Letting Go of Our Art.

I wrote this in response to some clients who were feeling anxiety about letting go of some of their projects, they would complete something and feel unable to take the next step. It could be a painting, a script, a book manuscript, and idea, a business plan, it had now become solid in their mind but they were unable to let it go . They were afraid that someone would steal their idea, that they would lose control or maybe even feel that it was silly and wouldn’t work. The highest act you can do for your creations is release them to move amongst the matrix in all-intelligent, natural, collaboration with other hearts. 

Your hearts frequency remains, loud and clear like a vibrational signature in all that you do and create.

After you have created something, let it go. This is the time where you have done your work and your intentions and actions have been released into the matrix. Once they are released into the matrix they will begin to find their place via resonance. Like little children made of magnets our actions and creations find their place in the manifested world and unseen energetic matrix. They touch people, they inspire and they remind people that it is safe to be themselves, to live in their own heart, just as you did when you released your creation, or intention.

Something beautiful that you said, did, or created lives inside someone else. It made them feel alive so they filed it away.

Perhaps the most miraculous phenomenon of of all is that your energy begins to burrow a place in the hearts of other people, people you know, and people you will probably never meet. It happens silently just behind their mind, as when they consume your work or your creations they consume a little piece of you, a piece of you laced with your unique frequency. They may not be aware of it but you are there, you, in your highest beauty, speaking through your most recent creation released to the world.

We make the most beautiful waves.

In the unseen matrix  you begin to make streams of light and music that can only be traced back to you. These streams join the densest world to the lightest, you could even call them bridges, for when you create from the heart you sew together pieces of the puzzle that create new futures for everyone and everything.  All this begins happening because you have put yourself out there . You had the courage to  let your heart radiate your unique harmony. Let your heart get loud, create from it knowing nothing you put out into the world will be lost or stolen, in fact you and your talents will only become amplified. You will see this only when you begin to release fears that lie to you and tell you you must hold your ideas, art, and other personal expression points close to your chest.  Do the work that only a heart can: create, connect and express as in reality that is all we as human beings really want to do.

We are collaborative beings.

So do not be afraid to let your creations go as they do not truly reach their highest form until they have whistled through the hearts of many. At our core we are collaborative beings, all the we create and do from our hearts will naturally be of service in some way, it may be obvious or it may be subtle. Our heart is one piece of an interconnected web of hearts, it works individually for your best interest in relation to the world(s) around you and it also keeps in mind what the rest of the world(s) needs. This is an unparalleled intelligence that when truly felt becomes easier and easier to surrender to. All that we do and create, all of the waves we make can be traced back to us, our unique frequency is palpable within them. Our projects/creations may change form and expand beyond us at times, expect that, we are all just channels, nothing is truly ours, and when we get that we have access to more inspiration than ever before. Our capacity to create becomes endless.


Grounding and Ascension.

Grounding Through Ascension.


Generally we associate the “ascension” process with an upward movement. Particularly the elevating of our consciousness from the third dimension into the fourth and 5th dimensions or densities. This is accurate and we are becoming lighter and taking on a progressively higher vibrational frequency, however, it must be mentioned that there is also a downward movement as well. We must descend in order to ascend. We must move deeper into your own consciousness, which feels heavy and even dark at times in order to move into an ascension wave.


This is particularly true with individuals have incarnated here with a great deal of cosmic awareness or palpable cosmic energy to their being. Typically this is characterized by memories and experiences with ultra dimensional beings associating themselves with other worlds, a feeling of not being at home, easy understanding of complex spiritual concepts etc. Many individuals who contain a great deal of this energy were not actually fully able to ground until the threshold of 2012 was met allowing higher vibrational frequencies to ground into the planet. Before that time individuals with a great deal of cosmic energy would have had a difficult time grounding deeply as there was a greater risk in causing splitting within the mental and emotional bodies. Earth energies and cosmic energies, although complimentary can be difficult to reconcile within an individual consciousness as it can be difficult to shift gears and integrate information and experiences with such a large spectrum of knowledge working inside. Due to this phenomenon the overall frequency of the planet needed to rise and fill in a bit of the vibrational gap.


At this moment in time many cosmically oriented beings (starseeds, or just plain spiritually aware individuals) will actually be called downward as opposed to upward. This is happening because it is time to ground their frequencies into the planet. It is now safe to do so, and it has not felt entirely balanced or safe to completely ground in the past. This is more than OK as many beings who find themselves in this category knew before incarnating that they would live in limbo, hanging somewhere above the earth but below the stars, silently becoming a vibrational human bridge. A bridge that would activate upon the Earth matching your frequency and subsequently pulling you down into it. Now is that time.

