These are Nice and I Want to Share Them.

the helical model.





This completes me today:









3 thoughts on “These are Nice and I Want to Share Them.

  1. The helical model ? I like that … I’m not totally Hermit’d out tonight but for some reason I had to check out your site lol I have my family next door & in the back ready to set it off we’ll I better get to the company … Have a Safe & Happy New Years Gigi & everyone !

  2. “The helical model – our solar system is a vortex ” – great !
    Except – the sun/galaxy/universe vortex too !
    The straight sun path – hurts me.

    Lot’s of Love & Light for 2013

  3. Hi Gigi – thanks for sharing these nice things.

    Helical Model –

    If we really want to get pedantic about it all, this Fibonacci model is, in TURN (no pun intended) incomplete. For the sun is itself in the spiral wake of other spiraling galaxies, and so on. There is an excess of a sextillion stars in the universe (sexy word, I didn’t make it up, but I wish I had) whose expansion is accelerating. Everything is falling apart, as usual. In the end the Universe, we are told by the greatest authorities on the matter, will reach a state of Nirvana. AUM.


    Ambient? music of this sort is all the rage nowadays – cool. But one must not forget pioneering work in the ambient classical form – try listening to Krystof Penderecki and Alfred Schnikkte: not easy. – Love the mandala. Holding a mandala in the mind’s eye does wonders for one’s mental congestion and sinuses. I’m currently reading Jung’s Psychology and Alchemy, yet again. Good old Carl claims the mandala to be a psychical structure of the collective unconscious. God – the higher-self- always occupies the center of the merry-go round: – No doubt, the mandala also spins, perhaps in a spiral. I must confess, it is all so dizzying.

    This Complete Me.

    Beautiful girl! Beautiful clothes! Beautiful white horses- my favourite creatures in all the world! Beautiful scenery! Beautiful cinematography! Beautiful sentiment! And all this beauty has somehow managed to beautify an otherwise spooky Wagnerian motif.

    With Kind Regards,
    – Just Michael, today.

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