How to read channeled material


Sometimes I find metaphysical stuff so hard to understand. My mind wanders somewhere else when I read it. Why is this always happening?

– Anne

 You are reading with different parts of your mind when you read spiritual stuff.

When you read channeled material, which is basically all spiritual literature to a degree, parts of your mind that are not used to being stimulated directly fire up. Spiritual study asks that your higher and lower minds join and this process can feel strange as you notice yourself moving aside to allow your higher mind to come forward. Notice that as your conscious mind pulls away your higher-mind steps in, like some sort of mystical tag team they interpret all information you come across. It can feel like you are tired or even frustrated if you are resisting the process. The more you hold and open mind and heart as you read the easier it will become. Set the intention to embrace any blind-spots or exhaustion you may encounter, this means it is working, you are working.

Spiritual books and essays are bridges between two worlds, so keep in mind that as you read them at times your conscious mind may become overwhelmed. Your conscious mind is looking to label and relate what you are reading to what it already knows. It wants to place all information it comes across into the paradigms it currently uses. Sometimes the information can be translated, even partly, into labels your conscious mind can understand, sometimes it cannot. This is when your conscious mind tunes out, and when that happens your higher mind steps in. Even though you feel that you may not grasp the information, your highermind, your subconscious mind, not only completely understands it but is utilizing it with an efficiency that our conscious minds can only dream of.

Writing using paradigms that are grounded already vs. Writing with the intention of grounding new ones.

Generally the people who write spiritual pieces are a translators, taking higher vibrational concepts with many facets down into a 3d form. As spiritual information has more facets, more details simultaniously due to its multi-dimemsionality it will read differently than works that pull mainly from the 3d world, which mainly uses paradigms that are already part of the collective. Writing based heavily in 3d concepts are easier to process consciously as they echo paradigms that are already grounded. Spiritually based writing or channeled material asks you to make quantum leaps, it introduces you to frequencies and concepts that are probably outside of what is grounded currently on the planet. That is the point of spiritual literature, to get you outside of yourself enough so that you can expand into more.

Naturally reading this kind of stuff is going to push different buttons, awaken different parts of you compared to other subjects. Spiritual writing can be very direct and hard hitting, especially is your are resisting self examination in any way. Sometimes a type of miraculous chemical reaction can occur after reading a well written metaphysical book, you are never the same again. One of the most incredible things about these types of books is that they are truly written for both your 3d consciousness and your higher consciousness, they speak two languages at once. What your conscious mind doesn’t understand your higherself eats up, it is glad the information has been stepped down a little by someone else in order for you to integrate it.

Words are codes, seeds, and keys when it comes to metaphysical literature, nothing is lost. So even if you feel like your conscious mind doesn’t have a handle on it, trust that your higher mind does. Know that there is a part of you that understands a language higher than we can comprehend. It never sleeps, it never stops, it’s posturing you for your best life, always.


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