Let go and allow yourself to be pulled into the richness that is the 3d Earth experience. As you do this know that all of your information, all of the experiences you have gathered until now will come with you. You will not forget them or lose them as you change form. In fact they will only become richer and you will see them with greater understanding. Imagine adding a bass tone to a song, your song, this is what is happening, you become deeper in the most beautiful complimentary choir kind of way. As your eyes adjust to deeper frequencies you will come to see all of what you are  and all of your past experiences with unparalleled wisdom. That is what happens when you get to see through the eyes of the stars and the Earth at your command.




A Diet of Good Thoughts Only

I am copy and pasting my journal entry from a few weeks ago.

For one month I decided to consume on all levels a diet of high vibrational frequencies. The lowest thought I could go into was neutrality, empty space, with no negative charge what so ever. If there was an edge to it it was a surrendered, reverent, hopefulness. The lowest emotion on the spectrum I would allow myself was the feeling of open hearted peace which would generally elevate itself to gratitude and appreciation, slowly at first but quickly as I kept practicing.

I wanted to share my process as I feel it represents how we process things while being sick with the unknown. Sometimes I think it is in good taste to be vulnerable and naked so we can all remember we are human and that we are all the same.

March. 16. 2013.

I woke up at noon today. I let myself lay in bed to become the affirmations that I repeated in the morning. I have been having the same dream in different forms. As soon as the night comes my darkness lifts its head and heavy arms like a zombie rising from a grave. It haunts me in my sleep. It slips into my consciousness as I rest because it knows there is no other time it can be heard.

It has been cut off from my life ever since I decided to yield to no other frequencies but love or neutrality. In my dreams I am having fun and loving life in the beginning, but then I realize that I have forgotten something important. The last half of my dream is the panic and guilt that I have been negligent. I feel I have let people down or that I am being irresponsible. These are the screams of the tiny roots of my old life being ripped out like a weed in the pressance of my newly grounded high frequencies.

Like a criminal my distorted paradigms that once ruled have been forced to come out  only at night, that is how I can tell that they are desperate and dying. I recognize the need to release them, I have asked them in my waking hours what they are teaching me, I know they will answer because even darkness at its core knows it’s light.  They told me that they represent the kings and queens that ruled their kingdom out of fear. They didn’t understand how this world worked so they told their subjects to hide themselves, take no risks and make due with less.They believed love was limited and that whenever it was around they probably didn’t deserve it. They didn’t say it out loud but I gathered that deep down they thought they were monsters. I now know that my dreams were a final plea to go back to my old way, no king or queen wants to lose their kingdom. It became obvious to me that anxiety and fear dies down gradually like a sunset, they want to make sure you don’t need them anymore.

Months ago I would have been frightened of these dreams and maybe taken them as a warning. I would have believed my anxiety and not let it die, I would have worried that it could see something I cannot. It can take a long time before you trust your own eyes. I suppose that’s what happens when you are living the process of remembering who you are. I know now that true guidance worthy of mention does not came laced in fear and choking tightness. Our mind simply wafts forward, for our consideration, who we are and who we are not. It’s almost like it’s trying to make us a sandwich and seeing if we want mustard or mayo, it doesn’t care, its just making the sandwich. It is our purpose to decide no matter the weather what our truth is.

My life is showing the sprouts of my efforts, more bookings, more clarity, way more creativity, but perhaps the most incredible thing is my mind. It seems to be on a completely different wave length, it speaks in humor, beauty and poetry so consistently that when I start to think about it in contrast to where I was it feels as though my heart will explode. I suppose that is how our bodies react to the sensation of moving very quickly from one state to the next. I imagine that it is some spiritual version of the “benz” in diving, a change in pressure can feel like you are exploding. On that note I know that I have felt “narked” before, drunk from a transition made so quickly that the mind doesn’t know what else to do but turn into bubbles. I am finding relaxation now  that my mind seems to have integrated into a new home in a higher frequency. Old reactive behaviours that were my personality seem far away, impossible even, it would be difficult to act them out knowing that they aren’t real or productive.

Today is a contraction, it is still and nostalgic and I love that. In the past I would have felt weird about being still, reverent, and smooth. Not today, today is a gift where I get to ground my heart into the earth and swim the in the deep dark waters of my own being. I’m not scared of that anymore as the darkness is not so mysterious to me, it has come to represent pure potential and creative energy that will soon move through me and give me the gift of being reborn continuously into purer and purer expressions of my highest self.

