About Love.

I have not written much about relationships, probably because when people write and would ask me about them I would just stare blankly and move on to the next letter In fact, I am not proud of this, but (apparently) since my theme this week is honesty, I may have even said at one point: “love is for pussies”. Terrible I know, I have since reformed that paradigm, and opened my heart. I blame being an aries. Anyway, relationships and love are a mystery to me but the following concepts have been making trails in my mind lately and perhaps it will make trails in yours: What is chemistry and what does it mean? What is the best way to approach relationships?

It has occurred to me that we can be in the same relationship with different people our entire lives. Many people do just that, not realizing that their relationship is moving in a direct ratio to their ability to personally expand. I have come to know that chemistry is an important, yet mysterious signal from the soul that lets us know there is an crucial  journey at hand. If we follow it closely and let it unwind and splash within us perhaps we can experience the highest form of that relationship in our lives. It can be a challenge as chemistry changes form as the relationship grows, but if you get still enough and ask it to show itself  it will let you know. For that reason I am inspired to let the relationships in my life be wild, untamed by projections and rules so they can reveal to me their purpose.

Chemistry is a story between two hearts that needs to be played out.

If a karmic story could be a felt moment to moment that feeling would feel like the phenomenon we call chemistry. When people meet, whether it be a friend or more than a friend, hearts collide. When hearts collide they either move right through each other, like passing ghosts, or there is a spark. The spark moves through and like an electrical alarm, it shocks parts of you that you did not know were sleeping. Parts of you that need to grow, or be healed by the medicine that people are to each other.

We are all made of stars

When you feel your heart spark with someone know that you are feeling a story with them, perchance one the two of you wrote a long time ago. Maybe a story you have lived together more than once. This feeling signifies to you that this person has alchemical keys for you. It is time for you to see and feel the world through their mind in order to better know and express your own. One of the most dangerous yet beautiful things about the closeness of two souls is their ability to become each other for a while, to look at the world through each others eyes. Quietly via osmosis we absorb each others energy as though it’s some kind of innoculation. We are all made of stars so it’s easy to get lost in each other so deeply that we forget where our original constellation begins and ends. I imagine that’s why wisemen say the better you know and love yourself the better your relationships will be. We must know our personal grouping of stars so well that even as we merge with others we know where to come home to.

No Chemistry

Then there are those times where there is no chemistry. There is no story. There is no point anymore. Those are the empty times when rules, projections and expectations of the mind have become the binding force. Perhaps they became so loud and overpowering that the chemistry that was once the connective force to begin with lost its voice trying to keep up. Your soul has begun looking in another direction longingly, it always wants to explore synergy. It always wants to grow.

Chemistry Runs Deep

Chemistry reaches into the etheric layer of your being, it is expressing a path that walks in step with our heart. Chemistry signifies we have come across a teacher. It references our highest good and will express that if we let it. The best way to do that is to place no expectations on it and give it no rules. This lets the relationship show you what it is. Relationships are meant to unravel, they are also a game of mirrors, so you can experience yourself as the universe through them quite easily.  When you let your relationship unfold, instead of fitting it into the box that others say it should be in, it allows you and that person to love deeper and become closer, as you do not need to play roles for each other. You are beyond that. You can trust the magnets in your heart to show you the who, what, when, where and why and experience a graceful love that is born from the wild beauty of your soul as opposed to the circular movies in your mind.


When we control with too many rules and become greedy with expectations we blind ourselves to the synchronicities, validations, and magical moments the universe is lining up for us. The universe cannot show you the highest form of your relationships when you are projecting onto it. You have got to know by now the universe throws the best surprise parties so don’t bother projecting how you are told relationships need to happen, or how you have observed them. It’s not worth it it’s like you are protecting yourself from a sunny day by wearing a winter jacket.

Control is the enemy of synergy and synchronicity. Control is about trying to label things and predict their behavior in order to feel safe, it is based in ego and a belief that things don’t go well for us. In truth we crave the rush of synergy and synchronicity as deep down we know it is revealing to us the magical person we have forgotten we are.

There is nothing more enchanting and inspiring than seeing the patterns of your soul reflected to you in another human being. Than seeing the universe, something so big, come together in a chorus of synchronicity, in such a precise way, for you to learn how to love. Chemistry runs deep. It is our souls way of getting our attention.  When we feel it let it be a lesson in surrender so we can come to know the true purpose of the relationship instead of our empty projections onto it. When we let relationships reveal to us their purpose, uninterrupted, they become more than we could have ever predicted ten times over.  It also must be said, to close this piece, that  as we settle into this new/old way of being with each other it’s ok if we relapse or waver in our ability to set each other free. We are learning, we are growing and integrating, there will be lapses in judgement, it will be messy, we will feel insecure at times, we will meet our darkness. Integrating truth to the point that we become it takes time, and trial and error, and that’s more than ok, in fact it is to be expected. Accepting the mess, loving your vulnerability and being ok with your shadow creates space for chemistry and love to expand.


