Starseed Incarnation Process

Hello Starseeds!

You Incarnated Through the Stars.

Before you came here as little sparks of light pushed down from the etheric luminous diamond that is your oversoul/higher-self you stepped down density by incarnating through specific star systems. You stepped through them as a specific non-physical conglomerate of energy (soul) with the intention of incarnating on 3d Earth. As you did this you carried the stories, the talents and the karma associated with the star system (and all the lives you had there), it became your cells as you stepped down into the physical. The information from the star systems was resonated into you as you naturally chose to incarnate through star systems where you have lived many lives. Your incarnation through these star systems means you are effortlessly connected.  Like shards of glass, elements of your incarnations in each system pulled together to form a multi-dimensional window  into your 3d Earth life as well as a dimension spanning window into the cosmos.

You came from the stars, and before that pure divine energy, therefore, the information codes and experiences from those places are available to you, anytime. If you wish to regain these transformational codes, information,and memories your task is to learn to open up to their seed freqencies within you and align with them. Once that occurs you have pathways into the wisdom and guidance of the multi-dimensional cosmos. You can begin living life  in a very new way, integrating and exploring your full potential. Feeling the rush of transmuting your spiritual path into “real” 3d forms. Your life becomes the ultimate piece of performance art.


Pleiadian stargates. Stargates aren’t called (STAR)gates for nothing. We use the stars to incarnate through stepping down frequencies to Earth as well as move through dimensions as we travel astrally.

Your Incarnational Cord

You established a strong infinite cord of energy that would serve you as a two way channel for communication between Earth and those civilizations. This cord sends you information and guidance, it reminds you steadily and gently that you are the stars. You also send these star systems your process’ here on earth, and through this seamless innate exchange we are able to make galactic waves. Much of the experiences you have here are parallel to experiences you have had in other places and times, they represent the experiential rhythm of your soul. They represent the unravelling of the deep tides of galactic karma. Each time we expand the star systems we incarnated through expands. Each time we spiral downward they are infused of the lessons that we learn through that process.  3d Earth is a dense and alchemically powerful place to be, and all experience here is valued and used throughout the universe. Each time you choose serenity over fear the whole universe smiles.


Your etheric silver cord connects you to the cosmic systems you incarnated through. It represents your “incarnational line”, the journey your went through as you stepped down consciousness to incarnate in this 3d reality.

Each of us is an ambassador for the star systems we incarnated through, as we are in constant contact. Your connection to the stars is so innate within you that you may not even sense it. Just like you don’t consciously notice your aunts haircut or the smell of your own house. It is nice to know that you are the stars so deeply that you can afford to forget entirely.


2 thoughts on “Starseed Incarnation Process

  1. Beautiful! I was reading recently in an excerpt from the prism of Lyra about the different groups that branched out and colonized different star systems, one of which was of course the Pleiades. What caught my eye is that the Pleiadians were described as having the greatest amount if genetic investment or involvement in our planet. What do you think about that? Do you think it is related to the Yahweh/Elohim group? I’ve also seen a lot of info that correlates them to Sirius, so not sure what to think…or is it even that specific? Are they like the Founders from Lyra, watching over all their human descendents among the stars? I have known of my connection to the Yahweh group for some time, but also lately have been learning about archangels (which I perceive as being part of that consciousness) and how these angels are some people’s higher selves, so to speak, that are dipping back into time from outside of it, to assist their sub-selves, or past selves in a linear sense. Anyway, always tracing the clues and putting together the pieces, and would love to hear any wisdom you might have about these things, as I respect your views and intuitive abilities a lot.

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