Randomly I have noticed that when I move into a contraction I become a psychic smeller, I will get wafts of the scents of people, places and things that have become enmeshed with me in the past. I like to think that in those moments they are speaking to me in some way, or maybe I am just getting a glimpse of the alchemy that is happening beyond my mind. Maybe I am smelling the steam of memories that fuelled my own transformation. I know that when this happens on some level I am dancing with with moments that have made me who I am. I love that. I love today.


The day is as long as the night.


Congratulations on being the first day of spring! I quite like it when the under-dog gets it’s time in the sun, you have been known as “hump day” for too long Wednesday.  Just between you and I Friday, Saturday, and Sunday are overrated. You and Tuesday have a lot to offer, Thursday is trendy and I feel like it’s proximity to the weekend makes its life easier.

I must admit though that even though you landed the first day of spring, it’s not very “springy.”  Before I sat down to write this I glanced outside to see  the roof was carpeted with snow, so although we have reached the equinox there is still alabaster silence that needs to be surrendered to. The viking warrior in me likes the grey, the cold, and the silent as when there are no distractions and the sun isn’t supporting you you have to create your own sun. Your own internal sun. We have to go to places inside start re-arranging things because when it is dreary outside we begin to notice what is dreary inside, thats just the way. It’s been a long winter Wednesday, but you know what, I loved every dreary minute of it, sun or no sun.


I have selected these songs for you to listen today. I feel like you may like them.



See you next week,

– G




Raw Spirit to Matter.

Spirit is raw energy and as humans it is our role to take raw spiritual energy and step it down into matter via the creative process. Further, the 3d or the material world is about forming physical structures to express and support the raw energy of spirit.

The third dimension is essentially about expressing raw spiritual energy. It is about stepping it down from a higher dimensional form into a solid 3d form. This is a process of transmutation and creation. That is why we always hear channels and teachers talking about us being creators, because at our core we are. We are here to literally take raw energy, spiritual energy, move it through our heart, then our mind, and then through physical action create/ express spiritual energy.

The higherself is your conduit for spiritual energy.

All of your spiritual information comes through your higherself, it is already stepped down quite a bit from the god head in order for us to be able to process it.. This happens via the higher creative channels of your oversouls, as they are creators just like you, as above so below. We call it guides sometimes, or angels, as within the higherself you have many expressions and as we move up the higherself through to the higher densities eventually all expression, all beings become one. But for our purposes when speaking about manifesting 3d reality we do not need to go that far up the god head, we simply need to know that eventually it leads to complete unity consciousness.

Within you higherself lives your specific vibrational codes or your unique series of vibrations, or patterns. The specific words are not important as it can be challenging to give language to phenomena that is not yet fully integrated into the collective. That said, you have a series of patterns that lay within your higherself, within the level of your oversoul that is one step above your conscious awareness. These patterns represent your potential, your desires, your paths on this planet, your talents. They are “you”, they are the life force that you pull from in order to feel joy and gain momentum in your life. They are raw energy. Raw energy that is multidimensional in nature, meaning that within one breath of it you can pull in weeks of inspiration, knowledge and guidance that will come in such a detailed way that it elludes time and matter. Many times when we align with our higherself and draw in our own raw energy we do not even realize where it came from as we want all of our realizations to fit into the time/space parameters we live in.

Acting on your inspiration is the greatest medicine.

So as creators it is your job to breath in, to align with, to allow in our raw energy coming down through your higherself. It is your job to allow it to stir in you for a while as it adjusts to the density change. When it is ready, moving with the expanding intelligence of the universe, it will come forward in your heart and then mind. When this happens, when you feel the sparks of inspiration, move with it, follow it. Know that it is a greater intelligence moving through you, your raw intelligence expressing itself through a physical vessel. When you do this you heal yourself, acting on your inspiration is the greatest medicine.

Actions aligned with the heart are steeped in its magnetic magic they are powerful and pull all that you need to you.


As you act, as you follow through with what your heart and higher mind is nudging you to do, you will begin to step down your raw spiritual energy into matter. An idea is a stepped down version of raw spirit rising in your mind, and acting on that idea is taking it one step further, it is honoring the process and bringing it down deeper into physicality. The action that you take that is in alignment with the heart carries a powerful magnetic force that draws all that you need to you. The physical fruits of this work are people, material things, experiences, relationships that cross your path at the perfect time. They are your creations, they are physical manifestations of the original raw energy of spirit that you listened to and then acted upon.

