Raw Spirit to Matter.

Spirit is raw energy and as humans it is our role to take raw spiritual energy and step it down into matter via the creative process. Further, the 3d or the material world is about forming physical structures to express and support the raw energy of spirit.

The third dimension is essentially about expressing raw spiritual energy. It is about stepping it down from a higher dimensional form into a solid 3d form. This is a process of transmutation and creation. That is why we always hear channels and teachers talking about us being creators, because at our core we are. We are here to literally take raw energy, spiritual energy, move it through our heart, then our mind, and then through physical action create/ express spiritual energy.

The higherself is your conduit for spiritual energy.

All of your spiritual information comes through your higherself, it is already stepped down quite a bit from the god head in order for us to be able to process it.. This happens via the higher creative channels of your oversouls, as they are creators just like you, as above so below. We call it guides sometimes, or angels, as within the higherself you have many expressions and as we move up the higherself through to the higher densities eventually all expression, all beings become one. But for our purposes when speaking about manifesting 3d reality we do not need to go that far up the god head, we simply need to know that eventually it leads to complete unity consciousness.

Within you higherself lives your specific vibrational codes or your unique series of vibrations, or patterns. The specific words are not important as it can be challenging to give language to phenomena that is not yet fully integrated into the collective. That said, you have a series of patterns that lay within your higherself, within the level of your oversoul that is one step above your conscious awareness. These patterns represent your potential, your desires, your paths on this planet, your talents. They are “you”, they are the life force that you pull from in order to feel joy and gain momentum in your life. They are raw energy. Raw energy that is multidimensional in nature, meaning that within one breath of it you can pull in weeks of inspiration, knowledge and guidance that will come in such a detailed way that it elludes time and matter. Many times when we align with our higherself and draw in our own raw energy we do not even realize where it came from as we want all of our realizations to fit into the time/space parameters we live in.

Acting on your inspiration is the greatest medicine.

So as creators it is your job to breath in, to align with, to allow in our raw energy coming down through your higherself. It is your job to allow it to stir in you for a while as it adjusts to the density change. When it is ready, moving with the expanding intelligence of the universe, it will come forward in your heart and then mind. When this happens, when you feel the sparks of inspiration, move with it, follow it. Know that it is a greater intelligence moving through you, your raw intelligence expressing itself through a physical vessel. When you do this you heal yourself, acting on your inspiration is the greatest medicine.

Actions aligned with the heart are steeped in its magnetic magic they are powerful and pull all that you need to you.


As you act, as you follow through with what your heart and higher mind is nudging you to do, you will begin to step down your raw spiritual energy into matter. An idea is a stepped down version of raw spirit rising in your mind, and acting on that idea is taking it one step further, it is honoring the process and bringing it down deeper into physicality. The action that you take that is in alignment with the heart carries a powerful magnetic force that draws all that you need to you. The physical fruits of this work are people, material things, experiences, relationships that cross your path at the perfect time. They are your creations, they are physical manifestations of the original raw energy of spirit that you listened to and then acted upon.

This is how we create. You transmute raw energy and set it lose in the third dimension through action. When that happens physical form takes notice and like magnets a life renewed is brought to you. It is the base frequency of that raw spirit seed that cannot help but have 3d reality yeild completely to you, as that raw energy represents god, or source energy, which at its root created all this and therefore has the ability to cut through and create even on the densest planes. Even the ego and its magnetism bows to the hearts pull in the physical world.  Heart based actions are inclusive where as ego based actions are separation based this means that as you walk in step with your heart a perfect momentum will follow you.

So know that through inspired action we create. Know that you may not always understand what the guidance is directly or how it will play out. The energetic centre of the heart is the most grounded place our higherself speaks to us through.  Find comfort in knowing it is not your job to know, it is your job to trust and act in faith finally understanding that there is a greater part of you that is just as valid and just as capable in 3d reality as your conscious mind. Love that this is a process and that you may make mistakes as learning how to interpret your intuition can be like learning a new language. Be patient, be slow,  as that is how you synch with higher vibrational energies. All you need to know is on the surface of your own heart just waiting to be brought into the 3d matrix of this planet to interact with all the other hearts on fire with the raw spirit of their being. The highest joy you can imagine comes from this process, it is safe to do it with your full being, and it is safe to let go of the reality you no longer need in favor of a better one.


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