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“Your life is like a river. If you are aiming for a goal that isn’t your destiny you will always be swimming against the current.”

What is the deal with Destiny? Is it fixed, flexible or * gasp * both!


We struggle with the concept of destiny because we want to understand it in a linear logical way. We want it to make sense the way we can make a math equation make sense, we can plug numbers in and get a solid answer and completely understand the process of getting that answer. Destiny on the other hand is a multi dimensional concept so in order to understand it we must release linear thought and expectations and observe it as multi-dimensional and multifaceted phenomenon in our lives.

Destiny Within Destiny.

To understand the multi dimensional nature of “destiny” we can look at how it applies to our everyday lives. In our incarnational experience we have a few ways we can look at destiny. One being our “gross destiny” and the other being our “subtle destiny”, essentially we are experiencing destiny within destiny, a beautiful example of the holographic and cyclical nature of the universe. We do not really have one destiny we have a gross destiny, which is like a theme to our incarnation and then a series of subtle destinies that are available to us each moment, if we should chose them.


How do we experience our destiny? Where does that pull or “flow” come from?

As the quote so eloquently points out destiny can be experienced as a “flow” like a river. It is safe to say that we are either flowing with the river or pushing against it. We are either walking in step with our destiny or resisting it. We experience the sensation of our destiny (I like to think that destiny is a sensation) with our hearts. Our heart is the way station between the different aspects of our consciousness; it joins the emotional body, the mental body and the spiritual body. It translates their languages and perceptions into sensations and knowings for your conscious mind to interpret and hopefully at some point express. Our destiny(s) lie within the genius of our heart. The more you learn to listen and connect with its energy the better you get at aligning with your flow, your river of destiny.

So, in short, our destiny is something we can feel with our hearts.


More about Gross Destiny and Subtle Destiny.


Getting back to the destiny within destiny concept we can divide our destiny into different categories (just for fun).  We have our gross destiny, which is accomplished simply by you incarnating on this planet and experiencing life. We also have our subtle destiny which is more connected to the timelines we chose to merge with in this lifetime. Our gross destiny is fixed while our subtle destiny shifts in accordance to what future we are aligning with at the moment.


Gross Destiny

Your gross destiny is the force that you incarnated onto this planet through. It represents your overall life themes and rough goals. It is loose and generally refers to the direction your soul will take in this life time, such as: Artist, Engineer, Caretaker, Addict, Abandonment, Rejection, Etc. These gross themes or destinies will become obvious in your life time as you have charted them for yourself to experience them. In that sense they are your destiny.

Subtle Destiny

Within your gross destiny is your subtle destiny. This destiny is related to the timelines we choose to merge with and the lives we manifest around us. It is the physical manifestation of our gross destinies. It is more specific and it feels like we have more conscious control over it. It seems as though this destiny is ever changing as we shift our vibrational frequency. For example your gross destiny may be to be an artist in this lifetime and your subtle destiny is how you express yourself as an artist.  You incarnated here with a fixed gross destiny to experience life in an artistic way, however, it is your choice how you flow with that destiny and express it in the world around you.  We have many different subtle destinies available to us at once. We can choose the destiny we want by maintaining a vibrational frequency that matches the destiny we wish to experience.


In other words destiny is both fixed and flowing. We have certain themes/ personality traits we incarnate with yet it is our choice to what degree we live up to the spirit that is inside us. We can see this when we look at children; even though they are “new” they each have their own unique personalities and even talents. We have a choice whether to flow with our fixed gross destiny or flow against it. The degree in which we flow with it is our subtle destiny.


A few more notes about destiny

It is also important to note that simply by incarnating here we have achieved a great deal, you are already automatically achieving your destiny.

You do not need to uncover your destiny it is not hidden, you simply need to allow it to work through you.

Destiny is not one path. You have many paths to choose from that are all in line with your destiny. All paths are OK all experience is used and valid.

A good indicator of whether or not you are flowing with your destiny is whether or not you are happy. If you are not particularly happy that is generally a sign you are on some level resisting your innate flow.



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