Why are reptilians considered royalty?

Request(tion) from Chris 

Why are reptilians considered royalty?

They are not, no more than any other being. Reptilians that are in ego consider themselves royalty as the reptilian race  is “older” than the mammal races. It is an egoic perspective. Once those reptilians evolve beyond the egoic belief in hierarchy and judgement they will come to see all species as equal, unique, valid expressions of source energy.

Reptilians can also experience a great deal of fear about the emotional expression that mammal based life forms have. It is different than them, and that is scary, so they become threatened and insecure and find ways to elevate themselves in order to balance that insecurity.

We are all royalty. We are all perfect whether we believe to live in that truth or not.





Do all reptillians gravitate towards power good or bad?




All beings gravitate towards power, as connecting with our personal power is clearly a strong theme in our lives. It is every beings lesson to learn to go within for power instead of dominating/ manipulating others for it. Reptilian beings seem more “intense” about it because they don’t have a highly developed emotional body where compassion and empathy are rooted.



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