This is how we create. You transmute raw energy and set it lose in the third dimension through action. When that happens physical form takes notice and like magnets a life renewed is brought to you. It is the base frequency of that raw spirit seed that cannot help but have 3d reality yeild completely to you, as that raw energy represents god, or source energy, which at its root created all this and therefore has the ability to cut through and create even on the densest planes. Even the ego and its magnetism bows to the hearts pull in the physical world.  Heart based actions are inclusive where as ego based actions are separation based this means that as you walk in step with your heart a perfect momentum will follow you.

So know that through inspired action we create. Know that you may not always understand what the guidance is directly or how it will play out. The energetic centre of the heart is the most grounded place our higherself speaks to us through.  Find comfort in knowing it is not your job to know, it is your job to trust and act in faith finally understanding that there is a greater part of you that is just as valid and just as capable in 3d reality as your conscious mind. Love that this is a process and that you may make mistakes as learning how to interpret your intuition can be like learning a new language. Be patient, be slow,  as that is how you synch with higher vibrational energies. All you need to know is on the surface of your own heart just waiting to be brought into the 3d matrix of this planet to interact with all the other hearts on fire with the raw spirit of their being. The highest joy you can imagine comes from this process, it is safe to do it with your full being, and it is safe to let go of the reality you no longer need in favor of a better one.


A Love Letter

A letter from 5d  romantic love to 3d romantic love.

To whom it may concern,

You are not actually falling in love with me.

You are relating to and exploring the part of me within you, the parts of you that I represent. You are playing with the archetypes that I am bringing forward in you. It seems like I am telling you secrets and loving you but in reality we are learning the universe through each other and loving ourselves through the excuse of “you and I”.

Perhaps what we’re really saying when we say “I love you” is “I love what you bring out of me.” I love  that you resonate forward parts of me that I didn’t know were even possible. Sometimes it takes one soul to remind another through love who they really are. Maybe when we hate each other we are actually saying, “I am angry and disgusted at the parts of myself that loving you has brought forward.” When you get re-introduced to the beautiful hidden parts that once slept inside you they ultimately end up pushing forward the ugly parts, there is no room for both, and you may blame the person you love for causing that. What we really need to say to each other is that I realize how I feel has nothing to do with you.

Knowing this I can love you in the most beautiful way. A cosmic way. A way that never dies and never sleeps. It is so constant and from a place so deep inside that my conscious waking mind is exhausted just thinking about it, I suppose thats why love is a game of hearts, not minds. The magnitude of love and how it endlessly moves within us is too much for something like mind that works in finite equations.

The truth is the shape loves makes with another will always be the shape of your own heart simply projected onto theirs. When we love it is because unseen magnets have been at work, and the person you found, all their qualities, represent a part of you that wants to be lit on fire. Let them live in you for a while, or forever, whatever you want, it doesn’t matter. All that matters is that romantic love becomes self exploration as opposed to convincing yourself that you are exploring another. Everything you love about them is what is sleeping inside you, everything that you hate is projecting forward from within you to be released once and for all. Love, is truly felt when we can embrace this, it allows it to be constant and it will never be associated with pain again.

I just wanted to make that clear so you can love better.

Love (Always),

A fifth dimensional kind of love.

P.S. I guess that means you are the one you’ve been waiting for.


Suspended On A Sunbeam

Dear Lovely People Who Read My Blog,


Thank you for reading it.

I just wanted to let everyone know that I will be posting articles on the blog on my website here: http://www.gigiyoung.com/blog/

I’m thinking of keeping the website just articles, no videos, or overly personal postings, just metaphysical writing. I will post more personal things on this blog (Or at least I want to 😀 ).  I write this to give you the option to subscribe to the blog on my website if you would just purely like to read articles.

Both articles and frivolous artsy things will be posted here.






The Creation/ Manifestation Phases.

A huge part of manifesting the life we want is knowing when to take action and when to let go and let your higher-self take action. This can be a long learning process as we are generally taught to value the physical reality around us and de-value the energetic realities that lay just beyond our physical senses. This can be seen manifested in our reality through out the centuries as the higher value placed on the masculine expression points than the feminine expression points (P.S. this phase is/was necessary).  The problem with that polarized mind-set is that many creations will never be grounded into your reality. Many people end up living out only a fraction of their potential. I don’t want to be a Debbie downer but, it’s true. Living your best life is about knowing when to take physical action steps and when to let go and shift into a lower gear. When we get good at following this rhythm we get good at life, we become embodiments of  grace. When we are flowing our life becomes extremely efficient (time wise) and we begin to focus on deeper concepts as opposed to the shallow roller coaster feelings we feel due our obliviousness to the universal flow within us.

