How do I decide?!

Hello Ms. Young,

I hope this is not asking to much of you to answer, but I know from watching your older videos that you use to do a lot of traveling. I am currently taking education in school and soon will be taking my English as a second language course where I hope to make a career out of. My question to you is how does one decide what would be the best path to be chosen when it comes to choosing where to spend ones greater days.



Hello Corey,

Great question. I am still waking up from my enormous holiday food coma, but I will do my best to answer this.

Travelling was huge for me, I spent most of my late teens and twenties travelling completely on my own. There is no doubt in my mind that those experiences beautiful and, um, ugly shaped who I am. Travelling, alone especially, allows you to truly meet yourself as you are not being influenced by the environment that has come to represent you. Travelling allows us to discover who we are apart from the paradigms and roles people project onto us. We get to escape into another world where we have the momentum to release aspects of us that no longer serve us. Our roles and duties can be a fog that keep us from clearly seeing who we really are. When we detach from the labels of our home: being the father, brother, artist, wife, the person who is good at fixing things, the one who is a weirdo etc. we are free to explore who we truly are. We are free to grow in the direction that we choose, clear of the pull of who we think we should be. We do not feel the pressure to be the way we always have been because, well, it doesn’t exist unless we put it on ourselves. This can be an opportunity to build new roots if you chose, it goes without saying that this can be quite a terrifying process if we are not ready to release our identification with these roles. So congratulations on your opportunities to become an adventurer!

In regards to your question about what places to travel to as you plan your journey, I say, allow each place to roll around in your heart for a while. Feel it out. Decisions are meant to be played with.

In reality each place will give you exactly what you need, but one will have a slightly stronger resonance. This is an opportunity for you to hone your heart listening skills. Also, keep in mind that you will have the opportunity to travel to many places with your education in ESL, so this first trip can be the first of many if you so choose.

Whenever I need to make a decision I allow each option to fill my consciousness. I imagine doing it, what it would feel like there, how I would feel there, what I could be doing. This is mainly educated guess-work but its not about being accurate, it is about saturating your mind with the option enough for your heart to give you details about how you really feel about it. When that happens specific fears and benefits related to that option will become more obvious to you. Do that honestly with each option and one opportunity will reveal itself to be more aligned with who you are and where you are right now. If it is not obvious yet, try to create some space by dis-engaging your mind, as you cannot receive higher guidance very easily when you are in your head.

Also, once you set the intention to receive an answer the universe, or your higherself, will show it to you. It will give you synchronicities and hints, as it will always echo your highest path back to you.

Know that the right choice will feel solid inside you, you will feel chemistry with it, drawn to it, even if it is just a flash. If you do not feel that, if it is not obvious, it just needs more time to bake inside you. Things may need to unwind a little before you feel solid, and that is ok. Lastly,  Be aware If it is your mind/ ego that has decided, you may feel excitement but it will feel shallow and hollow, as it is our hearts that make things deep and full.



Dec. 21 2012

I have recieved quite a few questions about today, so I thought I would take the time to write this to help bring forward as many pieces of the puzzle as possible. 

Todays alignment represents a threshold within the collective consciousness of this planet. This threshold represents a great leap into our hearts. It represents humanity moving into a vibrational space where they can hold more light and therefore grow to embody more and more of their own potential. Sometimes as physical beings we put so much weight into physical form,  by default we interpret things as physical when in reality they are referring to a more spiritual impact. Today is about the alignments that will happen within our etheric bodies due to the planetary alignment that is occurring as our etheric bodies are directly connected to the planetary bodies of the solar system we have incarnated into. All inspiration and all change occurs in the non-physical realm first then then percolates downward, that said, as today is a big day etherically the reverberations of the stillness, peace and openness we hold today will reverberate back down to use as they compress and ground into our physical reality.


As for your requests for specific rituals, I would guide you to do what feels good to you. Whether you do a ritual or not does not matter, what does matter is how deeply you can hold peace…how you hold yourself  emotionally, who you spend you time with, and what thought paradigms you are running through your head.

Cosmic Snapshot

Today is like a cosmic snapshot where the frequency you are today will become the foundation from which you build upon in a big way, more so than other days. The alignment is a great magnifier, and as it occurs, a cosmic imprint will send waves throughout the universe, eventually those waves will reverberate back to you. This will be happening on a much greater scale from here on out and today is the first snapshot wave and therefore the one that will have the most intense impact on us. This pattern of deep mirroring waves of our own bio-energetic fields will continue in the years to come.

So, hold a calm, peaceful heart, be at ease. Surrender to the moment, fall into it and allow the planetary alignment happen inside you. Release the mind as much as possible so you can see into other worlds, it will be much easier to see beyond your filters today. Surround yourself in silence for a while and/or place yourself around good people who you resonate deeply with. Eat good food and drink wild water. As the alignment occurs above us alignments within are to take place, allow your spiritual spine to straighten so you can stand tall in the new year.

Tomorrow is just as awesome.

