Resonance Determines the Who, What, Where in Your Life.

I have been inspired as of late to write a series of essays on the 5th dimensional relationship. What is that? It is a relationship that is experienced from a place of higher dimensional consciousness. It means we choose to react from a place of love rather than ego, from a 5th dimensional place rather than a 3.d place. This means that we choose to use relationships as a tool to transcend patterns rather than as crutches. It also means we flow with our relationships instead of trying to control them. We allow them to serve their purpose even though we may not fully understand what is happening all the time. By default if we chose to be love in the most difficult situations the best we can we will be with our flow and therefore magnetically pulling in the best scenario for all involved.



Resonance determines the who, what, where in your life.

Let resonance create chemistry and let it also slough what no longer serves you away. We destroy many of our relationships because we do not trust our own personal magnetism to draw in and release people according to our frequency. When you focus on expressing yourself, loving yourself you love others, they in turn help you celebrate life. Perhaps they are soul mates who you connect with for the rest of your life or maybe they are more transient and you move out of each others vibrational spectrum. Either way, it is not about your mind logically deciding based on your past it’s about your resonance deciding based on where you are right now. This determination is based on subtle energetic frequencies that your mind cannot actually fully comprehend. These subtle frequencies are connected to the subconscious mind and the higher self which means they have a much deeper understanding of what you need.


Your personal resonance, or your vibrational frequency,  is directly connected to your emotional body, your mind and your spirit. That means that when someone does fall away your emotions, mind,and spirit will support that by you feeling good, or at least a sense of relief. Your higherself will communicate with your conscious mind by giving you synchronicities that support that decision.


Making a decision from your mind is most likely based on the hurts from the past and avoiding certain fears about the future. Allowing the natural magnetism to attract and repel what you need for your journey is practicing a 5th dimensional relationship. Yes, it is lofty and idealistic, but there is no need to struggle in your relationship. If you feel it may no longer serve you it will eventually become obvious and you can let it go. Let it become obvious though as that means it has integrated into your conscious mind and will be easier to let go. If it is still growing you, and inspiring you nurture it, be open and in-joy your connection.

Know that by releasing people in our lives we create space for others that are within our spectrum of resonance, we then can experience growth and expansion. If people need to be released it is because they are no longer within your vibrational range. Understand that as we attract people into our lives they are like medicine, they are there to teach us about ourselves so we can heal ourselves. It means that they are within your spectrum and have the potential to help you integrate lessons to continue to take on a higher vibrational frequency.

3 thoughts on “Resonance Determines the Who, What, Where in Your Life.

  1. I really could have appreciated this post’s perspective decades ago when I was a younger person. It is, nevertheless, equally valuable or perhaps more so now. These things I think we know inside even when we find ourselves in the midst of the action or “under the wheel” if I may resort to metaphor. Thanks for the effort towards clarity. The gift is not in vain.

  2. reading this today was a synchronicity. I am separating from my husband. lots of anxiety and fears about the future esp finances kept me from not letting go of the relationship. I am taking the steps now to set myself free, and release the relationship….woo hoo! nothing like acting from your spirit’s highest calling! feels great, so grateful!

  3. Hi Gigi,

    Thanks for your wonderful post again.
    It`s unbelievable that your post was a confirmation for me that I should really continue what I really love. I did some steps, but hesitate time by time to do the next step as my thoughts interfere in the process.

    I remember when I was an exchange student where we partied more than studied as this was normal there. I remember at one stage I saw myslef useless and bored of doing that so I just started to draw. It was something I remember drew all of my feelings out of myself. I loved to do it for hours. Then I went back to my own university and got back to the busy student life where I stopped the drawing. After 9 years of work I am at that stage of my life where I worked so much and honestly that people started to abuse me then I arrived to a point where I quit my jobs at least 3 times always in a nice way still caring for those who were kind of abusing me( I know I created it for myself as I always felt bad if I could not please someone). I feel like I am useless even though I am working ( not what I really love, but at least I can controll it ).
    Then I think now it`s not a bad thing as the universe just wants to put me on the right track if I say no again I might quit an other job a 4th time and things, situations will repeat themselves until I don`t see their meaning, but if I listen to intuiton an my gut I will have a much easier way to get where my oversoul wants to take my soul.
    I keep drawing even though I don`t know where I will go with it and how what I will get with it. I still keep it as a secret I feel still some people could discourage me in this stage to stop doing it and I don`t want it. It just feels right to do it with some people.
    I just love to draw. I really enjoy to do it, sometimes new ideas show up and it also clears my mind. I feel connected to the universe withouth thinking who I am or what and why I am doing it. The drawing for me which cleans my mind and feeds my soul. I feel something similar when I dream sometimes and I feel really refreshed after I wake up.
    There is a part of that feeling which is like an intuiton or more than that something which says I am right, being completely myslef aligned with my heart.

    How do you feel Gigi when you are writing? Have you ever felt something similar when you dreamt?

    Because when I read your post something comes to my mind and when I read it again it gives me another idea or thought which makes me understand something else, kind of eye opening and always resonating with me.
    It`s the same thing when I am drawing and even after looking at my picture which is maybe nothing for others if they look at them I don`t know, but for me it`s very refreshing, you know just like when you look at some crystals.
    I have some colorful crystal looking cubes at the window and with the sunlight they change their color in almost every second. This, Gigi`s post and for me drawing can create thoughts, ideas for me which really resonate with me.
    The same thing when I go to nature I see a squirrel and thoughts come up and when you look at them you can really say they are emotion based or they are there because you really let them come in the flow.

    wzorg —Is never too late, one moment life seems to be difficult with obstacles and in an other moment if you let them go the flow will bring you to a point where you see just only one opportunity then a lots of them and then you start to do everything will go perfectly in harmony. You will see it`s magic, but at the end it`s you who created it. Then you are the magic just like Gigi and everyone else who writes here seem to be like in the flow, synchronicities show up just like for Meredith as everything has energy which is based on love here. Just a little love attracts more and more love just like as you, Gigi wrote in her other post WE ARE FLOWERS.

    Sorry for the long comment, but I love that Gigi`s post inspired me and just wanted to let my thoughts go without setting an intention to do it for a reason or oh my gosh what is it gonna happen. But now as I am writing about it honestly I started to think that I destroy Gigi`s post as my comment is longer than her post. Just let my thoughts go as I felt it`s the right thing to do. I hope you don`t mind, but if yes let me know please.

    Thank you

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