Abundance Meditation

Some of you have asked me what meditations I like for finances/abundance. This Abraham/Hicks meditation is one of my favourites. In fact I do not have a television and saturate myself with teachings like this on a daily basis. It makes all the difference in the wold.

This lovely meditation leads you into the mental and  emotional state you need to be in in order to access your abundance. It reminds us that abundance is an emotional state. Again: Abundance is an emotional state.

Are you coherant enough to handle the wealth that you desire?

Abundance in every form unravels around us when we are at genuinely at  ease  long enough for it to manifest. Meditation, feeling ease, appreciation and gentle trust are more effective than 1000 man hours of striving for wealth. physical action does not bring abundance, although deep in our minds we think the harder we work the more we will receive. Physical action is the last step in the abundance process and must be rooted in a mindset that is aligned with your higher-self (where unlimited abundance rooted). In fact action that is not rooted in your heart/higherself, is completely inefficient. Sacrifice of any kind is not associated with wealth, abundance is your birthright. So start acting like it (please). Everything starts in the non-physical and comes forward into physical according to what you can handle, if there is stress or other distortions in your bio-energetic field you are not stable enough to handle the responsibility of the abundance you feel you need. Ease, appreciation, and contentment signal to your higherself that you can handle more in your life. You got this. Once you have become co-herant, it will flow in. You must feel ease in order for life to give you more. Stress means you cannot handle what you have. Ease means you are solid, coherent and ready to expand. You are a solid foundation to build upon.

You can work backwards from this paradigm and ask yourself: Do I have the abundance I want? If not then you can immediately go inward to see where you are feeling some distortions (belief systems that are preventing you from feeling at ease). Once you set the intention to know what is preventing you from feeling ease, the belief systems will come forward. Awarenes allows them to dissolve. From that point you can consciously choose to feel ease, appreciation, love, warmth, peace, joy, expansion. The key word there is choose

How to read channeled material


Sometimes I find metaphysical stuff so hard to understand. My mind wanders somewhere else when I read it. Why is this always happening?

– Anne

 You are reading with different parts of your mind when you read spiritual stuff.

When you read channeled material, which is basically all spiritual literature to a degree, parts of your mind that are not used to being stimulated directly fire up. Spiritual study asks that your higher and lower minds join and this process can feel strange as you notice yourself moving aside to allow your higher mind to come forward. Notice that as your conscious mind pulls away your higher-mind steps in, like some sort of mystical tag team they interpret all information you come across. It can feel like you are tired or even frustrated if you are resisting the process. The more you hold and open mind and heart as you read the easier it will become. Set the intention to embrace any blind-spots or exhaustion you may encounter, this means it is working, you are working.

Spiritual books and essays are bridges between two worlds, so keep in mind that as you read them at times your conscious mind may become overwhelmed. Your conscious mind is looking to label and relate what you are reading to what it already knows. It wants to place all information it comes across into the paradigms it currently uses. Sometimes the information can be translated, even partly, into labels your conscious mind can understand, sometimes it cannot. This is when your conscious mind tunes out, and when that happens your higher mind steps in. Even though you feel that you may not grasp the information, your highermind, your subconscious mind, not only completely understands it but is utilizing it with an efficiency that our conscious minds can only dream of.

Writing using paradigms that are grounded already vs. Writing with the intention of grounding new ones.

Generally the people who write spiritual pieces are a translators, taking higher vibrational concepts with many facets down into a 3d form. As spiritual information has more facets, more details simultaniously due to its multi-dimemsionality it will read differently than works that pull mainly from the 3d world, which mainly uses paradigms that are already part of the collective. Writing based heavily in 3d concepts are easier to process consciously as they echo paradigms that are already grounded. Spiritually based writing or channeled material asks you to make quantum leaps, it introduces you to frequencies and concepts that are probably outside of what is grounded currently on the planet. That is the point of spiritual literature, to get you outside of yourself enough so that you can expand into more.

Naturally reading this kind of stuff is going to push different buttons, awaken different parts of you compared to other subjects. Spiritual writing can be very direct and hard hitting, especially is your are resisting self examination in any way. Sometimes a type of miraculous chemical reaction can occur after reading a well written metaphysical book, you are never the same again. One of the most incredible things about these types of books is that they are truly written for both your 3d consciousness and your higher consciousness, they speak two languages at once. What your conscious mind doesn’t understand your higherself eats up, it is glad the information has been stepped down a little by someone else in order for you to integrate it.