If you do none of the above, that is OK too as today is simply the threshold for a momentum that will carry through into the years to come. Dec. 22 is just as important as Dec.21st. Dec 21st is just an opportunity to celebrate and feel alignment on a much deeper level if you so choose. It is setting the tone for the expansion based years to come.

Happy Age of Aquarius Day!


The Law Of Karma.

Dear Gigi,


What is the Law of Karma?  What is the most efficient way to release negative Karma?


Much love,



Our understanding of Karma is evolving.


Karma is an interesting concept, to say the least. It has been grounded, written about, spoken about for thousands of years and like any spiritual concept it has evolved to have its own personality on this planet. However, as it is a truth it has deep roots in universal law, and that means, in its consistency, it can be re-explored and re-born just as we are. It can take new shape as humanity shifts in its awareness, culture, and language.


Mua ha ha ha. Karma WILL get you!


The law of karma is the law of balance. It is not some vindictive universal law that looms down on us judging or punishing.That is an idea that came about when we were more primitive in our mindset and spirituality was more about condemning and control. We projected our own judgemental attitudes onto the law of karma. Our view of the universal laws are always through the filter of our own mind and current experience level. Although the that idea that karma is a punishing force can be satisfying when we feel slighted, in reality the balancing nature of karma is beyond our 3d minds ideas of justice.


Karma is the magnetic, elastic force that allows us to be intrigued, it feels like a deep craving to understand things that we do not, and to experience things even though we may not understand why. It pulls us towards people and experiences that have the potential to round out our experience.


Karma is within us as much as it is outside of us. Our higher dimensional selves are the expressers of our karmic law in the 3rd dimension, so there is a vibrational gap between our experience of karma and our ability to fully understand why and how we are expressing it.  We generally do not understand the way karma works through us until after a karmic releasing or balancing has happened. It allows us, humans, to have rounded experiences on this planet.


Negative Karma


Negative karma is interpreted by most people as negative experiences and interactions that must be experienced due to unfavourable situations in past lives or past experiences in this life. Naturally we want to release these cycles and get off the painful merry-go-round of mistakes that we seem to love to ride. However, in order to do this we have to slightly adjust our perception of “negative karma.” We must shift our understanding of it from something that is judgemental and outside of us, to a force that is innate within our very being guiding us through our evolution on this planet.


Negative karma follows deep paradigms within our minds, emotions and, souls based on the overall experience of the soul/ oversoul. These paths were bore into our hearts long before we were re-born in this life. This means that the only way karma can be cleared is through the overriding of the 3d manifestations of these paradigmns. By being brave and choosing better for ourselves even when we feel the hypnotic sweet promise of a downward spiral. When we do that, when we consciously choose to override painful paradigms that creep in, we dissolve our karma. We dissolve karma by  by consciously stepping off the merry-go-round even though it can be terrifying to do so. The curious truth about our “negative karma” is we find circular comfort in it as our need for control and famililarity can easily override our higher need to grow. Funny that.


So, lets re-cap.


* Karma is not about judgement, punishment or any other expression of vindictiveness. “Judgement” is a distortion of the pure unravelling of understanding that occurs in its own time.



* Karma, due to its multi-dimensional nature, cannot wholly be understood from our perspective here, especially when we are going through something difficult. It is so deep within us that we are made of it. This is one reason why surrender is such an important teaching. Our 3d minds are always ambitiously hungry but cannot always digest the concepts it thinks it can.


* The best way to clear karma is by disengaging the mind and engaging the sensation of the heart or higherself within. Honest meditation, and practicing zen (empty space). The mind is where our ego lives which is negative karmas best friend. Practicing presence and awareness the best you can allows you to go beyond what your past says you are.


More About Clearing Karma.


Clearing karma means consciously overriding patterns. Our patterns/ paradigmns are our karma, simple as that.The more we integrate our higher-selves into our 3d consciousness the more we release our negative karma. We integrate our higher-dimensional consciousness into our 3d consciousness by making decisions and choosing emotions that directly align with it. If you are choosing peace, joy, love, ease, stillness or hope, in the face of conflict, polarity, sadness, chaos, fear, mistrust, victimness you are releasing your negative karma. It is that simple, not easy, simple. Negative karma is the source of pain in our lives and we experience that pain in order to inspire us to re-member our higher nature. So we can re-integrate  it and become a fully functional human being working with our full potential, which includes multi-dimensional access and abilities that are gained through the integration of ones higher-self.


When we are able to override the magnetic haze of our negative karma we become alchemists and creators as opposed to slaves of our patterning.



Maybe it would be more fulfilling for some if I gave some magical karma clearing mantras or secret rituals that were once practiced nocturnally under the paw of the great sphinx. But in truth those are more allopathic external things that simply will not reach as deep as doing the real inner work of taking full responsiblity for how you feel and where you are right now in your life. When we understand that our karma is our behavior we can understand that through consciously changing our behavioral patterns we change our Karma. When we release negative thought and low vibrational emotions in favor of ones that reflect our true karma free higher-self we go beyond polarity, beyond, back and forth, beyond negative and positive, beyond the ego, and into oneness, synchronicity, altruism.




