Earth, The Planet of Releasing.

Earth, the Planet of Releasing.

Earth allows souls to release huge levels of Karma. One life on Earth can be equivalent to 100’s of lives worth of experience in a higher dimension where there is a closer proximity to the god head/source. It is similar to the way the earth carries her vegetation, the topography is more lush the warmer and sunnier the climate becomes, as you move farther away from the suns light, the vegetation becomes more hardy. With this distance  seasons form, there are gaps between harvests, perhaps only one crop per year as opposed to several, the weather and landscape becomes more polarized. The more dense  we become in vibration moving into 3d reality the more polarized we become as well. We are far enough from the higher vibrational obviousness of divine energy here in 3d that it is easy to forget how divine we are.

You are a very powerful being for even being a resonant match to come to such a dense, concentrated place. In order to do so it meant that there was enough congruency within your being that you could handle the fragmentation that occurs when you incarnate into this realm. This is a world of great refinement. You learn how to create worlds here. It is completely ironic anytime we feel powerlessness or unworthiness. It is all too easy to forget who we are here, to neglect our dedication to happiness.

The one thing that is true about you is that you are divine, that is the one thing about your existence that will never waver. You will change form many times but what you are made of will never change, so if you need to root in anything, root in the fact that you are source energy.   That concept, that knowing, is more then enough to untangle any knot you tie yourself up in. The recognition of this fact allows your body, mind and heart to become pregnant with creativity, joy and wisdom. You just have to be willing to let go of resistance and hold that truth and the feeling it brings forward in your heart long enough for it to get to work.

This recognition of yourself as a powerful facet of divine energy crafting the world you desire is not about ego, as everyone here is equal in their divineness. It is about becoming responsible for our awesomeness and in that responsibility finally being able to weild it.


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