There are 2 phases/gears in manifestation: The in-active phase and the active phase. I have written about them quite a bit referring to them as expansion and contraction waves. These two waves are the base rhythm for our universe.  The following points are the exploration of the expression of expansion and contraction waves in regards to the human manifestation process.


Inactive Phase = contemplation, rest, surrender.

This is the phase where your higherself is posturing behind the scenes for a new burst of inspiration that needs to be grounded into your physical reality. Much of your energy is pulled up into your over-soul or monad in order to asses your progress and do some much needed higher alchemical transformation work. The result of these transformations is inspirational sparks and palpable creativity pushing you into an action phase. Inspiration is the result of your higher self subconsciously processing your experiences, questions, desires etc. You share your life force energy with your higher self, you are directly linked with it, so during this time you seem to go inward as the your higherself is using a great deal of your consciousness to re-position you into self awareness and awakening. Sometimes we can perceive this as feeling a little empty or as though there is a void, this is because there is a void, your higherself has become quiet as it is processing and reworking your energetic c(h)ords.

The inactive phase is when the universe breathes you in.

You know when you are in an inactive phase because there is a deep slowness, and inward pull to your energy. You will experience it emotionally, mentally and many times even physically.  It is as though it breathes you in to breath a new life back into you. The universe literally breathes you in via your higher self, during this time we become still, then, on the out breath, we are renewed and reborn,  full of love and inspiration we begin to act again. Inspiration is simply the breath of the universe moving through you. Many times we associate the slowness and the void of action as depression or sadness, however, if you actually tune into your bio-energetic field you will observe that is is just slow and still as opposed to hurt. Sometimes we can subconsciously associate a slowing down of energy with feeling sad ,and it can trigger depression. When we feel depressed are are not able to get the most out of our inactive phase as depression is a denial of your own beauty and your process here. Slowness does not equal sadness.

When we are balanced in our inactive phase we experience this as a time of peace, inward focus and stillness. We want to rest, our feminine sides begin to come forward into our awareness. We are sensitive, emotional, open hearted and contemplative. If we allow ourselves to be open and quiet we can actually get fragments or glimpses into the higherselves process behind the veil. We can get blurbs of insights and feel beauty very deeply in this phase. Part of this contraction phase is learning how to feel beauty and love as opposed to understand it logically (which is what the mind wants to do). A completely different aspect of our consciousness opens up during this phase as information is being translated and experienced in a different way, a richer, deeper, poetic way. There is little room for mind when we are here, we do not need it as much as we need the emotional body to come forward and live for a while. We learn compassion and empathy here as we feel very connected to others. We feel very deep love for ourselves and the people in our lives when we are in a contraction and it can activate our nurturing, yielding, unity consciousness based aspects which are some of the most beautiful qualities that human beings have. The active phase is centered more in uniqueness and personal expression, where as when we drift into the inactive phase we feel enmeshed with each other.  Due to this sensitivity the  inactive phase is a great time to be intimate on all levels with others as we become very deep and receptive during this phase (if we let ourselves). It seems silent but it is loud with spiritual and emotional insights that become the base of all your creations to come. We crave family, friends, animals and a connection to our higher selves. It is actually just as passionate as the expansion phase just in a different way, a slower, deeper, earthier passion, similar to how a clear winter evening can bring reverence, depth, peace, comfort and family while a summer day brings adventure, optimism, activity and joy and individual exploration.

Each phase is cathartic and healing when we accept it as each phase is medicine. It moves through you and if you allow it, if you co-operate, you will never be the same. You will leave parts of you behind in each phase that were never really you at all.

Honour the phase that you are in.

When we are imbalanced (resisting) in our in-active phase it feels like a dark night of the soul, it can feel depressing, sad and melancholic. Generally people tend to resist the inaction phase believing that it is lazy or insignificant in comparison to being “busy.” Many people do not realize that the inactive phase is what gives the action phase sustenance.  When we feel depressed, frustrated or cut off  it can be because we are trying to assert an action mentality during an in-active phase, we are trying to expand during a contraction. That can be extremely painful, in that pain you are mourning your connection to your feminine aspect, to slowness and surrender. When we have that kind of pain we are desparate to relax into our hearts and just let go and feel ease, simplicity and know that we are taken care of.

