Align With Your Undercurrent.



I love your videos and your blog, you have helped me through a very difficult time this past year. I was hoping you could help me understand why I keep falling over in my life lately. I feel like I am on a roll and I am doing so well then it stops. I start to feel really sad and lost and second guess everything I know I forget how I was even on such a high and feel like i am losing all of my work. What does it mean when this happens. It happens so much and  it’s out of the blue. 

Thank you in advance,


Hey Z, thank you for this question and your support. This happens to me as well and it is discouraging. I completely understand. There could be a few factors playing into these internal shifts and there are things we can do in our experience to help create a bit more emotional smoothness in our lives.

Your awareness changes form.

The first thing to perhaps consider is that we are not emotionally or energetically sedetary beings. There are undercurrents within our being that move as a mirror of  the cosmic energy that flows through everything in existence. Essentially, our awareness changes form. Many times we do not realize that something has shifted within us, and we need to re-align in order to begin flowing again. This can cause a feeling of imbalance as you are trying to root into an undercurrent that has evolved without doing so yourself.

Why do we have these undercurrents?

We flow like water, we fluctuate like the seasons. This shifting allows us to explore the different facets of our personal consciousness. The shifts allow us to stand in another light and look at ourselves and what we are creating in our lives from another angle. Through this exploration of the seasons and tides of the self we learn what is constant, what is eternal, as it is only through seeing ourselves in many colours that we can begin to notice the part of us that is always the same. The part of us that doesn’t waver, even in the wildest hurricane. When we meet this part of ourselves we finally feel safe, and we can learn to live from that place as often as possible- It is from that place that we become the eye of the storm instead of the storm itself.

So, essentially expect seasons, know the tide will change, winter will come, and as you hold that knowing in your being, also know that you will come to feel the part of you that is immovable. That is the point of all this…to meet your immovable self.

The mind is not to be lived in.

If you are not feeling the flow shift within you early enough to ride the wave perhaps you are living in the part of your consciousness that cannot see the flow- your mind. The mind, although great at being linear and translating manifested reality for us, does not have the ability to interpret the subtle frequencies of the unmanifested. That is the higher minds job, and it does it automatically. So, if you are finding yourself confused as to why you aren’t in the flow, you were probably in your mind so much so that you didn’t get the memo from your higher self. But, thats OK, re-integrating the higher-mind into our daily tool-kit takes time and conscious effort.

Every time you move into the vibrational space where your higherself and heart can expand within you, you re-train physical and etheric pathways into your being. These pathways will become the new well-worn paths that your consciousness walks each day. You may feel like you are hacking through with a machete right now but like anything great, it takes time, effort, and dedication. You are no exception.

If we live within the mind too much the cosmic tide inside of us can change and we won’t even know it, not until we start to feel off . We feel off because the song has changed and we are still trying to dance to the old one. So, throughout the day, if you feel like the you are dancing to the old rhythm, surrender, disengage thought, and move into empty space, until eventually you begin to hear the new beat.

It may also help to consider that we are cars with a manual transmission.

We are cars with a manual transmission, not automatic. We have 2 main gears: higher mind and lower mind. We must become aware enough of our own flow that we know when to switch between the two.

We live in the day and age where everything is done for you, it’s all automatic. We don’t even have to walk up-stairs anymore we have escalators, we have microwaves that magically zap cook dinner, and countless other technologies that limit the meditative space that kept us patient. Anyway, our techno savvy behaviour has sunk deep into our minds, it seems we expect our world to work the same way we have fashioned our cars to work- automatically. We expect things to go well for us automatically, or through most of our energy going to the conscious mind, we do not consider what the undercurrents are flowing through us.

We are constantly dancing with the lower and higher mind. We must consciously chose when to align more with higher mind (unconscious) and when to align more with our lower mind (conscious).  This is the process of learning our flow, when to surrender and when to take inspired action. In order to be happy and healthy we have to listen to our higher-selves again as we seem to be expecting to live in one gear of our consciousness (lower conscious mind.)We are trying to live life in mainly one gear, only shifting to the higher consciousness when something painful pushes us there.

Lets get good at shifting gears so our higher selves can teach the oscillation of the universe to our lower-mind, and when our lower mind comes to know that it is safe, and it is ok to get out of the way we can walk with one foot in each world. Eventually there will be no seam separating the seen and unseen and we will come to know them as two parts of the same machine. That journey is the process of us learning to integrate our highest potential and sail our own sea. It’s why we came here, so lets get to it. ;).



Living in Stardust

The amazing thing is that every atom in your body came from a star that exploded. And, the atoms in your left hand probably came from a different star than your right hand. It really is the most poetic thing I know about physics: You are all stardust. You couldn’t be here if stars hadn’t exploded, because the elements – the carbon, nitrogen, oxygen, iron, all the things that matter for evolution – weren’t created at the beginning of time. They were created in the nuclear furnaces of stars, and the only way they could get into your body is if those stars were kind enough to explode. The stars died so that you could be here today.//
and really, isn’t this the most amazing thing to wrap your thoughts around?
the words mean that you are everything, and everything is in you,
you are the cosmos.
knowing this fills me with great trust because nothing is ever lost, it is all there.
I am part of everything and everything is part of me.
living in stardust makes it easier to accept and to love,
for becoming is being.
you already are what you will be.
– Bohemian Musings

Sometimes it’s a video day.

Sometimes its a video day.


<p><a href=”″>Outliers, Vol. I: Iceland – “Black Beach” by Deru</a> from <a href=””></a&gt; on <a href=””>Vimeo</a&gt;.</p>



<p><a href=”″>M83 ‘Wait’ Official video</a> from <a href=””>The Creators Project</a> on <a href=””>Vimeo</a&gt;.</p>


I Feel Like There is too Much Energy Coursing Through Me.

