved the comment about fire signs and discipline! Your points make total sense. It’s all about finding one’s personal balance, and creation is too interesting and colorful to have homogenized banal rules. Like cooked veggies vs raw, cooked allows for the tough plant cell walls to be broken down which gives us more minerals (reason why old people who overcook theur veggies have lower rates of arthritis), but heat destroys the enzymes and possibly some of the vitamins and antioxidants. Raw gives us the enzymes but a lot less of the minerals. It’s all about balance.

    The only blanket rule I got (from the Pleiades years back) was not go hotter than steaming (so no frying, NO deep frying, worse even is the grill (mmmm) ), When I am bad and do fry though, I mix the oil (try to use grapeseed) with a bit of turmeric as the curcumin (potent yellow antioxidant) prevents rancidity/free radicals.

    Also, I would imagine that when eating meat, it is best to try and get the meat from animals who lead a life outside of a tiny cage, eating other cow byproducts and being slaughtered without gratitude or compassion. That’s why I go for things like hunted venison on the few occasions I do eat red meat. Thanks!

  2. Hi Gigi,

    I agree with you. When it comes to choosing a diet, people should get quiet and listen to their bodies. Everyone’s state of health differs, and this is a critical factor in cultivating the spirit of the body. (It is shocking just how out of shape the average person is!) When it comes to diet and sex and their relation to spirituality, I think the Taoists have really got it right – people should balance Yin and Yang foods, and do so with respect to their gender. I like Kathy Freston’s ideas too; she is well-meaning – nobody wants to see animals suffer for our stomachs (and there is much ethical work to be done on behalf of animals in this regard), but, like others, she fails to make the connection between diet and sex : if a man stays too long on an exclusive Yin diet (that is, one without meat, chicken, or eggs), he will gradually loose much of his sexual vitality (especially if he has no discipline in sexual matters). A woman on a diet too heavy with meat will become a tyrant*. Under such conditions our species would be doomed to extinction.

    Any thoughts on the Taoist-thing, anybody ?

    *(I have evidence to support this assertion: Despite evidence to the contrary, the saber-toothed tigress is not extinct. I once dated such a vain, heartless, man-eating creature. She bit and clawed, whilst I defended with whip and chair. I barely got out alive- I still have nightmares. I believe she went on to “shrew” several noblemen to pieces.)

    With love,

    Two cannibals eating a clown. One says to the other : “ Does this taste funny to you?”

    – Tommy Cooper.

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