Words are codes, seeds, and keys when it comes to metaphysical literature, nothing is lost. So even if you feel like your conscious mind doesn’t have a handle on it, trust that your higher mind does. Know that there is a part of you that understands a language higher than we can comprehend. It never sleeps, it never stops, it’s posturing you for your best life, always.


Pleiadian Karma and Earth.

I accidentally published this as a rough draft early, so I am reposting it officially now. 🙂

Gigi, are there physical Pleiadian beings on the planet?


Yes, but perhaps not to the degree that we think they are, and this goes for all non-terrestrials. The most impactful way Pleiadian beings can interact with us is via communicating with our highselves. Many people, even though they are beginning to become aware of higher dimensional beings, are not actually ready to physically interact with them. There are specific thresholds that need to be met before that happens, these thresholds are related to our spiritual, mental and emotional maturity as well as our karmic releasing process. Many times our desire to see a star being up close and personal is actually a manifestation of our desire to feel confirmation in the unseen world. Allowing ourselves to accept the cosmic connections we have can feel like a leap of faith, as it takes courage to invest in concepts that are outside of our current paradigms.

Many structures within our minds are only beginning to be re-built and decompressed and any physical interactions with extra terrestrial beings would be more damaging on many levels than helpful. We absorb other people, other beings, via osmosis and it is not the ideal time for that to happen on a wide scale as they would resonate out certain emotions, information, realizations etc. that may be overwhemling at this time.

Star beings communicate via your higher mind.

The main way Pleiadian beings interact with us on Earth is actually via our own consciousness. They connect with us via our higher minds which still speaks their language, we interact with them via  dreams and meditations. Interweaving with their energy on that level is much more powerful than a physical Pleiadian being coming to Earth to interact. The current collective Earth paradigms relating to cosmic consciousness and extra terrestrial life, although shifting and opening, is still limited, leaving the most powerful work to be done through the higher mind. This also allows both parties to maintain a healthy level of karmic integrity, meaning that free will is being honored to the point that both parties are not creating negative karmic cycles.

 Karmic Integrity is a Must.

We are also at a point in our spiritual evolution where we need to work through our own karma and come to a balance point by our own means. Physically interacting with Pleiadian beings means that those aspects of Pleiadian consciousness that chose to interact at this  3d density would be stepping into a great deal of karma. This has happened in the past and has proven to be an extremely inefficient method and is responsible for the large amount of incarnations through the Pleiades on Earth at this time in order to balance karmic waves.

We are at a point where we need to learn how to use our higher selves as our point of creation. There must be a sovereignty in our creation process, we must do it on our own.

Many of the concepts that need to be worked through within the human collective consciousness are beyond the structures that are currently using in our minds. That means we must be inspired via our higher-minds, where all creativity flows from, and ultimately create new structures. We cannot work from the current 3d paradigms that are available to us via a 3d physical interaction, the interaction must come through the aspects of our consciousness that are beyond paradigms. New language will be formed and new ways of thinking will come forward, that kind of progress is possible through higher dimensional information percolating down into physical mind. The physical mind is the grounding/expressing point for inspiration. The physical mind simply experiences and explores the quantum leaps the higher mind brings forward. Information or inspiration can come from a pleiadian consciousness but it must pass through the filters of our own consciousness and then expressed on the planet in our own way.

Resonance determines what you need. 

Our higher-minds, or higher-selves, are the aspect of our consciousness that exists on the dimension that corresponds to Pleiadian collective consciousness’. When we connect with them this way we become inspired and gain knowledge via resonance, ideas and answers to questions come forward in our minds that feel like our own, but are actually pulled from or inspired by the Pleiadian collective consciousness. This process of creative resonance works with all extra terrestrial civilizations we are connected to through our incarnational lines. It is much more satisfying for star beings who feel deep love for us, to see us figure things out and create on our own. They understand that our self expression on this planet is paramount to its awakening. The more we create using our higherselves as our reference point the more joy, love, and peace we bring to this planet.  That is why we came here, to express ourselves honestly and wholly.


So I guess what I am trying to say after all of that metaphysical wordiness is that, yes, there are non terrestrials on the planet, but that type of interaction, 3d interaction, is not the contact that we are benefiting the most from. We are currently getting the most benefit from subtle contact to keep karmic integrity for both sides. Many structures must be released and new ones grounded in order to physically interact with ultra dimensional beings.