Pleiadian Karma and Earth.

I accidentally published this as a rough draft early, so I am reposting it officially now. ūüôā

Gigi, are there physical Pleiadian beings on the planet?


Yes, but perhaps not to the degree that we think they are, and this goes for all non-terrestrials. The most impactful way Pleiadian beings can interact with us is via communicating with our highselves. Many people, even though they are beginning to become aware of higher dimensional beings, are not actually ready to physically interact with them. There are specific thresholds that need to be met before that happens, these thresholds are related to our spiritual, mental and emotional maturity as well as our karmic releasing process. Many times our desire to see a star being up close and personal is actually a manifestation of our desire to feel confirmation in the unseen world. Allowing ourselves to accept the cosmic connections we have can feel like a leap of faith, as it takes courage to invest in concepts that are outside of our current paradigms.

Many structures within our minds are only beginning to be re-built and decompressed and any physical interactions with extra terrestrial beings would be more damaging on many levels than helpful. We absorb other people, other beings, via osmosis and it is not the ideal time for that to happen on a wide scale as they would resonate out certain emotions, information, realizations etc. that may be overwhemling at this time.

Star beings communicate via your higher mind.

The main way Pleiadian beings interact with us on Earth is actually via our own consciousness. They connect with us via our higher minds which still speaks their language, we interact with them via  dreams and meditations. Interweaving with their energy on that level is much more powerful than a physical Pleiadian being coming to Earth to interact. The current collective Earth paradigms relating to cosmic consciousness and extra terrestrial life, although shifting and opening, is still limited, leaving the most powerful work to be done through the higher mind. This also allows both parties to maintain a healthy level of karmic integrity, meaning that free will is being honored to the point that both parties are not creating negative karmic cycles.

 Karmic Integrity is a Must.

We are also at a point in our spiritual evolution where we need to work through our own karma and come to a balance point by our own means. Physically interacting with Pleiadian beings means that those aspects of Pleiadian consciousness that chose to interact at this  3d density would be stepping into a great deal of karma. This has happened in the past and has proven to be an extremely inefficient method and is responsible for the large amount of incarnations through the Pleiades on Earth at this time in order to balance karmic waves.

We are at a point where we need to learn how to use our higher selves as our point of creation. There must be a sovereignty in our creation process, we must do it on our own.

Many of the concepts that need to be worked through within the human collective consciousness are beyond the structures that are currently using in our minds. That means we must be inspired via our higher-minds, where all creativity flows from, and ultimately create new structures. We cannot work from the current 3d paradigms that are available to us via a 3d physical interaction, the interaction must come through the aspects of our consciousness that are beyond paradigms. New language will be formed and new ways of thinking will come forward, that kind of progress is possible through higher dimensional information percolating down into physical mind. The physical mind is the grounding/expressing point for inspiration. The physical mind simply experiences and explores the quantum leaps the higher mind brings forward. Information or inspiration can come from a pleiadian consciousness but it must pass through the filters of our own consciousness and then expressed on the planet in our own way.

Resonance determines what you need. 

Our higher-minds, or higher-selves, are the aspect of our consciousness that exists on the dimension that corresponds to Pleiadian collective consciousness’. When we connect with them this way we become inspired and gain knowledge via resonance, ideas and answers to questions come forward in our minds that feel like our own, but are actually pulled from or inspired by the Pleiadian collective consciousness. This process of creative resonance works with all extra terrestrial civilizations we are connected to through our incarnational lines. It is much more satisfying for star beings who feel deep love for us, to see us figure things out and create on our own. They understand that our self expression on this planet is paramount to its awakening. The more we create using our higherselves as our reference point the more joy, love, and peace we bring to this planet.  That is why we came here, to express ourselves honestly and wholly.


So I guess what I am trying to say after all of that metaphysical wordiness is that, yes, there are non terrestrials on the planet, but that type of interaction, 3d interaction, is not the contact that we are benefiting the most from. We are currently getting the most benefit from subtle contact to keep karmic integrity for both sides. Many structures must be released and new ones grounded in order to physically interact with ultra dimensional beings.


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