We are Flow(ers)


I have been quite interested in the cycles of human consciousness lately. It seems we not only have a vibrational frequency but we also have a flow. A powerful push, pull just underneath our psyche that seems to govern our behavior. This flow is interesting to me as I used to think that I could somehow strong arm my world around me.I figured I was a manifesting, manifester and I can just create what I want! However in reality it is called CO-Creating (capital “CO”) meaning that you (ego, 3d you) is not the only one creating. Whether you (or I) like it or not there is a rhythm behind our experience here on this planet. We can flow with it or against it, it’s our choice. We must constantly be checking in with the other half of the co-creation team to make sure we are thinking, feeling and acting in accordance with its guidance. Why? Because they see things we don’t.

Here is some info about flowing I thought I would share!


We may realize that we are a vibrational frequency, that our emotions and thoughts are vibrational frequency, but what we may not realize is that we also have a flow.  Simultaneously as we vibrate, we flow. Our flow is directly connected to the ocean of our higherself and the universe. This flow has different expressions we can sense within our bodies. These expressions are generally rooted in one of two cycles.

Releasing flow

Expanding flow

Our flows are determined by your higher self and respond to specific emotional, mental, spiritual and physical thresholds. This flowing is the key to growth, self discovery and manifestation.


Releasing flow





We all need to go through releasing periods in order to collect new opportunities, new experiences, new relationships, or simply to add more depth and richness to what we have now.

The releasing vortex.

During a releasing flow part of your bioenergetic field actually begins to worm hole or form a vortex where heavy experiences, thought patterns, physical pain, all that does not serve you etc, is drawn in and transmuted. These experiences lose their charge once they have left your body and shift back into the frequency of the divine matrix. This releasing process can be extremely healing. Take advantage of the vortex and just let go as deep as you can, as the more you release the more space you have to grow.

Releasing periods are misunderstood in our world as they can easily be interpreted as pain. This pain, like all pain, stems from resistance.  Resisting letting things go, trying to get in the way, over questioning, and ultimately controlling creates a state of conflicted paralysis that we experience as pain, emotional pain, mental stress, physical discomfort, spiritual blocks. Pain means we are reacting to our own healthy releasing process with fear and mistrust.

“If I let this go will more come?”

“I can’t release this experience I don’t understand it”

“I must carry this to punish myself for being a bad person.

Oddly enough we begin worshipping scarcity via our fear of releasing. Many abundance issues stem from this in ability to just let crap go. Sometimes there is no solving things, there is just getting out of the way and letting stuff go to untie itself. Once that occurs all you need to know will be obvious and you now have room to try again.


This can also be experienced as:





Physical unease or sickness’ in areas related to what you are trying to balance.

How can I get back into my flow?

Set your intention dial to wide open surrender, focus on that sensation (as opposed to the idea of surrender) and let a new flow build. getting back into your flow does not take effort, in fact it is the opposite of struggle it is complete surrender.

This conflict within you stops you from flow(er)ing and the best way to begin flowing again is to begin stepping into waves of surrender and allow them to take you deeper and deeper and farther and farther from your controlling ego.  The beautiful thing about your consciousness is its ability to follow an intention that you set. Set it for surrender, still the mind and let go. Once you set the intention and begin bringing focus away from the mind and into the sensation of surrender the sensation will actually expand, you will fall effortlessly into a different pattern. Like waves filling up a pool, eventually you will become solid with a new paradigmn.


Expansion Flow




The expansion flow is the experience of the new ideas, people, experiences that now have room after your releasing period. This flow feels expansive and active. This is when experiences, relationships, and other manifestations are built upon or finally being manifest in our lives. We get good ideas, we finish things, and we feel inspired to continue projects and nourish relationships.

Generally most people do not resist the expansion flow, in fact, we tend to chase it. Once the releasing threshold is met and we begin experiencing a shift we often try to hold onto this expansive, productive flow.

How can I make the most out of my expansion flow?

By maintaing balance and continuously making sure that your actions and all the new things coming into your life are lining up with your integrity. This will allow the most joy, peace and easier releasing cycles. Continuously bring yourself back to center until it begins to become more and more automatic. The best expansion cycles are ones where we exercise mental and emotional discipline and stay present and aware in spite of the rush of expansive energy cycling through us.



Conscious Channel, unconscious channel, trance channel, all of those titles describe the art of refining ones connection with their higher-selves to such a fine point that they can actually relay communication between at least 2 dimensions of reality. We all do it to some degree, although we generally call it creativity or inspiration- It is much more digestible that way. I write this because I want to acknowledge the gap between channeling closing in. By gap I mean the distance,or perceived, space between their dimension and our own (or our higher-selves’ dimension and the 3rd dimension).  This gap, ladies and gentlemen, is closing. The veils are thinning and now more than ever it is becoming easier and easier to consciously connect with our guides and higher aspect.

