A Love Letter

A letter from 5d  romantic love to 3d romantic love.

To whom it may concern,

You are not actually falling in love with me.

You are relating to and exploring the part of me within you, the parts of you that I represent. You are playing with the archetypes that I am bringing forward in you. It seems like I am telling you secrets and loving you but in reality we are learning the universe through each other and loving ourselves through the excuse of “you and I”.

Perhaps what we’re really saying when we say “I love you” is “I love what you bring out of me.” I love  that you resonate forward parts of me that I didn’t know were even possible. Sometimes it takes one soul to remind another through love who they really are. Maybe when we hate each other we are actually saying, “I am angry and disgusted at the parts of myself that loving you has brought forward.” When you get re-introduced to the beautiful hidden parts that once slept inside you they ultimately end up pushing forward the ugly parts, there is no room for both, and you may blame the person you love for causing that. What we really need to say to each other is that I realize how I feel has nothing to do with you.

Knowing this I can love you in the most beautiful way. A cosmic way. A way that never dies and never sleeps. It is so constant and from a place so deep inside that my conscious waking mind is exhausted just thinking about it, I suppose thats why love is a game of hearts, not minds. The magnitude of love and how it endlessly moves within us is too much for something like mind that works in finite equations.

The truth is the shape loves makes with another will always be the shape of your own heart simply projected onto theirs. When we love it is because unseen magnets have been at work, and the person you found, all their qualities, represent a part of you that wants to be lit on fire. Let them live in you for a while, or forever, whatever you want, it doesn’t matter. All that matters is that romantic love becomes self exploration as opposed to convincing yourself that you are exploring another. Everything you love about them is what is sleeping inside you, everything that you hate is projecting forward from within you to be released once and for all. Love, is truly felt when we can embrace this, it allows it to be constant and it will never be associated with pain again.

I just wanted to make that clear so you can love better.

Love (Always),

A fifth dimensional kind of love.

P.S. I guess that means you are the one you’ve been waiting for.


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