Do it Like it’s Your Job…Now.

Do it like it’s your job.

So, you have a hobby or an activity that you love to do. You would love to transition into it full time and be financially supported for your efforts. Perhaps you have been “trying” to do so but you just can’t seem to make the transition. What is missing?

This is a very common process when it comes to stepping into our hearts work. It seems as though intuitively we know exactly what to do but when it comes to actually grounding it we fall short. On reason why this happens is because we are not building the structure in our lives for it to actually physically manifest. When we think about the word “structure” we think of something physical that frames, contains or that can be built upon. That said, it is important to expand our view of structure and apply it to the non-physical world as well, the world of emotions, mind and spirit. We have non physical structures in use at all times, these structures determine how and what we manifest; our manifestations become physical and real when there is proper structure developed to support them, and not a moment sooner. You must have the paradigms and habits in place before the goal can be manifested in your life. One of the best ways to create a sound structure to manifest through is to become seriously disciplined when it comes to your goals. When you can do this so much so that you actually approach your hobby as though it already is your job, it will become your job.




If we want to manifest what we love to do as our job, which means being financially supported by it and potentially acknowledged on some level for it, you must do it like it already is. When you do that you create a grounded framework for whatever you are creating to manifest into. Many times we are so close to manifesting our desires that we forget the last step: To honor them by creating a discipline in our lives for them to take form. Lack of self discipline is a huge reason why we never seem to manifest what we need. It is as though we expect them to magically appear in front of us without actually creating a new behavioral pattern to support it.

At its core discipline represents a readiness for the unreal to become real. Energetically discipline creates the structure, or the framework for the subtle energy of spirit to become solid. Once you create a new pattern via discipline and dedication the dream that you are working towards will come to fruition.

In my own experience I wanted to work with people and write full time. At first I did not respect my dream, I put is aside constantly. I would put my paid job above it and I would also reschedule my time to work on these projects around other people’s plans.  I did this because I didn’t take it seriously I thought that because I wasn’t earning money yet, it wasn’t valid. I felt that because it was a “side project” in comparison to my friends and family’s schedule I had to sacrifice it for someone’s else’s plans, especially if it was their paid job.

What was this behavior and belief system creating energetically around me? Invalidity. Unimportance.

What did my higher self say? She isn’t ready for the responsibility of this; if she were she would be prioritizing this and more dedicated to it. The higher-self see’s no boundaries between un-manifested energy and the material world.  It just responds to whether or not you have created the structure to actually bring the manifestation through. You will not be able to bring something through in the the physical unless you can handle it. Ask yourself: Am I balanced enough? If not where can I bring my awareness and balance in order to create space and structure.

The truth is you cannot simultaneously want to create change in your life and then treat the process of creating that change as secondary. You can say all day and all night that you want to change careers, or whatever else your heart is whispering to you, but if you can’t create structure for those goals through making them a serious priority you will not be achieving them.


That was a little tough love there, but I’m feeling pretty passionate today, so…

Action Steps!

1) Set aside time each day or at least each couples days to do what its is you love. If you feel you do not have the time that can represent a lack of passion for the project, or a fear of what the project will change in their life when it is manifest (we fear our power).  Make this time non-negotiable. Act like it is paid. Do not plan over it, plan around it.

2) If you your pursuit is creative and you feel blocked and unproductive instead of doing another task unrelated to your “hobby” sit in silence and honor the process of your creation for the allotted time or as long as you feel necessary. This shows the universe or your higher-self that you are ready and you are not going to abandon your process even though it gets hard. This action is perhaps more powerful then doing the creative project itself.

3) Expect growth. Whenever you seriously invest in your hearts direction you get serious results to match. Understand that opportunities will come in the exact way they need to in order to support your expansion.  You may not know how or when, but dedication to your heart is money in the bank or abundance knocking on your door.

4) If you are not getting results. Ask your higherself where you need to bring balance and space, listen for its answer, be aware of its guidance. It is that simple. All the answers you need, all the steps you need to take are inside your heart waiting for you to realize they’re there.

2 thoughts on “Do it Like it’s Your Job…Now.

  1. This post helped me (and is continuing to help me) tremendously!

    It’s so crazy how every one of your posts relates to something I’m currently going through. It’s truly amazing!

  2. Your recent blogs have been synchronistically exactly what I needed to hear. This one in particular struck a chord. I know there are no coincidences. I’m doing my best to trust and take action. Thanks.

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