The Germination Process

Let it germinate.


Our human process’ follow the patterns and rhythms of the universe. We can look at how plants, and animals come to be on this planet from an idea or urge, to clusters of small cells all the way into complex organisms. This evolution can also be compared to our manifestation process. We begin with an idea, this idea expands and we begin grounding it into this reality with conscious action, until eventually the idea takes root and begins taking on a personality of its own.


If at any time during its transitional period the organism is disturbed there is a risk that it will not fully grow into its original potential or die completely. The germination period of any creation is imperative to the overall outcome of its manifested form. We can see with when we disturb a seed that is beginning to germinate. If we were to tear open the chrysalis of a butterfly as it was in the middle of its metamorphosis it would not survive.




Our ideas and even our projects from the heart and very similar to this. Like the seed our projects and ideas need time and space to take root in our life.  As they lay in the cocoon of our hearts they begin weaving threads in our subconscious mind. These threads become ideas and direction which if we follow we can help the project grow.  If we speak about our intentions we are attempting to add form to something that is still formless. This seemingly harmless act can stifle the germination in your heart and your passion for the idea will as a result fade away.  It is not that speaking about your dreams is a bad thing; it is more that adding expectations and trying to add too much detail will potentially inhibit the innate purpose and direction of what you are creating. Every spark of creation that we manifest into our reality has a purpose beyond what we can even envision for it- in fact it would take a quantum leap in consciousness to truly understand the role its manifestation plays in our life.


Although this seems very sad, the good news is the minute you “lose” one project another equally valid concept is already forming in the space where the old one was. Your potential is limitless. Your ability to create is powerful beyond measure.


Once you begin to get a feel for the rhythm of birthing a creation from an idea to a reality you begin to develop the ability to expand on that process. You start to be able to hold more than one concept seriously in your heart as the more trusting of the process you become the energy you originally had fighting it can now be used to help it.


Happy Manifesting!



3 thoughts on “The Germination Process

  1. Hi gigi , im a 40 year old starseed , im absolutely passionless and like to do nothing at all , horrible with people and society , very very sensitive to everything , crazy about space and ufos and have a huge huge love for spirituality , sufism , divinity and related subjects , i dream about flying and comminicating to the source of love via animals , like birds , i have a strong will to cure people with cancer , i love people very much but cant tolarate being with them , im waiting for my path to be showned , an enlightened person just told me that i just have to be in this world and do nothing , please tell me my dear jiji whats going on with my weird life ? love you so much , bye ory .toronto,

    • ory, I think you did a very good job of describing my situation as well, with the exception that I’m ok around people… though highly sensitive to lower frequency energies. I’m curious to find out what GiGi’s response will be.

  2. Hi Baby,

    Real groovy post. Sticking with the butterfly metaphor, I should say only :

    All ideas are little butterflies trying to float their way up from the darkness to the light. Genius is the butterfly collector – ”La chasse aux papillons” – a keen lepidopterologist; he catches and collects – but must wait in silence for the chrysalis to hatch, else his soul lies barren, bereft of color and splendour.

    ( P.S. It was a pleasant surprise to see the lovely photos of butterflies entering the world, especially since I had been rehearsing an Iron Butterfly song today. Moreover, as reptiles have been on my mind for some days, thanks to your posts, it was an additional pleasure to be presented today with a bearded lizard named Matilda, – a friend of a friend could not keep her any longer : nobody wanted her; I took one look at her and said : “Alas, Royalty! She’s mine.” )

    Yours Truly,
    Michael Michael

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