How do I know this?

I have experienced it, and I have seen it in others.


The veils between our higher-self and our waking conscious are merging.

   When it comes to channeling information straight from ones higher-self into this denser dimension consciously that can be difficult. Generally it means stepping down high vibrational information that contains many archetypes and meanings into a few words or a sentence. It is challenging to take a multi-dimensional concept and condense it accurately into a limiting 3rd dimensional concept using language. It is like taking a black and white photo of a rainbow, its there but you probably need to use your imagination a little to get the full affect.  It is tough to keep this information on pointe let alone keep the delicate flow going between the worlds. But in the last few months I have felt the veils sinking closer and closer together, which makes holding a frequency in your body to channel and relaying the information received much easier.

Conscious channeling becomes parallel with trance channeling

   In the past trance channeling was probably your best bet for fast, concise information, however, now I am seeing conscious information coming forward that is comparable to deep trance channeling from conscious channels. Conscious channeling seems to draw more deeply from the cognitive mind and its paradigmn allowing a deep release for the channeler and often times the language is more relatable for the people connecting with the work. The energy exchange between the channeler and the person reading or experiencing is often a feeling of clarity and practicality. This is because part of the channels consciousness is still rooted in this dimension allowing a grounded approach and a different type of pragmatic information to come forward.

Trance channelling and conscious channeling are complimentary. 

   Trance channeling is not “better” than conscious channeling or vice versa. They are simply complimentary abilities that each help provide insight in different ways. Trance channeling is great to speak directly entities, the information can be borderline relatable although very uplifting. It is meant to introduce higher vibrational frequencies and work with you on a subconscious level. Much of what you hear during a trance channeling session is codes that are worked through your subconscious and then conscious mind. A conscious channeling session is more pragmatic and the information can be very high vibrational, although as the channel is conscious they have the opportunity bridge the information or apply direct advice to help with integration. This bridging process can be a delicate matter as in this space the ego can move in and begin projecting. It is a delicate balance that requires steady presence and a disciplined mind.

     The veils thin and the energetic soup around us continues to magnify and as this happens we draw closer to our highest expression. All that is not congruent with that expression will be experienced as pain. As we release this pain we become lighter and more coherent. Through this process we gain stronger intuition and a clear channel to our higher self. Eventually we will not need to leave our bodies in any way to bring forward spiritual information, as the distance between concepts, between worlds will fade. We will consciously remember past lives, human, alien and beyond. In this space we will be able to consciously play with our innate psychic abilities and interact with higher dimensional beings as we please.

This is our natural form all we are doing is simply grounding it into our 3d experience, once again.


Be Love

“Be Love” is written on the chalkboard in my kitchen, I put it there to remind me to act with love so much so that I actually become it. My feeling is that if I can hold love in my heart long enough and with great passion I will begin to disintegrate by resonant default all that is not love within me. I also feel as though by just holding “love” in your bioenergetic field you can basically immediately align with your highest expression. I know…this is ambitious. Anyway, all of this being love got me thinking about just how one can be love. What if we personified love? What would “Love” as a person act like? If we held love in our hearts and minds so tightly that it became our cells what would we act like? How would we treat others? How would we approach our jobs? How would we treat ourselves? We always hear about love as a concept, but what would it be like as a person?


Love is:


Connective, joining.

Steady, constant, flowing

Ascending Spirals/ Productivity



Love is open because it accepts everything, How can it not, it is everything. We perceive love as open because it is acknowledging itself in everything at all times.

Love is connective because love is the currency of the divine, it is how we interpret and experience divine energy. Divine energy is the foundation of all creation which means everything is connected, even when we consciously cannot understand the threads that do the joining. We find connections and synchronicities on a regular basis when we are reverberating love.

Love is steady, constant, and flowing. It is only when we are experiencing a distortion in our perspective that we are not flowing, or feel unsteady or inconsistent. Love in itself represents infinity, which our conscious minds then understand as consistent, steady flow. You seem to have the perfect amount of time to complete your tasks even if initially you may have felt rushed. You meet the right people at the exact right moment. Abundance always seems to surprise you in wonderful unexpected ways (and expected ones!). You are flowing!


Love is the motion of ascension, moving upwards and productivity in the highest form. Love is (evol)ution and when embodied it will always encourage you to gently move forward in your life. It encourages you to become lighter through releasing that which is not love and it is this process that we recognize as ascension. ** This is experienced as a forward and upward spiraling motion. You feel as though you are on a roll, you are expanding. You find your mind full of inspiration and insights come easily to you. The scenery in your life tends to change to match your upward motion, you move beyond patterns that no longer serve you, you feel more depth in life.