When we surrender into this power we can begin using the magnetic nature of our soul that we call “karma” as a positive thing. We turn it around and begin using our magnetism to attract synchronistic experiences and other avenues of wonderment. The law of Karma or balance is simply your soul bringing you opportunities for balance, those opportunities can be outside pain and negativity if you choose. The more alignment you can step into the more the law of balance brings you counter points that delight you instead of upset you.


Yellow Scream

This is ruining me today.

I am trying to be productive, writing, working with lovely people, but this just keeps finding its way into my mind.

It’s ok though because it’s actually inspiring me to make my own scream (pain)ting later this evening, probably.

Intensity magnified at about 6 minutes.

Earth, The Planet of Releasing.

Earth, the Planet of Releasing.

Earth allows souls to release huge levels of Karma. One life on Earth can be equivalent to 100’s of lives worth of experience in a higher dimension where there is a closer proximity to the god head/source. It is similar to the way the earth carries her vegetation, the topography is more lush the warmer and sunnier the climate becomes, as you move farther away from the suns light, the vegetation becomes more hardy. With this distance  seasons form, there are gaps between harvests, perhaps only one crop per year as opposed to several, the weather and landscape becomes more polarized. The more dense  we become in vibration moving into 3d reality the more polarized we become as well. We are far enough from the higher vibrational obviousness of divine energy here in 3d that it is easy to forget how divine we are.

You are a very powerful being for even being a resonant match to come to such a dense, concentrated place. In order to do so it meant that there was enough congruency within your being that you could handle the fragmentation that occurs when you incarnate into this realm. This is a world of great refinement. You learn how to create worlds here. It is completely ironic anytime we feel powerlessness or unworthiness. It is all too easy to forget who we are here, to neglect our dedication to happiness.

The one thing that is true about you is that you are divine, that is the one thing about your existence that will never waver. You will change form many times but what you are made of will never change, so if you need to root in anything, root in the fact that you are source energy.   That concept, that knowing, is more then enough to untangle any knot you tie yourself up in. The recognition of this fact allows your body, mind and heart to become pregnant with creativity, joy and wisdom. You just have to be willing to let go of resistance and hold that truth and the feeling it brings forward in your heart long enough for it to get to work.

This recognition of yourself as a powerful facet of divine energy crafting the world you desire is not about ego, as everyone here is equal in their divineness. It is about becoming responsible for our awesomeness and in that responsibility finally being able to weild it.


Starseed Incarnation Process

Hello Starseeds!

You Incarnated Through the Stars.

Before you came here as little sparks of light pushed down from the etheric luminous diamond that is your oversoul/higher-self you stepped down density by incarnating through specific star systems. You stepped through them as a specific non-physical conglomerate of energy (soul) with the intention of incarnating on 3d Earth. As you did this you carried the stories, the talents and the karma associated with the star system (and all the lives you had there), it became your cells as you stepped down into the physical. The information from the star systems was resonated into you as you naturally chose to incarnate through star systems where you have lived many lives. Your incarnation through these star systems means you are effortlessly connected.  Like shards of glass, elements of your incarnations in each system pulled together to form a multi-dimensional window  into your 3d Earth life as well as a dimension spanning window into the cosmos.

You came from the stars, and before that pure divine energy, therefore, the information codes and experiences from those places are available to you, anytime. If you wish to regain these transformational codes, information,and memories your task is to learn to open up to their seed freqencies within you and align with them. Once that occurs you have pathways into the wisdom and guidance of the multi-dimensional cosmos. You can begin living life  in a very new way, integrating and exploring your full potential. Feeling the rush of transmuting your spiritual path into “real” 3d forms. Your life becomes the ultimate piece of performance art.


Pleiadian stargates. Stargates aren’t called (STAR)gates for nothing. We use the stars to incarnate through stepping down frequencies to Earth as well as move through dimensions as we travel astrally.

Your Incarnational Cord

You established a strong infinite cord of energy that would serve you as a two way channel for communication between Earth and those civilizations. This cord sends you information and guidance, it reminds you steadily and gently that you are the stars. You also send these star systems your process’ here on earth, and through this seamless innate exchange we are able to make galactic waves. Much of the experiences you have here are parallel to experiences you have had in other places and times, they represent the experiential rhythm of your soul. They represent the unravelling of the deep tides of galactic karma. Each time we expand the star systems we incarnated through expands. Each time we spiral downward they are infused of the lessons that we learn through that process.  3d Earth is a dense and alchemically powerful place to be, and all experience here is valued and used throughout the universe. Each time you choose serenity over fear the whole universe smiles.


Your etheric silver cord connects you to the cosmic systems you incarnated through. It represents your “incarnational line”, the journey your went through as you stepped down consciousness to incarnate in this 3d reality.

Each of us is an ambassador for the star systems we incarnated through, as we are in constant contact. Your connection to the stars is so innate within you that you may not even sense it. Just like you don’t consciously notice your aunts haircut or the smell of your own house. It is nice to know that you are the stars so deeply that you can afford to forget entirely.