Meditation Tips and the Pineal Gland.

Hi Gigi!

I have recently found your videos and find them really inspiring. Also I find you do a great job of explaining things. Thank you! I was wondering if you could do a video on meditation and what sort of things you should be noticing so you know you are on the right track. If you could also do a separate video or maybe integrate it with the meditation video on the third eye. How it works, how to know if you really are seeing through it and how to develop it. I have to thank you again for helping me realize that I am a clairsentient and an empath. I was always unsure of my way of thinking. That could also be a video on how to develop those skills. I feel like more and more people are becoming aware.


Thanks Gigi!

Thank YOU Justin.

Meditation. How do you know you are on the right track?

Meditation is something that is built upon over time, regular practice allows you to dramatically raise your frequency, as when the filters of the mind are ignored (to the best of your ability) other parts of your being light up with excitement. You are finally synching with who you truly are, you are tapping into the place within your own consciousness where the entire universe lives.

Spiritual Thresholds

As we evolve in our meditation practice we experience cycles of expansion and “ruts” as this cycle of expansion and contraction represents the driving force of the universe, it represents progression and evolution. You are on the right track if you have experienced these cycles. Typically they feel like the rush of inspiration, synchronicites, and other sensations of alignment followed by the feeling of being disconnected or no activity what so ever. This can be discouraging for many as we love the feeling of expansion, and when it stops we feel as though we have done something wrong. If you are in a rut with your meditation practice consider it ironic harmony, the best kind of harmony. Know that you are on the right track. You have simply come across a threshold, a vibrational membrane within your own consciousness that represents you going beyond where you have never gone before. You experience this quantum leap as a “rut” or deep feeling of inactivity. You are moving into new territory, congratulations!

How do you go beyond a rut?

By persevering and continuing to practice and surrender deeper even though you may not “feel” as connected. Many times ruts are simply our calling to continue to explore peace and joy even though our environment seems to not support it. The truth of the matter is that a great deal of your energy is preparing you and your environment for expansion, there is so much going on behind the scenes on the deeper level within you that your conscious mind feels starved of inspiration. Much of your energy that once went to your conscious expansion has now slipped behind your awareness to pull energy down from the higher dimensions to expand again. This time of apparent inaction spiritually in our lives is ironically one of the most active times, as this is the time where your manifestations are being prepared in order to be grounded during your next expansion wave.

You are on the right track if you are not seeing your guides, or having a mind blowing experience.

Many of the people who I work with express frustration with their meditation practice, as they approach it with expectations. How it is supposed to feel, the amazing, fantastic visions and sensations that are going to wash over them, the inevitable introduction to their guides or E.T family. The truth is meditation depends on you surrendering in the deepest way you possibly can. We cannot fully experience our higher vibrational reality when we are running the mind, which is the aspect of humanity that was designed to keep us grounded here, in 3d physicality. So, that said you are on the right track if you are underwhelmed by your experience. Enjoying meditation, and being good at it comes from zero expectations and the willingness to embrace nothingness.

Meditation and the Pineal Gland

The pineal glad is the physical part of our body that we associate with clairvoyance, the interpretation of spiritual information visually. It is extremely helpful to know that our bodies have tiny alarm clocks within them. These alarm clocks sound when we meet and push through our spiritual thresholds (mentioned above), they awaken triggers within us ,when they sound our psychic glands fire up the ones we know about as well as the etheric ones we are not consciously aware of. Many people actually experience this triggering and integration as a ringing in the ears, or a vibrating sensation within the body. So, when it comes to meditating directly on the opening of a gland, it is not entirely neccessary unless you really enjoy it. All of your psychic organs, all of your potential will come forward, automatically as you raise you vibration, whether you focus on it or not. It is automatic, you were designed to be transcendental beings. You were were created to physically climb the vibrational scale of ascension. So, surrender, open up as wide as you can, and enjoy the ride, it is effortless.

You are on the right track if it feels something like this:

and this:

Happy Meditating.

“I Feel Taken for Granted.”


I am practicing being love and open and accepting but sometimes I feel as though I am being taken for granted. How do I know when I am being “walked on” by others?


The first thing that needs to be addressed in this question is the feeling of being walked on or the feeling of being taken advantage of. If you are feeling this way or like a victim in any way you are not coming from a place of balance, you are not experiencing reality rooted in your divine nature. Chances are you have quietly oscilated into a fear based paradigm and have not realized it until now– until you feel crappy. It is an important moment in our self development when we realize that we have a choice in the perspectives we take. Life doesn’t happen to us, it happens through the filters of our consciousness which can be mainly rooted in our divine nature or the ego.

The simple truth is that it is impossible to be “walked on” when we are connected to our heart (where our divine self shines) and living strongly from its resonance. What you are feeling is based in fear and rooted in a belief that someone has the ability to actually be above you in some way, which is not possible. Perhaps the best way to release this feeling is to reposition yourself emotionally and mentally into a heart based frequency.  Your heart, what we recognize as the heart, is the transcendent place where our physical bodies and our physical experience meets our spirit. From this space there is a fullness that reminds you that you are good enough and that we are all uniquely the same- no one is above you or below you. It is one thing to hear this and another entirely to feel this and act from it. Our hearts reverberate the laws of the universe through us so we can feel and act in alignment with them.

We must be aligned with our hearts, or we can easily confuse “love” with weakness or not having boundries. Also keep in mind that the vibration of love cannot be fully felt or expressed through the fear-based filters of the ego mind. The ego will distort experiences in order to “protect” you. It does not have the direct ability to process higher dimensional information, guidance or the subtle energetic exchanges that happen day to day.

 We blindly run our thoughts through outdated ego paradigms 

The premise of being taken advantage of in anyway can be traced back to paradigms that are rooted in the ego mind. The egoic mind encourages you to experience life through its favourite templates: hierarchy and competition, especially in regards to relationships. The egoic mind is primitive, it is a store house for all human past experiences and it specializes in fear- for your safely of course ;). The ego remembers a time long ago when our survival did depend on things like where we fit in the hierarchy of our tribe, and our ability to compete for resources or love. It goes without saying that we live in a different time now, where the old fear based survival structures of the ego are no longer as applicable. It is our challenge now to see these paradigms and the thoughts and feelings that arise from them for what they are: outdated. There is a huge amount of high vibrational cosmic energy being funneled into our consciousness at this time and holding onto old paradigms of the ego is going to become increasingly painful. So, let it go, let it go. It may not feel “safe” to venture outside of what we already know, but the truth is our happiness and expansion can be felt the deepest when we have the courage to do just that.

So, how can we go beyond the ego mind and fall into the heart?

Minute by minute, millimeter by millimeter choosing the heart instead of the ego. Feeling the emotions and physical sensations associated with the heart, not because an outside influence made you react that way, consciously feeling them. These emotions and sensations are: Ease, gentle expansion, opening in the heart, warmth, love, flow, peace, joy, tranquility etc. Basically consciously and purposely introducing emotions and sensations that are on the higher end of the emotional scale. We must begin speaking its language again and moving within its radiance. The mind must gently and patiently be re-introduced to the heart so they can work in tandem, the way they were designed, the way they are supposed to. This will not happen over night and it will not be perfect, but, you will experience a deep sense of satisfaction and progress for having the dedication to do so.

So I guess it all just boils  down to slowly but surely over-riding and re-programming by choosing to over-ride the scared child in our minds in favor of the prophet that whispers in our hearts.