Love is flexibility as is understand that there is no real “wrong” or “mistake” in the world. All actions, even distorted ones are integrated and ultimately lead each individual back to their divine nature. This creates an environment of complete flexibility and acceptance, as flexibility and acceptance are different expressions of the same concept. This is when we become altruistic; we find beauty in all people and things. We realize that all people, places and things represent an aspect of ourselves and we honor that truth by yielding and becoming flexible. We go inward instead of projecting outward when we don’t understand.




Learning Love Through the Personification of Fear.


Sometimes in order to gain insight on a topic we must study its complete opposite or its distortion. In this case the distortion or opposite of love is fear and this is how fear is personified.


Separatist/ dividing

Disjointed, inconsistent

Descending spirals, downward motion.



Stuck, ruts, no movement. (Even in non movement such as meditation for example  if you place love in your heart there is always motion, there is always progress, there is movement even if it seems subtle to you.)


Fear is closed, our muscles close, constrict and become tight when we are in fear. Our mind closes and our heart closes as well. This constricting closing motion happened when consciously or unconsciously we have decided to vote for fear instead of love.


Fear is a separatist. It finds differences, builds walls and makes conditions and subscribes to heirachies. It never feels safe because it thinks it is in control it must control because it doesn’t realize that everything is connected. Fear believes we are all different and competing instead of all the same and working together.

Fear is disjointed there is no flowing when we are in fear. There are no synchronicities or brilliant insights. Fear is stagnant as it represents lack and paralysis. It is the bursts of love the pierce through a fearful mindset that produce movement. Fear causes stuckness, ruts, no movement. (Even in a state of non movement such as meditation for example  if you place love in your heart there is always motion, there is always progress, there is movement even if it seems subtle to you.)


Fear feels like descending spirals, moving downward or backward. Subtle at first, as fear often convinces you that it is protecting you, but eventually you are spiraling downward into the aspects of yourself that fear resonates forward. This is uncomfortable because this experience we call depression is when we are engrossed in ideas and feelings that are not real (scarcity, lack, ugliness, unworthiness). This not realness is painful to you as it is your emotional body letting you know to get the heck out of there. There is no difference between sinking into a depression and putting your hand on the element of a hot stove. Emotional pain is the same as physical pain in that way. Pick a happy thought, spiral upward! Take your hand off the hot stove for god sake!


When we are in fear we become Brittle, we break (down) easily, we are on the verge of tears, or anger, or whatever expression of heart in-continuity is being released. There is no flexibility or openness or acceptance. When we are off balance we are desperately trying to create a situation in our lives that will bring us back into balance. We see this when we become irritable, grumpy, or moody, this is emotional brittleness.


Fear is frigidity. Love is expansive; it challenges you to become bigger than you are, more than you are. Fear challenges you to become smaller than you are, to take less than you deserve, and live in an overly modest way. Frigidity is rooted in a fear of expansion, a fear of potential and a mistrust of your own ability to achieve things in life.


When we understand how love express’ itself through us we can begin monitoring our behavior to make sure we are thinking, acting and feeling from a place of love. Love can be abstract and difficult to understand, as it is a multidimensional concept being squeezed into a 3D Earthy paradigm. However when we personify it, ground it into how it would behave as a human expression we can relate to it. We can use it as an alchemical tool. When you know how love behaves and how fear behaves you can clearly see that a certain action is rooted in fear or in love, it becomes obvious.  You can feel whether an emotion is restrictive or expansive, separating or joining, accepting or resisting, painful or peaceful. It is not about avoiding fear by naively ignoring it and hoping it will go away, it is about actively acknowledging that you are running a fear-based paradigm and injecting love right into the core of it. This means becoming a warrior (ruthless, disciplined and fearless) if you have to, as doing this (choosing love over fear) is one of the bravest things we can do as human beings. 

       When you know the root of the thought or the emotion you become empowered. You can either perpetuate the sensation or choose a better one. You can feel confident in knowing that all manifestation is rooted in the feeling that YOU choose in that moment. The main reason we hang onto fear-based paradigms is because we don’t realize that are fear based! Bring realization to each moment in order use each second as a surge of powerful heart energy pulling in your highest potential with the effortless grace of a magnet.



** Sidenote** Holding love in your body this much is apparently a powerful detox, as all that is not love DOES resonate right out of you, which can be difficult to endure. You watch patterns that you felt were once keeping you safe reveal themselves to be traitors! You feel silly and vulnerable for letting them live in you for so long.  The vibration of Love isn’t all rainbows and butterflies; it insists that all aspects of your being align with it in order to play. It lightens the heavy and illuminates the dark so much that they cannot co-exist. Transmutation must occur.

Love makes you a warrior while fear makes you a prisoner.