Why is it that Snakes and dragons represent wisdom?

Question from: Chris McG17.

This will be one of a series of answers to questions about reptilians. I’m a little sleepy so please excuse any errors (business as usual). 😉 .

Why is it that Snakes and dragons represent wisdom?


Reptiles, are a more logical expression of source energy.  Mammals and humans have more of an emotional element to their base vibrational structure compared to reptilian beings. This means that from our perspective reptiles have the ability to have more “wisdom” in the logical realm. There is a palpable level of distance between reptilian beings and other life forms, this distance gives them objectivity and the ability to process facts and understand patterns in the universe in a very black and white way. Their emotional bodies are under developed compared to mammalian-based species. This is not a bad thing, or worse in any way as reptilian structures (bodies and consciousness) gave way to the mammalian structures we use today. Each expression plays a valid and equal role in experiencing and expressing divine energy.


Naturally reptilian based consciousness is a storehouse for logic based information as that is their expression point. Mamillian based beings are just as wise in their own way, they express more emotional wisdom when compared to reptilian based beings, and they represent a bridging of the emotions and mind. This bridging helps balance karmic experiences in the past where beings were very emotional or very logical by nature.

The mammalian based humanoid activates and holds intense power within the heart chakra as that is a point in their bodies where the mind and emotion become balanced and it is through that point that much of their power emerges. This can be a point of great transcendence. For reptilian humanoids they have a very awakened mental chakra or third chakra, it is instinctual with highly developed mental abilities. As this mental chakra is highly active their bio-energetic field, or soul matrix becomes very natural at recording logic based information we humans began to perceive them and label them as wisdom keepers. We see them as cold, cold blooded and cold as in the obvious void in the ability to respond or relate in an emotional way to us.


This Reptillian is wearing a muscle shirt:


4 thoughts on “Why is it that Snakes and dragons represent wisdom?

  1. I’m not sure how wise snakes really are. I once had a pet garter snake, it was the most foolish creature I had ever met. It kept getting itself tied up in knots.
    I’m not sure I grasp your ideas here, Gigi. First, what is wisdom? How does it differ from intelligence or cleverness? I’m not happy with human beings, but yet, I must admit that only they can posses wisdom, in the”ancient Chinese secret” sense. Now it does seem that wisdom requires a fair amount of self-awareness and self-reflection. By contrast, animals have incredible instincts, one might perceive this as an endowment of Nature’s wisdom, but wisdom as we really understand it involves ethics and morality, not merely predation and altruism. I have yet to meet one of Prof. Icke’s reptilian humanoids, so I cannot comment about that. But I have noticed that with every return visit to the zoo, I have grown increasingly more suspicious of crocodiles. I believe that Hammer Studios once made a horror film called the Reptile, which was slightly better than the Kiss of the Vampire. ( Incidentally, a great movie – one of my favourites is Bell, Book, and Candle, starring Jimmy Stewart and Kim Novak…anybody into magic and romance should watch this.)

    In any event, the snake is taken as a symbol for wisdom in the East because it represents the human spine; and hence the Kundalini energy. One might even make the case that it is a phallic symbol as well, related to sexual energy. In the Eastern tradition, wisdom is often associated with mysticism. In the West, by contrast, dragons and snakes often symbolism the ego, or inner demons. At least this is what Joseph Campbell thinks. Many fairy stories feature knights rescuing a maiden from the clutches of a dragon : a psychoanalytic interpretation might run thus: to find true love, one must kill the selfish-ego in oneself.

    Yours Truly,

  2. What the Snake-Charmer said.

    I get the sense that if they were to evolve into warm-blooded creatures instead of existing in a fear-based paradigm, they might question the value of some of their wisdom.

  3. Hi Gigi,

    Thanks for this post. It`s so true what you are saying.
    It made me wonder about the turtles and crocodiles, lizards. They are reptiles as well. They have different energy than the snakes. Actually when I touched a big tropical tree a lizard licked my finger and I saw a sea turtle swimming beside me they made me think they are like other beings who just came to show and bring us to other dimensions. They carry some kind of wisdom, secret what other animals don`t.
    What do you think about turtles, crocodiles, lizards?
    Are they different than the snakes, dragons?
    Do they have different energies?
    Whhy are they here with us?


  4. There is a Zulu shaman, Credo Mutwa, who says he’s had personal experiences with an E.T. reptilian race. The way he described them seemed convincing; what they looked like, how they smelled… it’s just bizarre to think that they actually exist. Even if they wear muscle shirts haha.

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