Abundance Meditation

Some of you have asked me what meditations I like for finances/abundance. This Abraham/Hicks meditation is one of my favourites. In fact I do not have a television and saturate myself with teachings like this on a daily basis. It makes all the difference in the wold.

This lovely meditation leads you into the mental and  emotional state you need to be in in order to access your abundance. It reminds us that abundance is an emotional state. Again: Abundance is an emotional state.

Are you coherant enough to handle the wealth that you desire?

Abundance in every form unravels around us when we are at genuinely at  ease  long enough for it to manifest. Meditation, feeling ease, appreciation and gentle trust are more effective than 1000 man hours of striving for wealth. physical action does not bring abundance, although deep in our minds we think the harder we work the more we will receive. Physical action is the last step in the abundance process and must be rooted in a mindset that is aligned with your higher-self (where unlimited abundance rooted). In fact action that is not rooted in your heart/higherself, is completely inefficient. Sacrifice of any kind is not associated with wealth, abundance is your birthright. So start acting like it (please). Everything starts in the non-physical and comes forward into physical according to what you can handle, if there is stress or other distortions in your bio-energetic field you are not stable enough to handle the responsibility of the abundance you feel you need. Ease, appreciation, and contentment signal to your higherself that you can handle more in your life. You got this. Once you have become co-herant, it will flow in. You must feel ease in order for life to give you more. Stress means you cannot handle what you have. Ease means you are solid, coherent and ready to expand. You are a solid foundation to build upon.

You can work backwards from this paradigm and ask yourself: Do I have the abundance I want? If not then you can immediately go inward to see where you are feeling some distortions (belief systems that are preventing you from feeling at ease). Once you set the intention to know what is preventing you from feeling ease, the belief systems will come forward. Awarenes allows them to dissolve. From that point you can consciously choose to feel ease, appreciation, love, warmth, peace, joy, expansion. The key word there is choose

4 thoughts on “Abundance Meditation

  1. Abundance (as defined by Bashar): The ability to do what you need to do, when you need to do it.

    It’s like the less I worry about money, the more it flows into my life. I simply trust that I can do whatever I need to do at any particular moment.

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