Letting Go of Our Art.

I wrote this in response to some clients who were feeling anxiety about letting go of some of their projects, they would complete something and feel unable to take the next step. It could be a painting, a script, a book manuscript, and idea, a business plan, it had now become solid in their mind but they were unable to let it go . They were afraid that someone would steal their idea, that they would lose control or maybe even feel that it was silly and wouldn’t work. The highest act you can do for your creations is release them to move amongst the matrix in all-intelligent, natural, collaboration with other hearts. 

Your hearts frequency remains, loud and clear like a vibrational signature in all that you do and create.

After you have created something, let it go. This is the time where you have done your work and your intentions and actions have been released into the matrix. Once they are released into the matrix they will begin to find their place via resonance. Like little children made of magnets our actions and creations find their place in the manifested world and unseen energetic matrix. They touch people, they inspire and they remind people that it is safe to be themselves, to live in their own heart, just as you did when you released your creation, or intention.

Something beautiful that you said, did, or created lives inside someone else. It made them feel alive so they filed it away.

Perhaps the most miraculous phenomenon of of all is that your energy begins to burrow a place in the hearts of other people, people you know, and people you will probably never meet. It happens silently just behind their mind, as when they consume your work or your creations they consume a little piece of you, a piece of you laced with your unique frequency. They may not be aware of it but you are there, you, in your highest beauty, speaking through your most recent creation released to the world.

We make the most beautiful waves.

In the unseen matrix  you begin to make streams of light and music that can only be traced back to you. These streams join the densest world to the lightest, you could even call them bridges, for when you create from the heart you sew together pieces of the puzzle that create new futures for everyone and everything.  All this begins happening because you have put yourself out there . You had the courage to  let your heart radiate your unique harmony. Let your heart get loud, create from it knowing nothing you put out into the world will be lost or stolen, in fact you and your talents will only become amplified. You will see this only when you begin to release fears that lie to you and tell you you must hold your ideas, art, and other personal expression points close to your chest.  Do the work that only a heart can: create, connect and express as in reality that is all we as human beings really want to do.

We are collaborative beings.

So do not be afraid to let your creations go as they do not truly reach their highest form until they have whistled through the hearts of many. At our core we are collaborative beings, all the we create and do from our hearts will naturally be of service in some way, it may be obvious or it may be subtle. Our heart is one piece of an interconnected web of hearts, it works individually for your best interest in relation to the world(s) around you and it also keeps in mind what the rest of the world(s) needs. This is an unparalleled intelligence that when truly felt becomes easier and easier to surrender to. All that we do and create, all of the waves we make can be traced back to us, our unique frequency is palpable within them. Our projects/creations may change form and expand beyond us at times, expect that, we are all just channels, nothing is truly ours, and when we get that we have access to more inspiration than ever before. Our capacity to create becomes endless.


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