Grounding and Ascension.

Grounding Through Ascension.


Generally we associate the “ascension” process with an upward movement. Particularly the elevating of our consciousness from the third dimension into the fourth and 5th dimensions or densities. This is accurate and we are becoming lighter and taking on a progressively higher vibrational frequency, however, it must be mentioned that there is also a downward movement as well. We must descend in order to ascend. We must move deeper into your own consciousness, which feels heavy and even dark at times in order to move into an ascension wave.


This is particularly true with individuals have incarnated here with a great deal of cosmic awareness or palpable cosmic energy to their being. Typically this is characterized by memories and experiences with ultra dimensional beings associating themselves with other worlds, a feeling of not being at home, easy understanding of complex spiritual concepts etc. Many individuals who contain a great deal of this energy were not actually fully able to ground until the threshold of 2012 was met allowing higher vibrational frequencies to ground into the planet. Before that time individuals with a great deal of cosmic energy would have had a difficult time grounding deeply as there was a greater risk in causing splitting within the mental and emotional bodies. Earth energies and cosmic energies, although complimentary can be difficult to reconcile within an individual consciousness as it can be difficult to shift gears and integrate information and experiences with such a large spectrum of knowledge working inside. Due to this phenomenon the overall frequency of the planet needed to rise and fill in a bit of the vibrational gap.


At this moment in time many cosmically oriented beings (starseeds, or just plain spiritually aware individuals) will actually be called downward as opposed to upward. This is happening because it is time to ground their frequencies into the planet. It is now safe to do so, and it has not felt entirely balanced or safe to completely ground in the past. This is more than OK as many beings who find themselves in this category knew before incarnating that they would live in limbo, hanging somewhere above the earth but below the stars, silently becoming a vibrational human bridge. A bridge that would activate upon the Earth matching your frequency and subsequently pulling you down into it. Now is that time.

Let go and allow yourself to be pulled into the richness that is the 3d Earth experience. As you do this know that all of your information, all of the experiences you have gathered until now will come with you. You will not forget them or lose them as you change form. In fact they will only become richer and you will see them with greater understanding. Imagine adding a bass tone to a song, your song, this is what is happening, you become deeper in the most beautiful complimentary choir kind of way. As your eyes adjust to deeper frequencies you will come to see all of what you are  and all of your past experiences with unparalleled wisdom. That is what happens when you get to see through the eyes of the stars and the Earth at your command.




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