 Action Phase

Action Phase = Confirmation Phase.(physically behaving from the new insights our higherself has transmuted down into the heart.)

When you are in an action phase you feel inspired. Your higherself has done its alchemical role in shifting and releasing and is now breathing life back into you. You are full of ideas and you have lots of energy. You have good timing, things are adding up and it feels like you are on the right path. We feel drawn to ground concepts and get things done. You feel your actions are travelling in the weave of the matrix reaching all who may need them and pulling people and things you need closer to you as you go. You feel as though your actions, or how you act in the world, are more transparent and far reaching. You can see patterns in people and know that even the smallest actions carry huge impact. The action phase can be ecstatic and bold as you are experiencing the rush of alchemy coursing through your veins. You are celebrating your power as a creator when you move into your action phase, it can be intoxicating, which is why we may resist switching gears into an inactive phase.

The action phase can also be seen as a confirmation phase, it is a time where we have the opportunity to behave in a way that reflects the life that we want and when we do that we create it. We must blend the inaction phase with the action phase to feel balanced, this means carrying a piece of that still, insightful, emotional, reverence with us. Just like we must carry a bit of action and motivation into our inactive phase to keep our routine and world turning (so its there when we transition back into physical action). This concept is exemplified in the yin/yang symbol. Physical action and thought are the last phase in the creative process so how we position our thoughts and how we spend our time is directly co-related to our ability to actually carry out the life we say we want. We can “know better” all day long but in order to actually shift we have to do better.

Heart centred action is balanced action

In order for us to act in a way that reflects the life we want we need be be walking in step with our hearts, we honor our hearts by acting in accordance with its wisdom. Mind and logic is important but it is actually best when working in tandem with heart and emotion. When we are imbalanced in this phase it is generally because we are listening more to our head than our heart. Our heart contains new information and inspiration from our higher self while the mind is full of paradigms that you have already grounded through action. When you act mainly from mind you will experience a cyclical nature to your life, you will repeat patterns. In those cases we become busy, even though we are not actually getting anything done.  We are consumed with busy work as opposed to being busy with purpose, when that happens it becomes apparent as you feel hollow and empty. It is a red flag when you become very busy yet have little sense of accomplishment. The heart is what gives our life richness, inspiration and purpose. The heart is the junction between spirit and physicality, it steps down guidance and information for us. When you act mainly from your heart you experience progression, growth and productivity. The heart is imperative to the action phase, without it there will be little integration with your spiritual bodies, which is where true physical action and physical manifestation stems from.

Balanced Creation: In-Active and Active Phases Honoured.

The creative process is essentially the oscillation between the inactive phase and the active phase. The deeper you allow yourself to go into the inactive phase the the greater the expansion. In other words when you feel the slowness of an inactive phase come on the deeper you allow yourself to let go and surrender the quicker and farther you will project into your expansion phase. When you feel the rush of your action phase coming through the more you align with your heart the more productive and fulfilled you will feel during your action phase. After your physical action cycle you will then be drawn into a contraction, or inactive phase again, during that phase you will transmute and work through all questions, new intentions, and desires you have created during the expansion phase. The higher part of you will kick in for that of course and it is your time to rest in order to have the new information and energy for your expansion phase. The cycle then continues spiraling you deeper and deeper, allowing you to become more integrated and therefore a better vehicle for personal/universal expression.

So, honor each phase. Get deep into them, lose yourself in them completely because, to be honest, we all have parts of us we don’t really want to find once we lose them. The inactive phase is a releasing phase so disengaging the mind into a place of surrender allows parts of you that cause you pain to literally fall away. The action phase or expansion phase is your opportunity to begin acting out how you would be now that those paradigms are gone. When you do that you confirm that you are no longer that person with your action. You confirm the new person you are becoming by acting from your heart/higherself (new you/future you) as opposed to the mind (the old you).

It is best when we allow ourselves to be carried by the breath of the universes completely letting go during our inaction and completely confirming our best selves during our action phase. This is how reality is formed, this is how we were made to function. This is the roots of all magic and alchemy…this is you. You are amazing, do not be afraid to own your rhythm, to honuor your rhythm. At your core you are light, sound and love, this process is your unique music becoming physical matter. It reverberates through the universe and touches hearts that you don’t even realize exist with your physical mind. The work you do is bigger than you, so let that carry you when you feel discouraged. This process of creation is the most beutiful thing in existence, do not be afraid to do it well.

do not be afraid to do it well