Dear Gigi,


My body is full of energy! I feel like I cannot contain it at times! Is this connected to solar flares or 2012? How can I manage this?


Part of this shift we are going through involves our bodies taking on significantly more light, more awareness. This awareness is not just information that will percolate down into the mind, it includes the awakening of the emotional body,which means feeling emotions much deeper, as well as the the steady integration of our higher-selves into our conscious awareness.

Or in other words our emotional body is expanding and becoming more sensitive. The senses that we have are deepening and we are becoming more sensitive to spectrums of emotional energy that were beyond us before such as: Other peoples emotions, animals feelings, plants feelings as well as reading emotional energy imprinted in the world around us.

Our mental body is getting downloads of information and integrating information from the higher-self in a bigger more obvious way. There is often a lag of time between the integration of higher vibrational energy and our becoming aware of it in our daily lives. This is because it takes time to split and translate 5d information to 3d information. That time lag is fading and we are now becoming more and more capable of directly channeling this information.

Our higher-self is getting closer and closer to our awareness. Past lives, future lives and parallel lives contained within your oversoul are now being integrated and drawn on to your consciousness to assist in your awakening. Your 3d consciousness is now being introduced to its full potential which involves the merging of the higher mind with that of your 3d consciousness.

So right there you have a great deal of expansion happening on all levels of your being. We are being called upon to open wide and allow a much higher volume of spiritual/cosmic energy into ourselves.

What is the best way to do this?

Focus your mind on the concept of open space. Bring the sensation of open space into your body. Actually feel the feeling of vastness and openness. It may make your heart leap, as we can be afraid of emptiness as it represents a fear of our own potential. Emptiness is potential.

We focus on becoming empty space when we feel overwhelmed by energy because if we feel overwhelmed it is generally because there is resistance crowding around somewhere within us. Perhaps somewhere in our minds there is a belief that is contradicting our expansion which is causing the sensation of stress. It may fell as though you are not big enough to hold the energy that is running through  you or that too much energy is running through you. The issue is not the amount of energy running through you, as your body has a highly refined system that controls that, it is that you need to create space in order to hold that energy. Imagining empty space, feeling the sensation of empty space the best that you can is a very direct way to allow the expansion you need as our when we place our conscious awareness on something we become it.

Personally when this happens to me, I imagine the feeling of the sky, the vastness of the cosmos or an white empty room, and I feel my heart expand. Nothing specific, just the general feeling of expanse. Our bioenergic feild will then take on the frequency of expansion, as we have consciously introduced it, and you will feel more balanced and at ease.

Pay attention to where the feeling of being energetically overwhelmed is coming from.

If you tune into the sensation with an open heart and mind your intuition will tell you where the energy is blocked or restricted. Many times energy will build up in the bodies (physical, mental and emotional bodies) that we are not using as much as we should. Activating them can help.

Physical: Many times we feel tingling, buzzing, in the spine, pineal or the extremities. Take it upon yourself to exercise more than usual along with meditation on empty space. Yoga, walking, running, squash whatever you do, do it. Physical activity is paramount in balancing and anchoring the spiritual body.

Emotional: You may feel on the verge of tears or intense emotion. The buzz of an emotional blockage is much more subtle than physically feeling energy coursing through you. Cry it out, laugh it out, punch it out, express yourself unabashedly. Although keep distance from your emotions as you do so. Just because you are crying does not mean you are sad or feel sadness in any way. Just because you feel anger does not mean you need to feed it or get sucked into dramas that resonate with the frequency of anger. Just because you feel joy doesn’t mean…wait…feeling joy and memories that correspond to that joy is more than o.k.

Mental : This may feel like a buzzing in or around the head coupled with mental exhaustion or a running mind. Our minds can begin funnelling too much energy when we live in them too long. They cannot actually fully sustain us so when they start to become over stimulated its time to pull back and become zen, become empty space. Depending on the mind too much is like constantly trying to milk a dry cow. You need to give the mind time to integrate and re-connect with your higher self so it actually serving you. The mind is the last place to fill up with insight from the higher mind, we have to give it a break and let it fill up behind the veil.

Feel this…with your heart. Vastness.

Psychic Abilities, Let it Happen.

Greetings Gigi,

I am starting to play around with a lot of these so called \”powers\” and \”abilities\” and I am getting a lot of mixed results/answers. Would it be alright to tell you what exactly happens when I try a certain thing?


Mua ha ha ha ha. Powers and abilities!


I am going to assume you are talking about mind melding.


These “Powers and abilities” that you speak of are basically the regaining of your full potential as a human being. However as you re-gain them there is a transition time where their function and potential within you will not be clear. This is to be expected as it takes time and trial and error to fully explore and get used to your psychic abilities. The more open you are, the more you let them reveal themselves to you as opposed to trying to put them in boxes and lebel them, the better off you will be. The re-gaining of your intuitive abilities is an unfoldment that is orchestrated by a higher intelligence that your conscious mind cannot fully grasp. This intelligence is the same force that allows your heart to beat without conscious effort, it creates worlds, it pushes and pulls the tides, it was here long before your physical existence and will be around long after. Allow this intelligence to show you. Experiment with it, play with it, knowing that step by step you will understand all you need to know.

Learning to differentiate the vibrational frequencies.

As you play in the expansion of your abilities you will begin to learn the difference between information from your higher-self/ guides and information from the lower mind/ego. This differentiating is felt, it cannot be wholly approached from the mind. You will feel the difference between ego guidance and higher-self guidance, you will then get validation as you act from the guidance of both. This is a process that involves being “right” and feeling good and also being “not so right” and feeling thrown off. Through that dynamic of listening to the guidance and acting upon it you will begin to recognize when you are in the flow and when you are resisting it.