2 thoughts on “Starseed Collective

  1. It’s Friday are you excited Gigi ? I’m 1 boring person it’s just another day or night for me lol I’m a knock myself out tonight & get ready for work tomorrow. Awesome Video by the way. Namaste : )

  2. Hello, Gigi

    Hope all is well. I love star seed people; a bit eccentric for my mind, at times – but I don’t like perfect circles, either : they roll so predictably.

    I love Tyson – a passionate astrophysicist with an unbounded sense of humour; a very good man.

    It is a STARrtling fact – that atoms spewed from heavenly fires should amount to sentient beings, who can in turn reflect their metaphysical conundrums back to the gods. Nietzsche admonishes : “there are no facts, only interpretations” ; Wittgenstein cries :” The world is the totality of facts, not of things.” All I know is that love is a many splendored thing – whether fact or interpretation, and, although the stars are to be blamed for so much tragedy: I have only praise for the boldness of star-crossed lovers.

    With love,
    Pusillanimous Michaela

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